Oct 16 writing Prompt… NAILS

Alrighty… we are half way through October, with more writing prompts to enjoy. For Oct 16 we are working with NAILS

if all if fails you can always make some jewelry…

It could be a gothic theme story/character, or a paranormal theme where jewelry made from cold iron keeps evil Fae at bay… muhahahaha


all pics on pinterest

Nails used to hang signs. Warning signs that your character ignores… but why?? Maybe there are treasures to be had, or innocents to be saved… Or your character could be hanging pictures, which could lead to a hole in the wall or a hammer landing on their thumb…


Then there is the saying, ‘The last nail in my coffin’… the straw that broke the camel’s back, one more mistake that could prove fatal… Plus… coffins are spooky, can house dead – zombies or vampires… or even nice vampires that just like to use them for old times sake…


You can hit the nail on the head. Usually this would mean that your character got it exactly right. It could be a shot in the dark, or even a calculated effort…


You could think of the Quote: If all you have is a hammer, all your problems start looking like nails. You need a different approach to different problems. Don’t let you character be monotonous.


Nails could also mean fingernails. They can damage others in a fight, or elongate into claws/talons, be caked with DNA after a fight or the only place to find signs of a killer.


You character could use nails to build things… Houses, furniture, plant holders, and all done with your trusty nail-gun. You could have a carpenter, a hero boarding up windows to block out evil, or even working with habitat for humanity…


Ooooo… and then there is the evil nail… the hangnail. You character could be manicurist or a perpetual nail biter. Or you could focus on what happens if you bite your nails, what happens if you get bacteria in a cut, usually from biting.


Close-up of a young woman biting her finger nail
Close-up of a young woman biting her finger nail


Okay… that last one was gross. But make your characters real, slip in little bits of information that bring your characters to life. Happy wordage, Tracey

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