waiting game and disastrous recipes

While waiting to share some potentially game changing news, I decided to go through my recent emails from pinterest. I would go ahead and scream my news from the rooftops, but this feels like something you keep to yourself until all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

I wasn’t going to go through the pinterest emails in any kind of detail, wasn’t going to read and reread, and I definitely didn’t plan on blogging about it. But the pinterest gods had other ideas. They pulled me in with the promise of more recipe ideas. Since my friend Debbie is in need of some new and delicious ways to spice up her kitchen, I was like ‘Wow, it’s like they were spying on our conversation’

Ready to find my best bud some yummies for her family, I opened the email and … and I about died laughing.


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Cute as a pug

untitled 2



dogs I heart


for the love of pug



In Desperate Want O…


“something has gone seriously wrong with my pinterest … lol… this is what is being posted to my recipe pin… uhhhh no thanks? stir and fry dog isnt my fave”

4 thoughts on “waiting game and disastrous recipes”

  1. I find that I will spend hours on Pintrest. I even have a board for Inspiration for writing. 9/10 times its more interesting than FaceBook. My favorite board is for unique and snarky coffee mugs.. Its a weird obsession. Look me up! @britestfyrefly

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    1. maybe, or I may have just mislabeled… lol… tech and I do not always get along… but mom is very anti-Chinese food (bad experience once).. I on the other hand love it and would eat every day if I wanted to weigh a million pounds… lol… she points out ever ‘cat’ story, related to my beloved food… but I refuse to be stopped… she even started calling my pugs ‘moo shoo Pug tar’ and ‘general tso’s pug’

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