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Paranormal Romance Blog hopping


I have joined a Paranormal Romance blog hop… hmmm… for those of you new to blog hop (as I basically am) this is a fun way to get a list on new/established/and upcoming authors in the paranormal romance genre. For a list of all participants, go HERE … Most of you guys have already seen my blurb for Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) out on Oct 26, but for those who haven’t …

An act of rebellion, Marin doesn’t think that running into the new store in town will hurt anything. Her aunt will never know… right? One car wreck later, her aunt is hospitalized, Marin is forced to spend her twenty-first birthday fighting for her life, and magic – the very thing her aunt has always sworn to be for fools – is real. And so is the irresistible Fae dedicated to Marin’s protection.

Kyland has searched Earth-side and all the other realms, looking for a missing Fae child. A child his Queen prophesied would be able to one day save the Fae people from the Danshue, as the evil Fae threat tries to overwhelm the entire Supernatural Community. A child that would know nothing of her blocked gifts, or her Fae heritage waiting to be claimed. A child that has grown into a curvy, delicious morsel he would love to taste

Together Marin and Kyland will fight Fae assassins, overcome betrayals, and if they’re lucky … they will find the Danshue responsible for their plight. That’s if Marin doesn’t shock him to death with her erratic new gift, and her out of control emotions.

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

photo 5

Woo who… all about me!

Check out my debut novel: Shocking Finds on Amazon

Georgie nominated me for this award. Thanks girl, you rock. The rules for the award are as follows:

  • Thank the nominator
  • Display the award
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate five more bloggers with the same questions or different ones.
  • Notify your nominees.

Q and A:

Why did you start a blog?

Because every author needs a platform these days. I wanted to share my my new and exciting adventure to be published with as many people as possible.

Favorite place to read?

I have to comfortable above all else. Usually that means my lazy boy recliner.

Favorite book of all time?

My favorite  book is always changing. Lately it has been the last book in Karen Chance’s Cassie Player series, as I wait for her next release.

Classics or moderns?

I have to say modern because the only classic I love/read is Pride and Prejudice.

Favorite book series?

There are a lot of favorites. Merry Gentry series by LK Hamilton, Midnight’s Daughter & Cassie Palmer series both by Karen Chance, and anything by Shelly Laurentian/G.A. Aiken are just a few.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be and why?

I would be one of Lynsay Sands’s vampires so that I could heal anything and have centuries to experience all the wonders the world has to offer.

Book or eBook?

Both. I love the feel and look of a book, but enjoy the ease of reading on my kindle. I will purchase hardback copies of my favorites.

Favorite time of day?

Definitely evening. I am soooo not a morning person.

A film that completely ruined your expectations because the book was amazing?

Not sure how to answer this one. I know that there have been a lot of movies that fell flat after the enjoyment of the book version. While I enjoyed the Twilight movies, they came off with a more comic book feel after the book’s ability to pull you into Stephanie Meyer’s world.

Apart from reading, what do you enjoy doing most?

Art. Art of any kind …

photo (3)

          photo (2)
before and after wedding tree made for
photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
shoes for cuz’s bridesmaids (all ten)
If you were nominated, please answer the follow… and remember … a picture is worth a thousand words!
Your questions are as follows…
1.  What is your guilty pleasure? Do you lick the icing off cakes when no one is looking, do you eat before going out for a mean you know will cause you stress, do you baby talk to you cat??? What little thing makes you happy, and makes you feel silly?
2.   When you go to the movies, do you go for action, comedy, drama… and why? Is there an actor that draws you to this type of movie, or does this type of movie help you to relax in some way … maybe you just like getting the crap scared out of you so you can hold on to your date… come on fess up… lol
3.  If you are an author… What would you like to say about your upcoming novel? If you are an avid reader … What book has you bouncing from foot to foot, as you wait for its release?
4.  Accent?? What type of accent do you have, what type do you love to hear, and what type would you like to have if you could change your own???
5.  ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’ Vacation locations… Where is your favorite past vacation spot, and where would you like to go before you die?
6.  No matter if you are an author or not, what advice would you give to your favorite author?
7.  If you could make everyone in the world answer one question, no holds bar and unfailingly honestly…. what would it be? muhahahaha
8.  What is your spirit animal? yep, I really want to know… personally, I think I am some kind of hybred mix. Like a pug puppy, hyena, dolphin mix… yep… I like that, so that is what I will be. (Any Native Americans out there … feel free to answer with the honest spiritual answer, or one that is more insane like me…)
9.  I always have pens, or refills for my favorite pen, in my purse. Do you do anything similar (and guys, we will call it a man-purse, or just always available in your truck 😛 ) And do you have a favorite pen?
10.  And last but not least, describe your craziest life experience.

What do you think?

Update: Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keepers Novel is ready for preorder on Amazon. I will be sure to add other sites that Shocking Finds can be located on, as each is reviewed and completed. Mary, @ Gone Writing Publishing, is working as fast as possible. Together, we are bringing you guys something to read for the Halloween season. One of my favorite times of year.

Check out the website for Shocking Finds and be sure to let me know what you think of the cover. I am still working on this new site, and swimming upstream tech-wise. Happy wordage everyone.

I will be posting a list of blogs for everyone to check out closer to the end of the month.

giddy and nervous


pinterest pic

okay, peeps… a short post here to update. I am so excited, overwhelmed, freaked, and cartwheel-worthy happy (not hat I am insane enough to try one… face planting would not be an appropriate expression of my joy)

I have a deadline, a release date, and my cover for Shocking Finds will be revealed next week. My first baby will be available for consumption oct 26… As soon as Mary (from Gone Writing Publishing) gives the go ahead, and all our ducks are in a row, I will be sure to post all the links to purchase Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keepers Novel. I can’t wait, I really can’t. I need to find a way to capture and print that first sale so that I can hang it on my wall, like a new business framing the first dollar… This is really happening. When I get a moment to breath I may even believe it… wooo who

happy wordage, Tracey Clark

almost here !!!


I am feeling the excitement and pressure from waiting and wondering. Will Shocking Finds be able to reach a large number of people? Will those that read through my baby find the world I created to be an enjoyment? Will they give the same kind of appreciative reviews as those that have already had a chance to experience the world of Marin and Kyland? So far the reception has been overwhelmingly positive … enough to make me blush. Whenever I feel my friend ‘Doubt’ coming near, there are a few comments that I pull out for strength. 😛

I have been working to get all my ducks in a row, when I’m not finishing a few art projects for my Cousin Erin’s wedding. And to add even more to this month of fun, I drove my mother down to spend time on the beach and with out cousin Jesse … Lot’s of opportunities for pictures and books.

IMG_1054 (1)

This is what I would call my ‘why the heck not’ purchases. 😛 All things that I could use, but mostly I just really wanted them. From the crazy neighbors to the horror stories, from the animal info to the survival guide … all important. I may not need them at this exact moment, but you never know. Writing a book that is interesting means you need facts and knowledge. Just because I write paranormal/fantasy romance, that doesn’t get me off the fact finding hook. A lot of my world revolves around the imagined, but there are always a few reality based facts involved.


