NaNoWriMo is coming


If you are jumping on the NaNo writing kick and want to join me as a writing buddy I am signed in under tlclark, for an easier way to find me, click – tlclark … and add me as your buddy… let’s write up a storm…

now that Shocking Finds is on it’s way to publication, I will be working on the second book in my Finder’s Keepers series…

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

I am happy to chat, or brainstorm with anyone needing a little push… if you can’t reach the 50,000 word goal, now that ever word you reach is one more step closer to your finished book being created… and those reaching the finish line will have a number of prizes to enjoy… happy wordage everyone, tracey

13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo is coming”

  1. For me, I try to act like every month is NanoWriMo, though I have lower word count goals. Not that it’s a bad month or anything, I just like keeping focused 12 months out of 12 (and sometimes 13 out of 12).
    Speaking of writing, I sent Mary some questions for your blog tour interview. As soon as you get them back, I’ll post them.


    1. hey… it looks like one of the ladies from my blog tour fell through at the last minute… do you know of anyone that would like to help out by sharing a guest post on their site???


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