yasmine phoenix blog post, part two & crazy update

In my internet overload moment, I managed to tweet about Yasmine Phoenix’s blog, but forgot to slip in and update on my own blog… hmmm … anyone else seen the movie Multiplicity??? Right now I am seeing some definite benefits to doubling up on helping hands…


Since I’m on my own for now, I will do my best to catch up.. 😛 Starting with Ms. Phoenix’s blog… She asked a few more question, and we did our best to answer question pertaining to our writing style and inspirations. Writing is fun, crazy, doubt inducing, and addicting. Here is the link for those interested in listing to writer’s delve into their writing craze.


We all burn in different way, no matter our chosen artistic love. From the man that can see the beauty in a beaten down car from the 70’s – seeing it’s worth and potential, to the man that can take a simple dinner entry and make a display worthy of a king. From the woman knows that the weed infested barren land is waiting for someone with heart and ideas, to the woman that can take a few primary paints and turn a blank canvas into a visual world of escape. And the writer that create new worlds with jingles, shorts stories, or epic novels. Art and beauty burn in every corner of our world, if we stop long enough to see it.


For the month of April, I have decided to throw my hat into a few other competitions. So far I entered #nestpitch, one of the query contest being bandied about on twitter and the world wide web. Contest allow me to meet other authors, while improving my query needs. Nestpitch even held a #postitforward event that allowed us to work on our 35-word pitches.


I may be a little addicted to these contests. Although I have not won any agent attention with my endeavors, I have gained a lot of followers to my twitter account and my blog. I have meet many people that enjoy this crazy world of words. To round out my insanity, I decided to participate in Camp #NaNoWriMo and shoot for a 50k word goal. Insane is a mild explanation for this decision, especially since I will be adding new chapters – ones that need to be transcribed into my computer – while editing previous chapters. That is a lot of work that will leave little time for real life. But as I have been feel less than energetic of late, this project will allow my mind an avenue of release.


My fellow campers from last year will be fighting to reach their goal, and brainstorming with me every step of the way. Maybe we will meet a few new faces along the way… happy wordage everyone. Enjoy your chosen art, no matter where you find it.


9 thoughts on “yasmine phoenix blog post, part two & crazy update”

    1. nano definitely helps me get motivated to put my fingers to the keys… hope you have fun, and any time you need to brainstorm, just drop on by… that is the best part to me… making stuff up 😛

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  1. I am not in any competitions but seeing as I am back this year with a new blog, I am looking in to possibly joining a couple. Not sure which I should join though.


    1. I have found that the online NaNoWriMo *campnanowrimo & NaNoWriMo* are good for meeting others… that is where I started… but this is only my second year so I don’t have a large selection to test/suggest… I met two writer buddies through my first nano… two women that I still chat/brainstorm with through FB … following the twitter feeds for nano, pitmad, nestpitch, etc will give you suggestions… good luck and happy wordage

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      1. I am part of the Bloppy Bloggers and a few years ago on my old blog I joined in with small blogger challenges but took a break over the last year and feel like I have fallen out of the loop.
        I will take a look at your suggestions and I really appreciate the effort in your suggestions.x


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