I managed to find a few books on crystals. For the first book it was enough to know that Marin had a crystal that everyone went around calling a maturation crystal, or just a crystal for her Transitions Birthday. I used the her birthday gift to herself in a few chapters at the beginning and then again at the end, but I didn’t go into depth (thinking that it would be an object that was rarely seen) HA. Now I need to know more about her crystal, so that Marin can eventually find out more. See … research.

As for the Indian/First People books … hey … those are my people. But other than the fact that my grandfather looked like he knew his way around a reservation, my knowledge of the culture is sorely lacking. And then I found out that the Fae actually came over to Earth-side and mated with the First People. Jeeze… no one tells me anything… but the voices in my head suddenly demanded that this is how it all went wrong for our Fae half-breeds here Earth-side. While I was waiting for the latest book cover proof, I had decided to edit some on one of my short stories. I was going along, and everything was fine, then suddenly Joffrey decides to drop this little bomb shell in my lap. He is just lucky that I like the idea … I have killed off characters for less … muhahahaha… Anywho … It looks like Joffrey’s short will end up being a novella, but I haven’t decided if it should be shared before or after the second full length novel… Hopefully, after Shocking Finds is out and I finish the edit for the second novel, one of the characters will let me know…

So that is what I did for beach fun, book stores and edits. OOO, and I think we have the book cover almost finalized. I can’t wait to share. Otherwise I tried to take as many pictures as I could, when my head and the heat cooperated.


I saw these at the beach front wildlife preserve down from Garden City. A few overcast evenings made going on a short walk-about possible. But after walking around the and finding three, just three, lovely pics, I decided that I would have been better off checking out the Botanical Gardens across the street. Other than these and some pics of extremely white sand, I saw lots and lots of crabs. There were enough of the little devils to change the name to the ‘Wild Crab Bonanza’


I took a few more, but some of them came out a little blurry. Lots of crab movement, and thicker numbers of the ones that were about the size of nickels, dimes, and quarters. Ever seen Lands End with Johnny Depp… sooo, yeah … Lots.

Here are some beach and wave pics to round out this post, and I hope to come back with more Shocking Finds updates soon… Happy Wordage, Tracey

101_0226 101_0173 101_0177

Radio or Podcast Interviews.. Gold dust for an author – Get prepared.

food for thought… we all hope to reach as many readers as possible… this is just part of that dream… and knowing beforehand what to say is an excellent idea… no one want to get an all important call from a radio or podcast, only to get on there and have that dream/nightmare… you know the one… you show up to class without your homework, or your clothes… and still the teacher wants an answer to a five part mathematical questions – all while your peers fall out of their seats laughing… sooo , my writer friends, lets all take a moment and dream big… and while we are at it, lets read through this post and prepare for that big call… happy wordage

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Wonderful news, your hard work in promoting your new book on social media and locally has paid off and you get the call or email. An invitation to do an interview on a radio station, television show or author promoting podcast.

Getting an interview on a radio show or an established author podcast is gold dust for an author and as such requires you to take a deep breath and celebrate. Millions of Indies out there would love the opportunity to get their voice heard about their work so give this serious thought.

Usually the request will come in by email rather than over the phone as it depends on what you have put down as your contact details. To be honest I do not put my phone details on any of my own press releases or social media. Even though I have been on the other side of the…

View original post 1,636 more words

A short piece of pain…

Okay… So this isn’t a piece I am working on, though I see it’s potential for a future Contemporary Romance… Maybe once I get all the other rough drafts and story ideas finished, I will have time to work this one out the rest of the way… for now, enjoy my heart breaking piece of woe…
This idea came to me when I saw,
Kasims Korner Challenge  Follow the link to read his challenge and write out some ideas of your own… have fun and happy wordage
Jason watched as Neil beat his fists into the ground. Bracken, rocks, hard frozen forest floor … Nothing could stop him from expressing his rage, and bloodying his hands in the process.
How had a brother’s bonding, hunting trip gone so terribly wrong?
Eliza … that’s how.
Jason left Neil to his pain, and turned to focus on the couple using a lake side blanket to express their passion. Hunching his shoulders, Jason held his torso tightly, fighting the need to fall to his knees and join his twin. The had both love Eliza from the moment she was transplanted to their small Kentucky town. Her ripe curves were no more than straight lines back then, but still she had an allure that drew all the guys in.
Seeing her spread out for another man’s touch broke Jason heart. He would always love her, but he could let her go.
Turning, he watched as Neil pushed to his feet, and pulled his shotgun to his shoulder. Moving closer, Jason hissed, “What the hell, man?”
Neil’s only reply was to shake his head, and neck stiff with tension, released the safety, preparing to shoot.
The horror of never seeing Eliza’s deep chocolate eyes sparkle with her laughter again, forced Jason’s hand. Before he could think it through, he had tackled Neil to the ground. Taking away Neil’s gun, his only thought. As the shot rang out into the quite forest air, Jason stiffened in surprise, shock, and … pain.
Jason vibrated, wanting to tear his brother’s head off. He wanted to put a bullet between that blonde surfer wanna-be. He didn’t know the guy, didn’t want to know him, but he definitely wanted to kill him.
Shoving at Jason’s chest, he raged, “Get the hell off me.” The element of surprise was gone, and if he didn’t hurry his target would disappear as well.
Jason’s heavier weight had his body imprinting the forest floor. Neil gave up trying to force his twin to move, instead moving his legs around so he could inspire Jason to move himself. When his knee came up to connect with Jason’s tender bits, Neil expected to hear him yell out in suffering. But nothing.
Something was wrong.
“Oh my God …” That soft lilting voice drew Neil’s gaze. There she was, the woman of his dreams. He would turn eighteen in three weeks. He would be a man. A man that could move out of the hell he called home, could give a woman his whole heart, all the attention and love she needed. He would be free, and as soon as he could run off surfer dude, he could place his claim on the finest woman to come out of Jefferson High.
His cheeks flaming, he again tried to rouse Jason. “Come on man. I need to get up.”
Still nothing.
Eliza came to his side, the blanket from her afternoon of fun wrapped securely around her mouthwatering frame. One day he would have the right to touch her, to merge his body with hers. One day.
He was about to slap some sense into his twin when he realized that his hand was covered in blood. Staring at the damning red, Neil barely heard Eliza’s mournful cry. The longer he stared at the dripping liquid, the more he wanted to join her cry. What had he done? There were other women. More important needs. He didn’t care about his father’s belt, or his mother’s dazed stare. He had a twin, someone that knew him and accepted him… faults and all. He had ..
Voice breaking, he pleaded, he prayed, “Jase. Come on. You’re all right.”
But nothing was alright. Nothing would ever be alright again.

