Watch out for Mother Nature!!!

soooo… Deer?  Cute or Dangerous? lol… that’s easy … sooo cute…. I mean… we have all seen Bambi…. Disney loves to bring us cute kids, dead parents, and life lessons… Deer are even a little majestic…


But on my street, Deer can also mean Dangerous… lol… like when they decide to jay-walk in the middle of the night… or your are out to get the mail and momma Deer starts barking (yep… barking… it is a horrible sound… like someone with bronchitis)… keep your distance, and they are cuties…

but the other night I drove down to Wendy’s, used a back road, and out of nowhere about nine Deer decided to sprint across the road… the last one to cross almost brushed the front of my car, it was so close… sooooo, yeah…. the Deer around here are soooo not afraid of people… in fact, they will probably start asking us for rent soon…


and then there was the one that freaked mom out… she had gone out to smoke on the porch, and momma Deer didn’t like how close the ‘human’ was to her little one… annnnnddddd, cue the barking… lol… after that, mom started carrying a taser out to smoke… but she still loves to look at them, so staying inside isn’t an option…

and then there are the Turkey population… it is wild flippin kingdom around here, I swear… I should start writing shifter novels, and sale them as true stories… lol… but anywho… turkeys


awwwww…. look, they are such great moms… bah… when you live next to a bird sanctuary, great mom means breeder….

it isn’t that I begrudge them a little bird-lovin…. and they are kind of cute (at least from the neck down)


sadly, they were born with a face that only a mother could love… lol… in fact, I don’t think I should publically explain what that hanging, flopping neck reminds me of… lol… but still… not that Dangerous…

or are they…. (cue the horror movie music)


When you are driving down the road and spot a procession of Turkey, you know they have organized and are prepared to do some damage…

or in my case, you see a line of about 13 Turkeys head for the road, and think “man, I hope I get past them before the suicidal things dash into the road”… lol… okay, so that may be a little over the top thinking-wise, but when the animals decide that it is okay to interact with the human (or at least, they act like you are only living there on their sufferance) … well that is a different matter…

but if swear, if I ever catch the Deer and the Turkeys chatting it up (making war plans), I will sooooo be out of here… lol… so I guess my answer to my own question would be that yep, they are cute, but cute is usually dangerous… 😛

happy wordage, Tracey

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