4-21-2016 #WritingPrompt – Eyecolor

some of these facts/pictures were just soooo cool I had to share and make today’s writing prompt Eye color… I mean… look at some of these peepers… *now, I suggest, you confirm that all colors are indeed possible… but hey, if one or two turn out to be no gos… you could always write paranormal… oh, wait… I do… muhahahaha… but some of these gene mutations are so rare that less than a dozen people world wide end up with these colors…

this is the one I personally want to look up more info on before I use it in a contemporary… it is almost like the reflectiveness of a cat’s eyes… if this is real, I have one thing to say… how cool… and… what little boy would love this…


I have seen a person with one brown eye and one blue, but never anything like this… very cool… some more beautiful than others… I know that my hazel eyes would be more brown when happy, but turn on the water works and suddenly the green rise to the surface… most people just have to worry about hiding a runny nose and red eyes if they don’t want anyone to know they have been crying… 😛 try lying about your tears when your on eyes are screaming liar, liar, liar…

eyes heterochromia

okay… wow … just wow… *the person that put this on pinterest used a lot of F-bombs… not me peeps* (my character may use the word, but not excessively) anywho… back to the eyes… i would love these eyes… and the byproducts of no saving and what not… i have to say… BEST MUTATION EVER!!!


even eyes that don’t come with a mutation have the potential to be amazing… don’t just have blue eyes… throw you MC some Steel Blue peepers… or branch into the other colors… blue is used a lot to show beauty, but as you can see, each color hides its own gems…


okay… we are ready for our writing prompt from pinterest… i will add that my grandfather had green eyes with red dots (couldn’t find a pic of this) and i always thought his eyes were cool… happy wordage, tracey


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