Blog Tour

I decided to update and reblog this post… this way anyone interested in joining the blog tour will have an excerpt of Shocking Finds, without searching. I added the excerpt at the end of this post… happy reading, and happy wordage… tracey

Finder's Keepers - Author Tracey Clark


*pic found at https://twitter.com/DenoglaFilms


PRESS RELEASE: Tracey Clark signs on

Gone Writing Publishing would like to welcome Tracey Clark as our newest signed author.
Be on the look out in the Fall of 2015 for Tracey’s newest book. Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keeper.
-Gone Writing Publishing

Sooo … the excitement continues. This is all so new and overwhelming at times, but then I take a deep breath and get my fears under control. My wonderful publisher, Mary Smith at http://gonewritingpublishing.blogspot.com/, has been working over time to get my book, and me, ready for release. Her editor is hard at work checking all my dotted i’s and crossed t’s, her graphic artist is pulling together the perfect image to represent the feel of the world I created.

I’m not sure what exactly happens during a blog tour, and sadly didn’t have time to gone into an in depth Q&A with…

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Beware of Sand

Beach time


*all pictures from pinterest/ will be blogging my own later

Most people associate vacation time with sunbathing on the beach, walking through the surf, and playing in the world’s largest sandbox. Nope. Sorry, that’s not me. lol. Although I love floating along in the salt water, bobbing upon the surface like an inflatable raft, I hate sand. I mean I really hate sand. Those small little particles find their way into the most inconvenient of places. While the water can cool your body once you get there, you feel as if you’re moving across an oven on high heat, the sand fighting you ability to move faster than crawl, as your feet begin to cook. (I always forget water shoes or flip flops) Once I reach the refreshing cool waves, I start to relax… for a while. da da daa daaaa … (that’s my shark noise.. lol) I am sure that one day I will be tasted by a passing shark, so I have made it my mission in life to have shark steak before  that happens… at least then the shark and I will be even.

 f9fcf8179367e0343195888632125f1c f96ae115be7e3e098837e566b79e28668d68fa37a71fb9be3f49b5414e3046ed

Sand and sharks aside, there is also the heat to consider…

There seems to be an acceptable dress code that only lasts as long as you’re within a fifty mile radius of sandy shores… and heatwaves… that dress code??? It is a simpler way to accessorize — little, to no clothes, on the beach — and cover-up optional the rest of the time. Though please wear some shoes if you plan to go into a restaurant.

Okay… it isn’t that bad, but dang, it is close. It is just so dang hot.

I may not strip to the ‘bare’ necessities, but shorts and low cut, tank tops are a common occurrence. After my first foray or two in the ocean, I am ready to hit the nearest book store. Readers and writers … this is our home. An air conditioned building with book upon book to explore. 😛 I spend a lot of time in book stores when my mother wants to enjoy the smells and sights of the ocean. Me … I also love the smells and sights, but I would rather explore during the day and gaze over my hotel balcony at night. MS makes my time moving through the heat limited. Enjoying slow paced, air conditioned activities give me more time to enjoy a vacation.

577f5aa097540a342af90796a85faef91e097db43480ad3784e737a8e4969eb3 92a7566b23d4216f3da103c0685a490b

There are a lot of great things about the beach. The smell of the ocean 65452cacff8c30bf188c8720e11e28ad the animals ready to snap you in half or the ones willing to steal your food…83f66c0990e16a765b381151190e0a71 1482411ba8ad23c3f6568bfd219a6caf … The flying inhabitants of the sandy regions are definitely fond of the excess food to be found when humans are around. I have feed pelican and seagulls, a number of times. Sometimes against my will. The pelicans came at the end of a deep sea fishing trip. They lined up along the back of the boat and waited, making it obvious that is wasn’t their first rodeo. I got to toss the bait fish to these wonderful creatures, watching as they caught the treats like pros. The seagulls are another matter… One set of seagulls, I had decided to toss the pieces of my popcorn up into the air to see what would happen. Insanity, that’s what. Still, it was all going well until I didn’t move fast enough. One pelican decided that he didn’t wish to race for his food and snatched the popcorn right from my fingers, taking a little flesh in the bargain… ouch…. another group of pelicans stalked my balcony, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Running in to grab some milk to go with my Danish was apparently the perfect opportunity. lol … I came back out to an empty plate. 😛

Our next vacations, I will be in charge of picking the destination. Problem … where do I want to go? There are so many sights and small town community ways that I would love to see. What would you guys suggest? What vacation spot always makes you smile? (Somewhere other than the beach, at least the ones down south) I love water and alley-like shopping areas… What do you guys love?

Happy Wordage

Blog to the Sun, and pass the award

Sunshine Blogging Award Challenge


Thankfully, I managed to get a moment of breathing room to squeeze in a reply for this sunny award that hummingbird redemption has nominated me. Thank you blogger buddy!

I also got nominated by Georgie for another one, and hope to get to that one by the end of the week… These are excellent ways for bloggers to get to know one another, while having a little fun…

Now the rules are simple, I must nominate 10 people, thank my wonderful nominator, and create questions of my own! Have fun learning a little more about ME!!! Happy wordage!

—- I was asked…

  1. What is your favourite song?
Not sure I have a favorite song. I love country, and Evanescence, ooo… and Adelle … love Stevie Nicks… in fact I sang ‘Landslide’ for my high school graduation… love that song. I guess, for this list of question I will pick Landslide.
2. Favourite Colour?
That’s easy… purple… all purple… the painting I am did for my mother *it is in the picture gallery, of the purple flower* is one of my favorites. There is purple used judiciously throughout my home, my dishes, my walls, it even finds its way into my wardrobe. Even painting a purple tree on my wall.
3. What is your favourite quote?
It would have to be the first stanza of William Blake’s poem ‘To See A World…’
Really, I love the whole thing, but the first four lines have always been my fav… I guess this isn’t your normal answer but I want to live by these words…
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
4.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I love to travel… I have been to a few countries in Europe, but I would like to see Ireland some day. ooo New Zealand. And if Texas ever gets a cooler weather pattern, let me know… I will be there.
5.  Favourite movie?
Pride and Prejudice … the newer version with Keri Knightly. Or maybe Medicine Man with Sean Connery… Or maybe Blade Trinity, because Ryan Reynolds was hot, kick arse, and hilarious… or maybe … *did I mention that I used to love movies, and still have a lot of favs that I watch on my laptop so that I don’t have to deal with MS headaches… man… now I want to go watch Ryan Reynolds in something.
6.  What brings you happiness?
Dogs (especially my pugs), art in any form (though I have a blast with oil paints), and words… I love words. I love all the things that have come back to me after those first few years of my MS diagnosis. And I will fight anyone that tries to take them away from me again, including myself or this dang disease.
Gizmo/my baby boy
Gizmo/my baby boy


