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Add a little sex, humor, and fighting to your Novel

Writing you novel, and looking for the best way to keep your readers interested??? Here are a few aspects that I always try to include… fighting, funny, and fu- ‚Ķ uh, I mean loving.. ūüėõ loving from friendships to love of your life. Bring you story to life with emotions.


Finding the words to make you Novel memorable!!

The easiest way to write about something is to know it inside and out. If you want to understand the inner workings of the restaurant business??? Want to be able to describe the feeling of flying through the air??? How about explaining the reality of living on a horse ranch???

Watch, Ask, and Do!!! Stalk local restaurants, pull out your pad and pen as you interview anyone that will stand still long enough, and see if you can help out in the kitchen (get hired on a month/summer basis). Take a flying lesson and do all you can to learn the ropes. Lasso yourself a cowboy and … Sorry, got distracted by the thought of cowboys and lassos, but I think you get the picture. Do anything and everything you can think of to learn the feel, the taste, the sounds, the smells, and the sights of the world you want to create.



But what happens when you want to add a little sexual tension to your novel? How about those full blown sex scenes?? And not just the act of sex… the emotions behind either the attraction to another, or the feelings before, during, and after. How does your character’s mindset change because of the thought or the act of intimacy.

Some of the things we add to our novels are either impractical or impossible for us to learn about first hand. Remember that song Can’t Buy Me Love?? Well, you can’t force a love connection just to learn what it feels like. You might not want to try out some of the bedroom gymnastics portrayed by the lustier of novels either. What in the world do you do now?

Well, you could always make it up, use your imagination. But where to start? And how are you going to get your reader to pay attention when your words feel rushed or halting? LOL I suggest you look it up. For me, and my only mildly blush worthy novels, I read it all… the worst of the worst literary porn (I love my smut, I just cant write it), the sweet Happily Ever Afters, and the racy novels. And especially the free short stories on amazon. Those shorts are great for getting the mechanics down. Not always, but usually. Sometimes I’m reading the getting-busy part and I think – no way, he couldn’t even reach her while she does that… lol…

I love romance, from the behind-the-bedroom-door actions to the break-the-bed-and-hope-the-neighbors-don’t-call-the-police sex-capaids. By the time I finished writing Shocking Finds and my other rough drafts, my book shelf looked like a How to Become a Porn Addict guide. lol ‚Ķ My mother borrowed my kindle and just about had a heart attack. I had to show her that I had actually taken notes on different positions so that she didn’t think I had a problem.

But we learn to become writers by reading, so learn about being a romance writer by reading … romance, light hearted or pornish. Read each book and find the scenes that speak to your emotions, and your fantasies. How do they describe the feel of a man’s hand along your thigh, caressing your back, or jerking you into his arms. Learn how to put the feel of each action into the scene, don’t just tell the reader it happened.¬† Get your own romance collection. But make it your own. Plagiarism is a capital offence in the writer community.


Humor can be even harder to portray than passion. We live in a diverse world, with varying senses of humor. Have you ever been at a party and stood with your friends as they doubled over in laughter, all while you looked on in confusion? If liquor wasn’t involved, chances are that you either missed the joke or just didn’t find it funny. Or worse … Have you told a story that brought tears of laughter to your eyes, but looked around to see that your friends were scratching their heads, going over your words, and looking for the humor?? Reading is only the first step to attacking this issue.

Okay. Reading something that you find funny might not help you to impress your friends, but reading something that millions of other readers considered humorous may improve your writing. Humor is just as important as passion, when it comes to adding emotions to your novel. You want your reader to get lost in the worlds you create. If they can feel each scene, then you are on the right track. This is something that I hope to get better and more polished at as I continue to write.

If all else fails, try a comedy club or two. Get¬†in¬†a frame of mind that helps your words to come out in a flowing manner, instead of just dropping a joke into you story now and them. You have to build up to the laugh, like a mini-story within your story. Personally, I don’t even consider what kind of emotion or humor I can add to my story when I’m writing that rough draft. As I bring my story to life I try to see where they are going, how I can build up to that moment when the emotions (no matter if it is passions, anger, failure, gut wrenching sadness, or humor) on the page reach full tilt.



