What’s a Walk-About

anyone remember this guy???


lord-amercy… I loved the movie Crocodile Dundee… made my mother rent the VHS (yep, I’m that old… lol) every time we decided to rent videos… I always wanted to rewatch my favorites… as a child, everyone thought it was odd… as an adult, okay, they still think I’m odd… lol… but the jokes on them, I can save a crap load of money by rewatching the hoarder’s nest of movies and TV series I have stocked up over thirty odd years… muhahahaha… 😛

anywho… I totally just got off track…

in the movie, Paul Hogan talks about going walk-about… I loved the idea… granted, now that I’m older (and have a license) I prefer a Drive-About… basically, I pack mom up (this time the dogs came) and hit the road… check out the signs as you go, hit the welcome center when you pass into a new state, and maybe have one or two ideas before you leave (but that last one isn’t necessary…)

this time around, we went to Helen, GA (very cool place) … they are a small, German themed town… and the hotel we stayed on butted up to the creek… I’m calling it a creek, but I could be wrong… It was about 15 – 20 feet across… with lots of rocks to break up the water flow, so you get that babble-brook feel…

but this is a walk-about, so you know we didn’t drive straight there… nope… we started a little closer to home… mom had been begging to see the Arc up near Cincinnati for months, so that’s where we started… and I decided to video the walk through… now I just need to figure out how to share it around… I decided that the Arc and other stops might make great writing prompts for peeps that didn’t have the time to travel around…

I also hoped to get some great ideas for my Finder’s Keepers series… I saw some hope for characters other than Marin, or maybe for shorts ??? or maybe one of my other series that I haven’t had time to work on… lol… anywho… I am willing to share…

we videos from the Arc, some from Helen, and some from the Tennessee – Georgia line (the lookout mountain area)… lookout mountain is where the caves, fun parks, and underground waterfalls come into play… sooo yeah… lots of work, but then I will be sharing them with y’all… so if you are a writer, feel free to use anything you see in them that sparks your pen into motion… 😛 later and happy wordage

2 thoughts on “What’s a Walk-About”

  1. I loved this movie too! And the second one where he comes to New York and has trouble with a biker in a bar who draws a knife on him.
    His reply?
    “That’s not a knife, mate. This,” He pulls out a machete (or so it looked to me!) “is a knife.”
    Hilarious 🙂


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