7.  What  was your favourite age and why?
I would say 34, because that is my current age and you should always celebrate life… but I truly love the years around five and under. That time when a child hasn’t learned to always use an indoor voice. When they laugh with there entire soul … that sound always makes me smile.
8.  Favourite season?
I love the fall. Here in Ky you get some of the best colors as the leaves begin to change, and the weather is perfect. Oh, and I was born in the fall, so I guess I started soaking up the smells and sites from the day I was born. 😛
9. Favourite animal?
I love Pugs. In fact, I seem to have always had one or two of them around. I got my first Pug-baby when I turned ten. Best birthday present ever. And horses… I love to run flat out across an open flied. It’s been awhile but it is a love that you never lose. Even watching the animals is a pleasure.
10.  Favourite Author?
That is definitely not something I can answer with just one name. Patricia Briggs, Laurell K Hamilton, Lora Leigh, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance, Lynsay Sands, Christine Feehan…. nope I’m too tired to keep listing… I told you, I love words. Not just my own.
But I do love my own stories, and am happy to announce that Shocking Finds can be pre-ordered at amazon. Can’t wait until I am able to add more sites where my Publisher (Mary; Gone Writing Publishing) will be putting it up. Check out my awesome/electric cover and the accompanying blurb…
—–Now for the questions I will send out to others… hummm
1.  What is your guilty pleasure? Do you lick the icing off cakes when no one is looking, do you eat before going out for a mean you know will cause you stress, do you baby talk to you cat??? What little thing makes you happy, and makes you feel silly?
2.   When you go to the movies, do you go for action, comedy, drama… and why? Is there an actor that draws you to this type of movie, or does this type of movie help you to relax in some way … maybe you just like getting the crap scared out of you so you can hold on to your date… come on fess up… lol
3.  If you are an author… What would you like to say about your upcoming novel? If you are an avid reader … What book has you bouncing from foot to foot, as you wait for its release?
4.  Accent?? What type of accent do you have, what type do you love to hear, and what type would you like to have if you could change your own???
5.  ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’ Vacation locations… Where is your favorite past vacation spot, and where would you like to go before you die?
6.  No matter if you are an author or not, what advice would you give to your favorite author?
7.  If you could make everyone in the world answer one question, no holds bar and unfailingly honestly…. what would it be? muhahahaha
8.  What is your spirit animal? yep, I really want to know… personally, I think I am some kind of hybred mix. Like a pug puppy, hyena, dolphin mix… yep… I like that, so that is what I will be. (Any Native Americans out there … feel free to answer with the honest spiritual answer, or one that is more insane like me…)
9.  I always have pens, or refills for my favorite pen, in my purse. Do you do anything similar (and guys, we will call it a man-purse, or just always available in your truck 😛 ) And do you have a favorite pen?
10.  And last but not least, describe your craziest life experience.
Now… I will be sending these questions out to…
 1. I will start with Georgie so we can get someone’s views from college life, across the pond… a realllllly big pond 😛 Everyone check out her site, and get her take on the classics in literature.
2. Steph is fellow NaNoWriMo lover… really, everyone should use NaNo to get that extra push and acceptance from the writing community.
3. Romarin is an admitted eccentric, which I love… if I’m not a little big insane while writing, I’m doing something wrong (usually forcing my words) clicking on the link will take you to one of a book blurb I can’t wait to read.
4. Opinionated Man the name says it all… recently he has reworked his site due to rude comments and abasement from the outside world… which I don’t understand…. maybe I missed something that would have angered me, while reading his posts, but I doubt it. Some people enjoy malicious hatred and use their words to harm others… booo… check out his site and judge for yourself, but please, when you disagree with something you see (on his site and all others) share your thoughts with class, and treat others in a manner that you would want to be treated.
5. Bradan’s World focuses on book reviews for the most part. Writer are always best when they are also readers, that means we read a lot… this is another good site to get someone else’s take on what to read next
6. Sally shares her take on almost anything and everything you could think up… including promotional ideas… great site for writers to check out.
7. John’s blog is about writing and travel… you can definitely find excerpt to wet you appetite for short stories, and more.
8. Mellie’s Muse read about her characters and short stories, check out the worlds she creates.
9. only child writes blog agrees with me… she wants everyone’s opinion but keep the nasty at home… 😛 … she is writing a memoir about her life as an only child… (hey we onlys rock)
10. No Passing Fancy I just love her take on things. As well as the latest slogan/pic she posted… As well as the story/background she uncovered about the phrase ‘let’s do this’… sooo cool
11751970_1621919051381119_6744062323772151430_nso, Let’s do This… Happy wordage, no go forth and write 😛 Tracey Clark

Meet Up #1: Tracey Clark A Great Writer and Blogger

here is Krystol Diggs post featuring ME … so cool, and thanks girl… I love it… stop by, and then stay a while… she has some excellent advice for us writers

The Krystol Method

Good morning

It’s not everyday that you get to meet awesome people! Well, I have met a new friend, blooger and writer named Tracey. Tracey and I met though another blog! I have decided to do guest posts on my blog so you that you guys can join in on the fun! If you are interested in being featured on my blog please send queries to:krystoldiggs@gmail.com. Okay, enough of my rambling, meet Tracey!

Tell the readers about yourself?

I am a country-twang gal from the bluegrass state. Kentucky is a hot bed of horses, cave systems, and whiskey. And I love all three. With my pugs and bossy kitty cat, I spend my days writing and working social media. I write with the help of the voices pushing me to create worlds for them to live in. Fantasy Romance, Contemporary Romance, and eventually some cowboys (because cowboys live in a group all…