Oooo… Fighting, bloodbaths, all out war… or maybe just a cat-fight. Okay, this one is easy. First you make sure that your annoying neighbor, with the yappy dog, and lack of parking etiquette is home. You do some stretches, get your muscles loose and ready, and then walk over and punch him in the face… see, easy…

What? You think that could lead to jail time, or just finding yourself lying on his doorstep as you watch little cartoon birdies fly around your head. Hmm. Well the other method is much harder. It also involves a great deal of reading, or you could take a martial arts class to learn the feel of some of the moves and defenses. I was lucky enough to take karate classes as a child. That was long ago but some of the motions are hard to forget.

But fighting and violence isn’t just accomplished in a fist fight. You can stripe the hide off of someone’s sense of worth with words a lot easier than you can with a sidekick. I didn’t grow up in a household that contained harsh words, but some of you might be able to call on those memories. Pull them up and use them to leave your reader sobbing and looking for the ice cream, clinching their fists on behalf of your character, or maybe feeling anxiety as you add more turmoil to your character’s life.

This is the hardest emotion for me to bring to my novels. So of course, I practice. The best results come when you hang out with a friend or two and then… Okay, just kidding. This is something that needs to be done in your head, or out loud as you drive down the highway. Alone.

I usually look like an insane person when I’m driving. Sometimes bringing myself to tears with harsh words. Your friends can only help if you sit down and they are willing to have a heart to heart walk down memory lane with you. Otherwise … prepare to look a little loony as you fight with yourself, as you cruise down the highway.

No matter what you decide to write, what you want to bring to your story, how you want to portray your character’s lives and their world… remember to have fun with it. Enjoy what you write, and hopefully others will love it as well. And keep researching… life is about change and growth. Personally, I hope that each year I become better and better at building my worlds.

Happy wordage, Tracey Clark

hope you enjoyed the Pinterest pics… there are all kinds of helpful how-tos on Pinterest…

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4-22-2016 #WritingPrompt – Manipulation

Muhahahahahaha…. Manipulation is today’s writing prompt… something that you can write as coming from one of the good guys, or the evil foe determined to mess with your MC… from the a mother’s shaming to the seductions of a man-eater… and as the writer, you are the ultimate manipulator… shaping words to create greatness… ūüėõ


good mother to bad, there is a certain amount of manipulation to be expected… a mother shapes a life… it is a responsibility that can result in a leader, a caring artist, an adventure seeker, or…. a closed off individual, afraid of the world, or lashing out at others… but a child will always look for a mother’s love, no matter if it is there or not… how was your MC’s upbringing…

there are many different ways to manipulate… I found these guides on pinterest… from the everyday manipulations to the killer trying to get what they want… any character can help to manipulate your story forward… you get to decide if it is an everyday little manipulation or something that will bite them in the arse if they are caught… and of course there are the bad guys… they are always manipulative… though not really in pleasant ways… ūüėõ

what happens when your MC realizes that they have been manipulated??? how do they respond??? is the bad guys someone they trusted, or someone they can identify with??? depending on the characters involved and the previous relationships, manipulation can be quite dramatic…

I love a little manipulation with my entertainment… and the greatest manipulator of all time???? Red¬†Reddington on the Blacklist… I love watching James Spader move the people in his life around on his on chess board… heck, I just love James Spader… Red is¬†by far the best example of a good, bad guy… he actually makes me want to¬†cheer him on when he shoots someone… lol… I am a vicious thing today…¬†

alright… thats it for today… here is your pinterest writing prompt… happy wordage… tracey


4-21-2016 #WritingPrompt – Eyecolor

some of these facts/pictures were just soooo cool I had to share and make today’s writing prompt Eye color… I mean… look at some of these peepers… *now, I suggest, you confirm that all colors are indeed possible… but hey, if one or two turn out to be no gos… you could always write paranormal… oh, wait… I do… muhahahaha… but some of these gene mutations are so rare that less than a dozen people world wide end up with these colors…

this is the one I personally want to look up more info on before I use it in a contemporary… it is almost like the reflectiveness of a cat’s eyes… if this is real, I have one thing to say… how cool… and… what little boy would love this…