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Meet Krystol Diggs

Who is Krystol Diggs???
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*pictures from pinterest
Krystol and I decided to do a little blog swapping … I got to learn a lot about this amazing woman, as she answered questions for us about her writing and her life. Feel free to read more from Krystol at her blog http://writingsbykrystol.com/ or one of the other sites that will be listed at the end of this post, with a short bio. Now for the fun stuff… Here is my baker’s dozen of all things Krystol Diggs!!
1. What parts of your growing education help you to build more vivid characters?? And will this coming degree be your final educational achievement, or will you continue to expand your knowledge within the classroom?? What other methods do you use to gain knowledge and inspiration??
– Good questions, Tracey. Well, this is absolutely my final degree! PhD is where I draw the line, lol. I’m in so much debt it’s not even funny. With my education, it has helped me develop my characters more, especially when it comes to the personality traits and mind. To gain inspiration, I use life experiences, and I focus on those that inspire me. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Stephen King.
2. Do you have any artistic activities (other than writing), things that rejuvenate your writer spirits when writer’s depression comes calling??
– When I get writer’s block, I do other things like watch movies or read a book. I try not to let the depression of not writing hinder me. My mentor always told me when I don’t feel like writing, don’t.
3. What is the biggest block to your writing that you have had to face??
– I would say the biggest block that I have to face with my writing was rejection. I had sent a query to Kensington Press. I was beyond thrilled that my manuscript was requested. A few months later, I got the bad news. I was depressed for about a week, but then I said, ” this is their loss.”  and what advice would you give to other to help them face their own personal blocks?? I would say to keep reading and keep writing. Do not let opinions of others get you down.
4. You have stated that you specialize in screenplays, TV writing, game writing, novels and animation. Which would consider your first love, the one that pulled you into the writing world… which would consider a labor of love, that you learned to appreciate over time … and which falls into the category of more work than fun???
– I would say that novel writing is my husband, screenwriting is who I’m having the affair with and game writing is my side-piece. LOL….they all go hand in hand at some point in my life.
5. Which of your books/writing creations (novel, screenplay, etc..) holds a special place in your heart?? All of our creations hold a piece of our souls, but which has become that favored child that your mind will always see as in need of a mother’s hand, but with infinite possibility inside?? 
– I would have to say my first book. Through Her Eyes. This story is based on my life and things that I went through as a child and as a young adult.
6. Which of your ireports still has the power to put a smile on your face, as you recount the words you poured into the story??
– The I-report that puts a smile on my face would be the one that made national headlines. A friend of mine and her then boyfriend were pulled over due to racial profiling. These friends of mine are celebrities. They gave me the story and I uploaded it. Til this day it’s viewed as one the most viewed I-report of all time.
7. Any fun facts about your reporting adventures??
– Fun Fact, let’s see…Okay, I was interviewing Tyrese Gibson ( the singer/actor) and he said his artist who’s name was Krystal as well and he called her name during the interview and I answered! LOL…I was so embarrassed.
8. Any sage advice?? Especially about those first few pages, and that ending that we all strive to give the reader … the ending that will wrap up your novel and bring the readers coming back for more??
– My advice is to NOT leave the book with a cliffhanger. Loyal readers get pissed when you do this, especially if the next part is not coming out for a while.
9. REVIEWS??? Let’s talk about the all important reviews?? What avenues do you suggest for best review acquisition?? Are there any avenues that should be avoided??
– Well, when it comes to reviews, I like to be honest at all times. The best review is the one that is written with genuine intent. You’d be surprised, there are people who actually pay for reviews on their sites.
10. Who helps to push you to reach your goals??
-.Honestly, no one. I mean, my parents support whatever I do, but they really don’t know what it is like. A lot of my writer friends that I have made, we barely have time to talk, lol.  who do you turn to when writing issues have you screaming into a pillow?? I turn to God and Justin Timberlake’s music.  or is it the calm love of animal friend, a quiet place of solitude, or a calming ritual that allows you to move past frustrations??? My new cat, RJ, is a sweetie pie. When I’m feeling down or sick, he’s there under me.
11. Of all of your writing tips and advice to other writers, which do you consider to be the most important?? Which would you say is the fundamental stepping stone for a writer to move forward, to take their love (at times, what they at first believed to be a hobby) in a more serious direction??
– I would say to have great time management skills. Don’t be like me and cram at the last minute when you’ve set a deadline for yourself. Make your next writing, your best writing. Don’t focus on other writers’ style of writing, create your own voice, tell your own stories. Be original and not a copy.
12. Back to the all important reviews… which review left you with the need to spread out to all your friends, family, and internet cohorts with word of the novels greatness?? So great that you felt everyone needed to at least crack the spine (open the ebook) and read that first line, because you knew that they would become hooked…
– I’m so excited about this question. I’m not finished the book yet, but everyone needs to read You by Caroline Kepnes. This book is so good! I’m giving it a 5 star already. When it comes to reviews, look for ones that are concise and to the point. You can read a review and tell that there was not much though to it.
13. ooooo … Let’s end with BAD REVIEWS … I wont ask you to name names, but is their anything you would like to ask the writers of the world to stop doing??? Do you have a literary pet peev?? A wordage no-no?? Yes! Writers of the world, please stop making sequels to book that ended in the second part. To have a book drag on is upsetting.

And last but not least, let’s add some coffee to all those crumbs of knowledge in our baker’s dozen. I challenge you to list five fun facts about yourself (not all need be centered on writing). Let us see a little bit more about Krystol Diggs.

1. I have an addiction of buying books. I do intend to read them all–eventually.

2. I am type 2 diabetic

3. Chinese Food is a weakness of mine. I could eat it everyday.

4. My office is in my bed. ( Don’t Judge me)

5. My favorite colors are pink and red.

6. Freebie:  Ann M. Martin my favorite author as a kid.

—– Alright… that concludes our blogger’s swap… to wrap up, I will leave you with a short bio about Krystol… as well as her online links… happy wordage, everyone

krystol fb cover

*pick from her google site


Krystol Diggs has been writing since the age of 15. Her debut novel Through Her Eyes was the jump-start of more to come from this author, and now screenwriter, and publisher. Krystol has received her Masters degree at Full Sail University with an MFA in Creative Writing. She has written three screenplays, two short films and a host of other books in the various genres of fiction, thrillers, erotica, young adult and drama which can be found on amazon.com. She has also written for magazines such as Raw Talent Magazine and Bougie Magazine, interned at IFashion Network as a writer and now is a reporter/journalist for CNN’s Ireport section. Krystol is currently attending Walden University where she is studying for her PhD in Human Services.

Links to Krystol Diggs

Website: www.writingsbykrystol              Twitter:https://twitter.com/KrystolDiggs                            LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/pub/krystol-diggs/37/228/180 Facebook:www.facebook.com/writingbykrystol


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now follow the link, take a peek through the comments, add your own, see what blogs interest you…add your name/info/a fun fact about your blog… all fair in blog lovin … this is your meet and greet, people … happy wordage 😛

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Meeting the World


Shocking Finds, by Tracey L Clark to be published

 Well, so much excitement … with a heavy dose of OMG. I want to run up and down the street like a wild woman, screaming “My book is coming, my book is coming!!!” I am so overwhelmed, anxious, filled with nerves and enough happiness to split my face in half with my grin.


Soooo, now what? Well, my job is done. Right? I can take my best bud and move to my own personal island. I can grab some me time, and finally relax as I watch all the copies of my world-changing book fly off the shelf. I can plan out my next step with leisure. HA!

I don’t know what will come next. Not really. But I know that the world of books doesn’t end when a publisher takes interest. For now, I plan to start edits on books two and three. I plan to cross my fingers that the world enjoys Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keepers Novel. And above all else … I plan to follow my publisher’s lead. She is the expert here, in this frightening world. I can’t wait to yell out, “I sold my first book!!” I think that first book sale will feel like that first dollar that new business owners have framed up on their wall. But to get to the point that I get to grin about book sales, I need to follow and learn from Mary at http://gonewritingpublishing.blogspot.com/

4f95f2bc6a9dba64055c77bfa39fb1ddbeach life, or more work??52a8c2ff831563e53f140f8acb27a55e

Now it is back to the keyboard. Now I beg for reviews from the betas that helped me to get to this point. I squeal with joy with my writing buddies that have had my back when I believed that no one would ever want to take a chance on a girl with nothing to list in the accomplishments area of an evil query letter. Now I go out to celebrate with my mother and the friends that continued to tell me that my story had merit. Now, I promote and get ready to ride the roller coaster to come. So many people helped to push me up high enough to reach my goal. The writing world is a wonderful place. I have been extremely lucky to find fellow wordy friends, while embracing the support from home.


I don’t know how other writers do this. How do we face the unknown as we place our hard work in the hands of others? I hope that every lover of Paranormal/Fantasy Romance finds their way to my novel, and that they enjoy the world unfolding around Marin. If they enjoy the Fae assassins, snotty little Sprite, and the romantic leading man (Kyland) half as much as I enjoyed writing about them, then that will be a gift. With each review that I read about the love a reader has found for my writing, I want to start my sprints down the street all over again. So far I have had nothing but positive words coming my way, and I have treasured each and every comment.

I hope the crushing blow of the unavoidable negative review (because not every book lover, loves in the same way) doesn’t come for years. Hey, maybe even decades… 😛 For now, it is back to my wonderful worlds. Maybe I can write a few shorts to cleanse my writing palate. Like stretches before the big race. Maybe I will explore mystical castles, the world of dragons, or even the descent into the unknown.


*all pics can be found on Pinterest

I can’t wait to start sharing things like my first book cover, the release date (which should be sometime in the coming Fall), and all the updates on future insanity. Cause you know there will be insanity. But the good kind of insanity, the kind that leads to laughter and an extra chapter or two in my next novel. For now, how about one of my favorite moments from Shocking Finds….


Being forced to play chauffeur already had Anton on edge. The little gift in his trunk was going to push him over the edge. Kyland hid his grin in Marin’s hair.

Straightening in his seat, Kyland allowed Anton to see his smirk, as their eyes met in the rearview mirror. “You may wish to drive faster. Arriving at Marin’s before the present in your trunk is fully awake could prove prudent.” At least Kyland had a base line for how long his sleeping draft would last.

“What do you mean? What present? And why my trunk?” Anton sure had a lot of questions, but at least he drove a little faster.

“I needed to transport him back to Marin’s house, and your car was unlocked.”

“It most certainly was not, you Battle-Fae-Bastard.” Anton was vibrating with tension.

“It was after I broke in.” And, okay, Kyland was enjoying himself. He felt lighter, more energetic.

Anton stared into the mirror, shock and anger plain on his face. Before he could speak, and possibly ruin their lovely drive, Kyland added, “I do not know what the big deal is. Marin blew out the rest of the windows, and I needed to open the trunk.” Kyland smirked and then happily pointed out, “Watch the road, or at least that tree blocking our way.”

—–Happy wordage, Tracey

blessings in computer woes


just acquired a cheap, but excellent lap top… this one will be off line at all times. or as close to ‘at all times’ as possible… i would like to have something virus free… why??? because i spent two days freaking out because i thought i had lost years worth of writing… but in ocd fashion (only ocd about writing and a few other important topics… lol) i had saved my work on three different flash drives.. the first had a lot of problems, mostly the books and rough drafts saved there were no longer opening… why??? wordperfect … word-freaking-perfect… i am in no way techy, and i don’t understand office 360, and in fact feared it, so i chose to try wordperfect…

when i purchased this latest computer, i decided to bite the bullet and get office 360, understand it or not, even though the idea of saving my work on a cloud gave me pause… but the lady at the store had an Microsoft office deal that just included the basic programs, no 360… woo who… and wow… i love it… so much help with the editing process… soo… a scary few days, but in the end, it feels like i came out on top, better than ever

waiting game and disastrous recipes

While waiting to share some potentially game changing news, I decided to go through my recent emails from pinterest. I would go ahead and scream my news from the rooftops, but this feels like something you keep to yourself until all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

I wasn’t going to go through the pinterest emails in any kind of detail, wasn’t going to read and reread, and I definitely didn’t plan on blogging about it. But the pinterest gods had other ideas. They pulled me in with the promise of more recipe ideas. Since my friend Debbie is in need of some new and delicious ways to spice up her kitchen, I was like ‘Wow, it’s like they were spying on our conversation’

Ready to find my best bud some yummies for her family, I opened the email and … and I about died laughing.


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Cute as a pug

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In Desperate Want O…


“something has gone seriously wrong with my pinterest … lol… this is what is being posted to my recipe pin… uhhhh no thanks? stir and fry dog isnt my fave”

yasmine phoenix blog post, part two & crazy update

In my internet overload moment, I managed to tweet about Yasmine Phoenix’s blog, but forgot to slip in and update on my own blog… hmmm … anyone else seen the movie Multiplicity??? Right now I am seeing some definite benefits to doubling up on helping hands…


Since I’m on my own for now, I will do my best to catch up.. 😛 Starting with Ms. Phoenix’s blog… She asked a few more question, and we did our best to answer question pertaining to our writing style and inspirations. Writing is fun, crazy, doubt inducing, and addicting. Here is the link for those interested in listing to writer’s delve into their writing craze.


We all burn in different way, no matter our chosen artistic love. From the man that can see the beauty in a beaten down car from the 70’s – seeing it’s worth and potential, to the man that can take a simple dinner entry and make a display worthy of a king. From the woman knows that the weed infested barren land is waiting for someone with heart and ideas, to the woman that can take a few primary paints and turn a blank canvas into a visual world of escape. And the writer that create new worlds with jingles, shorts stories, or epic novels. Art and beauty burn in every corner of our world, if we stop long enough to see it.


For the month of April, I have decided to throw my hat into a few other competitions. So far I entered #nestpitch, one of the query contest being bandied about on twitter and the world wide web. Contest allow me to meet other authors, while improving my query needs. Nestpitch even held a #postitforward event that allowed us to work on our 35-word pitches.


I may be a little addicted to these contests. Although I have not won any agent attention with my endeavors, I have gained a lot of followers to my twitter account and my blog. I have meet many people that enjoy this crazy world of words. To round out my insanity, I decided to participate in Camp #NaNoWriMo and shoot for a 50k word goal. Insane is a mild explanation for this decision, especially since I will be adding new chapters – ones that need to be transcribed into my computer – while editing previous chapters. That is a lot of work that will leave little time for real life. But as I have been feel less than energetic of late, this project will allow my mind an avenue of release.


My fellow campers from last year will be fighting to reach their goal, and brainstorming with me every step of the way. Maybe we will meet a few new faces along the way… happy wordage everyone. Enjoy your chosen art, no matter where you find it.


Skymann: Andrew and Brigit

Chapter one

Andrew Skymann snapped awake. His body shaking, the sheets soaked in sweat. He smelled the pain and fear, the humiliation, as it permeated his bedroom. Slowly sitting up, he roughly scrubbed at his face.

“Andrew?” The lingering effects of the nightmare were made reality a little cloudy, as his twin brother stuck his head through the cracked door.

Andrew’s body jerked slightly, seeing Jacob. It took a moment to erase the feeling that he was watching his body from across the room. “What’s up?”

“Heard your caterwauling and decided to check it out,” Jacob deadpanned.

“I’m good, Jacob,” Andrew reassured.

“Since you’re up, what are your thoughts to owning a restaurant?”

Andrew fell back and threw his arm over his eyes. “The kid isn’t going to allow you to take over his life the same way the rest of us have,” he mumbled.