I have seen a person with one brown eye and one blue, but never anything like this… very cool… some more beautiful than others… I know that my hazel eyes would be more brown when happy, but turn on the water works and suddenly the green rise to the surface… most people just have to worry about hiding a runny nose and red eyes if they don’t want anyone to know they have been crying… ūüėõ try lying about your tears when your on eyes are screaming liar, liar, liar…

eyes heterochromia

okay… wow … just wow… *the person that put this on pinterest used a lot of F-bombs… not me peeps* (my character may use the word, but not excessively) anywho… back to the eyes… i would love these eyes… and the byproducts of no saving and what not… i have to say… BEST MUTATION EVER!!!


even eyes that don’t come with a mutation have the potential to be amazing… don’t just have blue eyes… throw you MC some Steel Blue peepers… or branch into the other colors… blue is used a lot to show beauty, but as you can see, each color hides its own gems…


okay… we are ready for our writing prompt from pinterest… i will add that my grandfather had green eyes with red dots (couldn’t find a pic of this) and i always thought his eyes were cool… happy wordage, tracey


4-10-2016 #WritingPrompt – Wedding

For the most part, it seems that wedding scenes are useful as quickly mentioned and then something happens… like the reception, or the honey moon… or their can be a short story about a hiccup that almost derails the nuptials… the point is that most people want to get through the vows as quickly as possible, and if you don’t enjoy something in real life, why in the world would you want to read about it… so who can you add a wedding scene without losing some of your readers…

a scene from the dressing room, the nervous, the cold feet, or even the giddiness… then in the next chapter, summarize the vows and get to the good stuff… the shower or the honey moon…

and why are they getting married… is this a true love match or is it a one night stand that resulted in pregnancy but after getting married they will fall for each other… or is the marriage all for show (because of work, family, green card) and then there is love… or a drunken night in vagas… what caused the wedding and how do they deal with it…

and just for fun, here are some Oh-crap moments that I found on pinterest… some can be added into a wedding scene but most are for any story you are working on… happy wordage, tracey…


Free Friday

Since there are five Fridays this month, I thought I would do a writing Prompt… hmmm…


lol… I love this

I found this gif on pinterest, but I actually had a dog that ran into his reflection once… he ran into the room and came flat face to flat face with the dog in the mirror that was propped up against the wall… I can’t remember why the mirror was off the wall… It is Spike’s reaction that I remember… lol…

unlike the little guy up at the top of the post, Spike freaked out… he screeched and fell over backward… but he kept doing it… we ended up leaving the mirror on the floor so we could watch the poor dog run back and forth like he was going out of his mind… lol…

Now… the writing prompt is to write a scene with either a child or animal, or hey… a visitor from another realm, one unused to reflective images with no other purpose than to show your reflection… how would your character react???

Fall Into Romance bloghop

Ahhhh…. Fall is the best time of year, especially in Ky

fall KY/home
fall KY/home

My favorite Fall Activity has to be taking pictures of all the changing colors, the leaves falling to the ground in reds, yellows, and browns… and so many other colors. It is also the only time of year that I feel comfortable walking through the trees. The cool crisp air gets along with my MS, and I get to enjoy the outdoors. I love the way the world smells and feels.

I also love to paint and write in the fall, not that I don’t normally love these activities, but fall seems to recharge my battery. It seems right that my first book was released this fall. Shocking Finds is a paranormal/fantasy romance at its best… Fae assassins, betrayal, and undeniable lust…

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

Now for the giveaway portion of our blog hop… to be eligible, comment about your favorite fall activity and on the 22nd I will pick a random comment to win an ebook copy of Shocking Finds…

Now head back over to Sexy Scribblers to check out the other giveaways/posts… the Sexy Scribblers will also be giving away a grand prize … woo who … just click on the Raffle Copter Here

Sexy Scribblers Giveaway


check all the wonderful writers out HERE

Oct 25 writing prompt… TOLD

Oh Boy… Shocking Finds is almost here… just hours away… to fill that time I am working on a free story and putting together this writing prompt for you… just like yesterday, I will write up a few sentences to go with the pictures… feel free to use for your own inspiration and grow it into your own story… muhahahaha… I’m sure all hallow’s eve would love to have your short…


“You were told! You were warned.”