“I heard that and I disagree. Samuel is a cooking genius. I’m merely making sure that he has the room to flourish.”

Jacob sounded so sincere that Andrew’s jaw dropped as he pushed himself back into a sitting position. Before their twenty-first birthday, Andrew and Jacob were well on their way to starting what was now a very lucrative business. Jacob controlled all promotions and stood in the spotlight, allowing Andrew to do what he loved. Write.

Andrew shook his head. “Look. You’ve earned the latitude to make any and all snap decisions. But maybe, just maybe, you should talk to Samuel first.”

“We both know that kid will always feel like the baby brother in the family. Which he is, but that’s beside the point.”


“Besides, it’s too late. The contractor called last night after you went to bed. Says the kitchens are ready to go. Now I just need to get Samuel to fine tune the area.”

“We run art, not food. Our studio spaces comprise of painters, writer’s groups and classes, and other non-edible goods. Why in the hell do we need a kitchen.”

“What about the studio I designed in our main building for Marcus.” Jacob crossed his arms and leaned against the door jam. His position spoke volumes.

Andrew tried one more time to get through his twin’s stubborn skull. “That’s architecture and again, non-edible. That only worked because Jackson decided to take you up on the offer. If you hadn’t thought to include our cousin in the mix, that deal would have died before Marcus got his hands around your next.”

“Big brother merely delayed the inevitable. Marcus could had his own company years ago. Instead he ran off and enlisted.”

Andrew got out of bed, left his windowless bedroom, and followed Jacob out of the room. Moving to the windows of his living area, he asked, “Do you really think you can get Samuel on board. I know you have his future in mind, but even his jams, jellies, and candies are sold under our mother’s maiden name. He obviously doesn’t want recognition.”

Andrew couldn’t see much of their gated community in the pre-dawn hours. Jacob’s manipulation had lead to thousands of acres for Marcus and Jackson to build luxury homes on. Beautiful homes close to a marina that Jacob had also managed to talk him into buying. Really, a restaurant was relatively low risk for one of Jacob’s schemes.

“I’ll start some coffee. You owe me pancakes for that comment and for waking me up.” Jacob’s voice continued to mumble up the stairs.

“Ha!” Andrew would have called Jacob on the obvious lie but his twin was already out the door, no doubt off to restart the coffee pot. He didn’t believe that Jacob’s sleep had in anyway been disturbed. His bedroom was located on the third floor of their massive home. He never would have heard Andrew’s cries unless he was already up and prowling. Andrew’s rooms sat in the partially submerged basement, making his bedroom at least four floors from Jacob’s. Half of the basement was underground and surrounded by dirt, the other half could be considered ground level, widows and all. His office received copious amounts of morning sun, at least it did once the sun was actually up.

Damn, it was too early for this. Pitching his voice loud enough for Jacob to hear, Andrew suggested, “We need to have Samuel come over and cook. So that I can remember what kind of art he makes.”

Just the thought of the kid’s cooking had his stomach sitting up in notice. It would almost be worth the nightmare and early morning wake up call, if they could get Samuel to fix a batch of his world famous flapjacks covered in his homemade preserves. Just the thought had a Pavlovian effect. Andrew’s mouth creatied so much saliva that swallowing became an issue.

Andrew started up the stairs, his muscles complaining the entire way. Why in the hell do we need such a huge house? So many stairs … Coffee. Neeeeeed coffee.

A man should not be forced to scale mountains before the early bird had time to leave it’s nest. Andrew made a mental note to look into an elevator as soon as his brain began to function with more than one cylinder. Today was bound to suck. But then any day that began hours before the sun came up was a day to be leery of.


The delicious aroma of coffee pulled Jacob into a better mood. He had already consumed more than half a pot, but the smell of freshly brewing caffeine worked better than any drug. Today was destined to suck no matter what he did but coffee was always a necessity. Andrew’s nightmares on top of Jacob’s lack of sleep had a neon sign to stay in the house flashing in the back of his mind. If only they could call in sick, play hookie. A day spent hiding from all responsibilities sounded like heaven. Any other weekend, Jacob would be hell bent on dragging his brother out for a short yachting excursion but they were booked for the evening.

The top of Jacob’s to-do list involved pulling Andrew out of his studio to attend a gallery showing for one of their local up-and-coming artists. Brigit McDernmit already had rave reviews from even the snobbiest of critics.

Andrew’s recent fantasy series was quite erotic. It had a completely different feel when compared to his mystery novels. When Jacob asked about upping the scales on the flesh intake, Andrew had joked that sex sells. “It was a no brainer that my characters need to get physical from time to time. Skin hunger is a dangerous and ever present need, even in the world of make-believe.” Whatever. All Jacob heard was, “Blah, blah, blah; I need to get laid.” So that’s what would happen.

Jacob had the perfect antidote planned. His date had insisted on making tonight a double date. Katlynn had claimed that only Andrew would do for her best friend. She had assured him that her friend was a sure thing, with her sights set on his twin. One night of French food and pretentious art patrons, and Andrew’s skin hunger would be a thing of the past.

“Cofffeeee! Must have coffee!” Andrew’s feet barely left the floor as he shuffled into the kitchen, rubbing his back as he moved. Ringing with sweat, his reddish brown skin had a ashy undertone but at least his eyes had brightened a little with that first whiff of one of aroma’s best. Breakfast and a few gallons of the beautiful brown nectar would fix Andrew right up.

Deciding to lift Andrew’s mood, Jacob pointed out the coffee. “On the breakfast bar. And Samuel is on his way.”

And looky there. Andrew perked right up. “Oh, thank heavens! Perhaps we do need a family chef.”

Family chef was right. The kid could fix damn near anything to perfection. His rack of lamb could bring tears to the eye. His fried rice went exquisitely with any meal. Every dish was divine, but his breakfast creations were damn near moan worthy, especially his flapjacks with powdered sugar and homemade preserves.

Jacob admitted, “It wasn’t me. Samuel saw the kitchen lights come on. Don’t know what he was doing up but he said he would be right over.”

Samuel had an overwhelmingly helpful nature. He saw that the lights were on and he immediately called to volunteer his services for what ever task his brothers were attempting at such an ungodly hour. The kid was probably cooking anyway. He might as well use his gift where others could partake of the end results.

“Morning.” Samuel looked around the kitchen before moving to the breakfast bar and the life rejuvenating black liquid waiting to be consumed. Taking a sip he sang out, “Tsk, tsk! Ten foot privacy gating does not negate the need to lock your doors.” The little bastard was too damn chipper.

“Watch your sass, kid. And you had better have some of your world famous preserves with you,” Andrew got straight to the heart of the matter. They were running low and breakfast wouldn’t be the same without homemade preserves. They were truly spoiled when it came to breakfast condiments. Samuel’s preserves could be worked into any meal.

“Chill, Andrew. Just drink the wonderfully dark coffee and think happy thoughts.” With a grin Samuel added, “Would I show up this early without a gift. I even brought a mixed case. I’ve added cherry rhubarb this year, so tell me what you think.”