James froze in place. His hand shook as he slowly reached for the¬†gun at his side. He turned slowly, trying to hide the moments of his hand. “Don’t want no trouble, friend.”

That weird sign about dead bodies already had his nerves on edge. Like he needed to be told not to touch dead bodies, but why would this field be full of corpses.

Finally facing back the way he had entered the large field of cheat grass and boulders, James whipped out his gun and started firing at the body crawling out of the ground.


She had been told about the orphans and their antics. Jessica knew that the girls would try to freak her out, but this was insane. There was no way that the slight females should be able to hang halfway up the walls with no real handholds. That was bad enough, but when they all started humming the same off key turn with perfect synchronicity, Jessica decided to slowly back out of the room. She needed to get out of this job as soon as possible.


The small skeletal creature appeared dead; his humanoid body placed beneath the words that told all that he didn’t deserve his treatment. His body was contorted in the throws of death, but Jim wasn’t stupid. The last guy to rush into that room was lying with glazed eyes beside the body of the sharp fingered corpse. Fingers that had sliced through the throat to the man beside him.


Nick could feel his body beginning to shake. The world was beginning to darken. Wrapping his arms around his torso, Nick did his best to hold his body together, to keep from flying apart. He couldn’t afford to disintegrate in the middle of town square. It was night and no one appeared to be around but how could he be sure?

“No, no, no…”

Beyond his control, his body burst into an invisible cloud of atoms.

Writing Prompt, Oct 24… HORROR

Halloween is right around the corner, so I thought the next few prompts should be Spook inspired.¬†Muhahahaha… A few hours until Shocking Finds comes out, and a writing prompt about HORROR to keep your¬†blood pumping while you wait.

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

Be sure to get your¬†copy of this Electric-fryingly (:P)¬†Paranormal Romance… and add to the Season with a story of your own…¬†peruse¬†this writing prompt and previous prompts, find you inspiration…


*Pinterest is full of stuff like this

For the rest of pictures, I think I will do something a little different from my previous prompts… for each picture I will write out a few sentence of my own… feel free to use them as a base to start your own story… ūüėõ


  1. The suffocating feeling only grew as Jamie forced her way through the trees. She could feel the branches reaching out to stop her in her tracks, scratching along her exposed flesh, grabbing at her unbound hair.
  2. The bushes filled every available escape from the dark. A forest should be full of cotton tailed rabbits and white tailed deer, not demonic bushes swaying and groaning in the wind. “Eep.” Lacey squeaked and whirled around at the feel of grasping hands. Throwing her hand over her mouth, she began to shake as she stood transfixed, staring at the¬†innocent looking¬†bush.


The darkness in her eyes froze Sam in his place. It moved like a rippling lake at midnight, attacking his mind, calling to him. Sam moved across the room, unable to stop. The screams in his mind intensified but never made it from his lips.


Shaking his hands out, Jake did his best not to scream. He didn’t know what the hell was going on but tingling, glowing hands¬†couldn’t be¬†healthy. As the tingling began to itch and burn, Jake forgot about manly silence. “What the hell?” He needed a bucket of water, a block of ice … something to keep his extremities from bursting into flames.


Every slice of his scalpel reveled more and more blood. He needed more towels if he wanted to find what made her tick. At least the screaming had stopped. As much as he enjoyed the sound of a woman’s voice in distress, he needed to concentrate. He needed to find the heart before it was too late. If he couldn’t feel it’s last few beats, then all his hard work would be for nothing. Ruined because this bitch decided to bleed heavier than the others.

Muhahahahaha… Okay, now it’s your turn to let the story flow. ūüėõ Happy Hallow’s Eve… okay, I’m a bit early… but a writer needs to be prepared… Happy Wordage, Tracey

Oct 23 writing prompt… SIGN

For the Oct 23 writing prompt I am going with the word SIGN…


Your character could follow the signs. The easiest way to think of this would be in the real world… we get directions to our chosen destination by following signs. A map may give you an overview of where you want to go, but signs that change mile by mile help to pinpoint where you are going. You could also think of this in a paranormal way. If one part of the room is hotter or colder than the rest, your character could follow the supernatural signs…


ASL… American Sign Language is a form of communication for those with hearing problems… Multiple countries have their own form of sign language… all over the world you can find people that speak with their hands… I really like that last sign, with the hands spelling out ‘live, love, laugh…’


Street signs are used to help drivers… I mean, no one wants to go into a sharp curve at sixty miles an hour… okay, there are some dare devils that find that thrilling, but if your character usually drives normally it would be shocking to have then in a car chase with a punch of signs missing… like a missing ‘one way’ sign could cause all kinds of trouble… and it happens all the time around here… especially around Halloween… teens have a tendency to claim street signs for their bedrooms…


Warning signs could play into your story, especially if you have a character searching for something… they are bound to ignore a warning sign if they believe they are on the right track… muhahahaha… But warning signs could also be more mental/physical… a clenched fist is a warning sign that your character is pissed… either trying to hold back their anger or preparing to throw a punch…


Joke signs are basically decorations… or sarcastic warnings (like a sign that shows a man being eaten by a shark with the words underneath ‘don’t feed the fishes’…


Signed papers… this is where you put your signature on something… it could be a document for the ups guy, so that you can get the package he has brought you… it can be a memento for someone’s birthday or wedding… or even a autographed picture from a celebrity (author, movie star, singer…etc)


And here is my last sign…I should print off this sign for Nov, so that I get my 50K words in… lol


Happy Wordage everyone…. Tracey

Oct 22 writing prompt… BAR


Okay… word warriors… what can you have your characters do with the word BAR… are they going out dancing at a bar, are they fixing a nightcap at their in home mini-bar, or relaxing after a hard day on the road with a drink from the hotel mini-bar…


Or if your character is in jail, it would be ‘behind bars’


you could think of bars in the terms of gymnastics… like the uneven bars, which is two bars… or the single bar, which is supposed to be harder than the uneven bars…


In other sports, there is the polevolting bar… you run with a pole and then try to sling your body into the air and over the polevolting bar…


or ‘raising the bar’ which is a term used in business… usually the boss wants to see who is the best, and will raise the bar by throwing out a particularly hard task/case/assignment…


an easy one to work into your story would be ‘breakfast bar’ because hey, your character have to eat sometime… and it is easy to grab a breakfast bar


and lastly, a type of exercise… and also a different type of raising the bar… lifting weights deals with a lot of different types of bars, usually with weights attached to either end…


alright, no for forth and write greatness… happy wordage, tracey

Oct 21 writing prompt… MAZE


The Oct 21 writing prompt is MAZE… a maze is basically something that you get lost in, with no idea which way to go…


anyone that watched the first Maze Runner, will be able to pull up a visual of a maze in which your characters can get lost in, fight monsters in, and run around looking for the exit… but a maze can be in a house, out in a hedge garden, or any structure really…


or maybe your character is dealing with a mind maze, something that he/she needs to think their way through… their thoughts are going in circles without a clear end in sight…



and if you spell the word a little differently … MAIZE … you get the meaning ‘corn’… sounds the same, but different meanings…


or, hey, you could put the words together… a Maize Maze… which is great for Halloween and haunted mazes… oooo, scary


happy wordage, Tracey… and it looks like we are all caught up… maybe I will do the 22nd prompt now so I don’t fall behind again… write something great word warriors…

Oct 20 writing prompt… BOOK

hmmm… whatever could we use the word book for? I mean, it’s just something that you read, right? Your character could be a voracious reader, always with his/her nose in a BOOK… Hey, they could even be reading my book, Shocking Finds…