Jacob couldn’t help but smile. A whole case of Samuel’s preserves. “Tell you what … You fix up some of your flapjacks and I’ll gladly try anything you want.”

A few cases of preserves and Jacob could be talked into just about anything. A lifetime supply and he would gladly sign over his half of the business that he had worked so hard to build with Andrew. Boy, but the kid could cook.

“Flapjacks comin’ right up. The preserves are by the veranda door. You can-“

That was all Jacob heard as he rushed to beat Andrew to the goods. Coffee and lack of sleep ceased to matter as those magic words came out of Samuel’s mouth. Preserves!

They were off their bar stools and racing for the goods. It was always the same, a competition to have first pick of the delicious concoctions. The blueberry and the blackberry were always the first to go. Whatever Samuel’s secret was, those two came out better than any other brand out there. The race was on, not that Samuel would refuse to make more if they ran out. Still the call to grab the prize first, to beat Andrew to that first jar, had them pushing and running like five-year-olds.

Rounding into the screened in veranda area, Jacob was forced to jerk to a stop in surprise.

“What’s up?” Andrew asked with confusion in his voice, as he collided with Jacob’s back.

Jacob slowly moved out of the way, allowing Andrew to see three cases sitting in the middle of their entry like well placed Christmas presents. Their veranda had never looked so good. He finally allow his grin to spread across his face.

Andrew’s jaw dropped to his chest, as he commented, “I thought he said ‘a’ case? Not three.”

Quickly moving to the closest box, Jacob commented, “This is what they call a gift horse, so stop checking out its teeth. Let’s get these open so we can mix and match a box of our favorites to keep. You know he’ll be carting the rest to mom and dad.” Samuel’s preserves were a big hit with everyone. Sheri and Samson Skymann – their aunt and uncle – were no different than the rest of them. Jacob didn’t know where he and his brothers would be without Sheri and Samson. The couple had added four extra mouths to their already large family, becoming the parents that they had never known.

Shaking thoughts of the past from his head, he moved to the case of preserves. “We can-” Jacob froze, as he opened the first box. Now his jaw fell to the floor. Wow didn’t begin to cover the sight of so many of their favorites! God bless that kid and his wonderful thoughtfulness!

Jacob looked over at a silently stunned Andrew. The case that Jacob had opened contained jar after jar of delicious blueberry divinity. One glance showed that the case in front of Andrew held nothing but blackberry goodness. That wonderful, wonderful kid!

Andrew finally met Jacob’s gaze, one of his rare smiles breaking free, as he said, “Forget the flapjacks, just find me a spoon.”

A low masculine chuckle escaped Jacob’s throat at his twin’s understatement. They needed two spoons.

Skymann-Andrew and Brigit, sneak peak, Not for distribution outside Author’s Permission © Tracey Clark

how to see the world?

Be it the online world or the world of reality and human interaction, I always find it amazing to realize that no two sets of eyes will see a situation in the same way. From eyewitness accounts of a crime, to in-class discussions of poetry and life. The eyes see but it is the individual brain that interprets.

Before I was forced to leave collage due to an onset of MS, I had the opportunity to take part in one of the higher poetry classes. We created our rhyming (or not so rhythmic) verses, before sitting before one another in judgment. I would read my piece, then listen as my fellow classmates discussed meaning and intent. They took in my words and decided the why’s and how’s hidden within. This fascinated me. Which most likely wasn’t the point of the exercises, but I decided to create a piece worthy of what I was seeing.

“The Written Word”

 Not for distribution outside Author’s Permission © Tracey Clark

throw me down

mark me up

violate me

and tear me apart

read into what I say

take away what you will

but leave my pieces

for the mending maker to wield

For the first time in class, everyone seemed to agree. I allowed my family and friends to read what I had created, and they also said the same things. Oh, there were small differences of opinion, but for the most part, they were all in agreement. Suddenly, I was the only one able to look at my words without seeing the plight of a rape victim.

In a small way, they were correct. It was about a violation, but not one of human flesh. I had put into words what I thought my poetry would say to my classmates. If the written words could stand up for themselves, surely they would complain about the evils of man.

I knew that my poetry, and now my novels, would look at the wielders of the evil red pen with distaste, and fear. I knew that each and every word shook in terror, while hearing that they were unnecessary or too harsh. But I also knew that I was responsible for the whole of the work. It was, and is, my job to make sure that the worlds I create come out of each edit whole. Be it poetry, novel, or art of any ilk, I am responsible for the life I create, my babies. 😛

But how am I supposed to present my words, when the eyes before me will only be able to see/understand small portions of my creation, never able to take in the whole of it. Eyes and brains function differently, depending on age, life lessons, preconceived notions, etc … Not to mention the medium that my work/words are viewed through. Twitter is an excellent example of this point. This frustrating point.

I came across a post on twitter that took my mind back to those earlier poetry classes. A beautiful representation of some of my own words. A visual point of view of my inner voices.

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The Female Book @thefemaleboook

“If u could change one thing about ur body, what would u change?” Answered by 6 adults & then by 6 kids.

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I started thinking of all the ways that we lose the magic in our lives. At some point it seems to become automatic. We lose the ability to answer questions with the fantasy and dreaming of a child. I mean, the adult answer of wanting to become taller is no more realistic than the childlike wonder of growing wings. Most adults need that extra second or two in order to see the world hidden behind the forced reality of adulthood. I read this post and felt compelled to ask the twitter-verse at large what they believed had happened to take these wonders from our eyes, how we could get that wonder back?

But the 140 characters of a twitter response allows for much confusion. I had forgotten the lessons learned from my poetry class. I looked at this post and remembered a different poem.

“I wonder of the world”

Not for distribution outside Author’s Permission © Tracey Clark

I wonder of the world

That happens all the day

The innocent abyss

That comes when children play

I wonder how they stay

In their place and time

When they climb a mountain

Or swim the ocean wide

I wonder if they know

There’s no one really there

I wonder if they see

Their friends are made of air

I wonder if they know

Their mountain is a hill

Or that the ocean blue

A rocky shore that’s still

I wonder what they see

When in their jungle hut

Or how they learn to tame

Their wild jungle mutts

I wonder of this world

That happens all the day

And I wonder how I lost

My innocent days of play

An author that I greatly respect, and admire, saw my comment and thought that I was worried about body images, which was reflected in her response. I was mortified, and still not thinking of my poetry life lesson. So I tried to clear the misunderstanding up. Which did what???? Made things worse of course. I replied that I was actually talking about losing childlike wonder. Soooooo … the matter was cleared up, right????? Nope. That would be insane logic.

She responded that she couldn’t help with that type of question, because she still saw the magic of the world around her, because she was a writer. All of which made me look like an unimaginative layman with body issues. lol

Moral of the story…. be careful when you dissect another’s words, and remember that if you put it in black and white, someone else will be sure to find their own meaning hidden inside.

happy wordage everyone, Tracey