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

or one of my favorite writers, your bound to have one or two favorites yourself… but mine would be Karen Chance, Shelly Laurenston, etc…


Or maybe your character is using a book to plan out his/her perfect crime… muhaahhaha… Maybe something from a horror or a mystery…


or maybe your character is having a breakdown, thinks he/she needs to fight for their life… they could picture the world around them coming to life, mirroring the latest Stephen King novel that they read… or some other horror novel great…


then again, maybe you want to focus your story around the word BOOK without dealing with a novel of any kind. Maybe your character is booking a flight, or a cruise… maybe they are booking reservations at the latest hotspot for dinner… you can book all manner of things for vacation or entertainment… you can even book a nail appointment…


Oct 19 writing prompt… SMASHED


The word smashed can mean a variety of things…¬†one way to apply the word, is to food

6dbf8e2a4bcdee71f9eb48e616ff5fce ca9650c4b889fca3cd91d93153e60483

or maybe you can apply it to liquids and drunkenness ….


Smashed can be a part of a drink name, or you can use it as slang for a person that has had too much liquor… Your character can be a chief, or a bartender, or maybe someone that has had one beer too many…

If you want to look at the word smashed without a food or liquid involved, I think of smashing your thumb/finger in a door… I hate when I slam a door on my hand and smash the heck out of my fingers… once I even shut my car door on my thumb, while drinking… so I was smashed when I smashed my thumb in the car door… owwwww…


Happy wordage everyone, only four days left until Shocking Finds is released… woo who… Tracey

NaNoWriMo is coming


If you are jumping on the NaNo writing kick and want to join me as a writing buddy I am signed in under tlclark, for an easier way to find me, click –¬†tlclark¬†… and add me as your buddy… let’s write up a storm…

now that Shocking Finds is on it’s way to publication, I will be working on the second book in my Finder’s Keepers series…

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

I am happy to chat, or brainstorm with anyone needing a little push… if you can’t reach the 50,000 word goal, now that ever word you reach is one more step closer to your finished book being created… and those reaching the finish line will have a number of prizes to enjoy… happy wordage everyone, tracey

Oct 18 writing prompt… FLOWER

The writing prompt for Oct 18th is FLOWER… at first glance, one would think of the plant life


Your character could be a florist or picking up a bouquet for a hot date, send an arrangement of blooms for a sick friend, or picking his/her own from a garden (either a home garden or wildflowers)


But what happens if you just hear the word, instead of seeing it written down… do you think of Flower- plant life, or Flour- baking ingredient??? both words sound the¬†same but their meanings are¬†vastly different… If you think of Flour, you are mixing cakes, baking cookies, making the crust for a pie, or some other oven creation… You also can make gravy,¬†and well… a lot of homemade meals need flour… and a little secret… if you are working with dough/or some other sticky mixture that you are molding by hand, coating your hands in butter helps to keep your fingers from sticking…


or if you are working on an at home kids project you could be making paste, glue, or even playdough… all things that you could have your character doing in their day to day life, while you add in some of the all important dialogue …


all pics from pinterest

Now back to the original word… FLOWER… flowers can be used to decorate not just places but people… you can have your character place flowers in her hair, or a popular tattoo for females is the flower… usually a heart, a butterfly, or a flower on the ankle… delicate and feminine …


and lastly, lets look at the romantic angle… de-FLOWER … this is the love scene, the moment when the woman allows herself to be taken by her lover… it can be emotional, heady, down and dirty, or sweet and loving… usually deflower is reserved for a virgin’s first time…


Now go forth and write… there are two important date coming up… Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) on Oct 26 and Halloween (Day of the Dead,¬†All Saint’s Eve, Samhain, or whichever you observe)¬†¬†at the end of the month…

Happy Wordage, Tracey

A week til release


20151007 Shocking Finds cover

A few hours from now and we will have one week until Shocking Finds release date… I am sooo stoked… Fae assassins, betrayal, out of control powers… all in one place with undeniable attraction… I am very excited for you guys to experience Marin’s world in Shocking Finds… Now I am off to edit some more on the next book in the series… I have learned a lot about Makayla, the amazon bitch Barbie… she definitely has hidden depths, but don’t tell anyone… she likes to be underestimated…

For now, Shocking Finds will be release in both E-book and paperback… if you are interested in the paperback version, let me know and I will direct you to the discounted price (when you buy through me instead of other online sites) … or go on the buy now page and follow the prompts

happy wordage, Tracey

also … getting today’s writing prompt ready to be added to the site

Oct 16 writing Prompt… NAILS

Alrighty… we are half way through October, with more writing prompts to enjoy. For Oct 16 we are working with NAILS

if all if fails you can always make some jewelry…

It could be a gothic theme story/character, or a paranormal theme where jewelry made from cold iron keeps evil Fae at bay… muhahahaha


all pics on pinterest

Nails used to hang signs. Warning signs that your character ignores… but why?? Maybe there are treasures to be had, or innocents to be saved… Or your character could be hanging pictures, which could lead to a hole in the wall or a hammer landing on their thumb…


Then there is the saying, ‘The last nail in¬†my coffin’… the straw that broke the camel’s back, one more mistake that could prove fatal… Plus… coffins are spooky, can house dead – zombies or vampires… or even nice vampires that just like to use them for old times sake…


You can hit the nail on the head. Usually this would mean that your character got it exactly right. It could be a shot in the dark, or even a calculated effort…


You could think of the Quote: If all you have is a hammer, all your problems start looking like nails. You need a different approach to different problems. Don’t let you character be monotonous.


Nails could also mean fingernails. They can damage others in a fight, or elongate into claws/talons, be caked with DNA after a fight or the only place to find signs of a killer.


You character could use nails to build things… Houses, furniture, plant holders, and all done with your trusty nail-gun. You could have a carpenter, a hero boarding up windows to block out evil, or even working with habitat for humanity…


Ooooo… and then there is the evil nail… the hangnail. You character could be manicurist or a perpetual nail biter. Or you could focus on what happens if you bite your nails, what happens if you get bacteria in a cut, usually from biting.


Close-up of a young woman biting her finger nail
Close-up of a young woman biting her finger nail


Okay… that last one was gross. But make your characters real, slip in little bits of information that bring your characters to life. Happy wordage, Tracey

A Thought for October


Check out … Source: A Thought for October¬†and lets create some fire side tales….

A¬†gory buildup for the holiday horror-fest… a prompt a day for October… you guys should check out this link, join in, and see what happens… hopefully I can work a few shorts in during October… maybe I can get you guys a look into Fae history… How did Kyland become a Battle Fae worthy of the Queen’s mission? What lead Anton to open Finder’s Keepers? for that matter… Why does Anton live Earth-side? Will these shorts become guest posts, or will they end up in a freebie column for all to enjoy?? Only time will tell!! This is the best way to celebrate my 35th birthday…



So many choices… the short story (The Hunt)¬†about Marin’s journey to becoming a Finder¬†looks to¬†be coming out as a freebie (for a short time) I love giving gifts, so the best birthday gift I could think of was to offer this chance for you to see into Marin’s life… I don’t know how this will work, but I hope to have it all situated before the¬†Oct 26th release of Shocking Finds…

CD Hersh, Nov 6th. I will be reminding everyone about this particular post closer to November.


CD will be posting buy links for Shocaking Finds, the blurb,¬†and¬†an edited excerpt¬†–¬†on Oct 7th –¬†CD Hersh – but that is just a taste… Nov 6th she will collect all your comments, and one lucky contributor will WIN an Ebook copy of Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel)… Ebook versions are available at multiple site… see Finder’s Keepers Series¬†for a list of buy links…

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A free short (The Hunt) for a limited time, and a chance to WIN Shocking Finds … a paranormal reader feast just in time for All Hallows Eve… muhahahaha

Now for my last Pinterest Findthese coasters just scream haunted theme park.. The month of spooks and goblins is almost here… happy wordage everyone, Tracey