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Oct 15 writing prompt.. CELEBRATE

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Celebrate my birthday and get writing on your next book

Woo who… happy birthday to me… use these writing prompts for the word Celebrate, and see what you can come up with… is your character having a birthday like I am… or did they graduate from college or high school…. or maybe they are celebrating a wedding anniversary??? maybe they are going out for drinks and dancing, just celebrating life… or a new job, or scientific discovery…. there is so much to celebrate in life… take a moment in you own life and celebrate… and let you characters celebrate their own lives as well…


Kids usually have the best celebrations, but why?? they get gifts that are thought out and exciting… I still remember the book my mother had made for me… she used the kids book “the fox and the hound” and had my name and a friends name, Kevin, placed in the book… it made the gift about me, made it special and created a lasting memory or me to hold on to for the rest of my life…


but even adults can spice up a party and make the celebration memorable


balloons are always a good way to fill the air with excitement


Don’t forget a sweet of some kind… an offering of food that makes you or your character smile… for my celebration, I am going to red lobster and a movie… I love the coconut shrimp with pina colada sause… yummm

Maybe some ice cream cake if I don’t explode from all the other food… 馃槢


For a more musical party, put on your dancing shoes (always a pain for the toes and the arches), go to a bar with great music and foamy drinks, or stay home and turn up the radio, and fix your own fun drinks…


or maybe an artistic party of some kind…


Kids or adults, you could have an outside/night time celebration… a dance party, a glow in the dark sit down dinner, or maybe a pig roast… ymmm… now I’m hungry….

but my celebration will go along in a calm and cool manner, with my mother and great food, and then latter that night I will open up one of my favorite books… books have the ability to pull you in and take you places… both dark and joyous… happy wordage, create something for readers to escape into… Tracey


Oct 14 writing prompt… DEMONS


Muhahahaha… Demons… what can we get from this writing prompt??? Our character are only human, no matter if they come from a land of spirits, live in the countryside, or inhabit the body of a dragon… they are only human because we are oh so human and we have brought them to life… even if they are demon, they are only human… (hey, humans have demon like behaviors, it doesn’t just come from the supernatural, just as Charles Manson)

But back to the writing prompt side of the word demons… the first look into this word is very physical…


think of very physical beings… ones that come from a place of evil, entering our world to do harm… they could slip through a portal, or be summoned by the na茂ve, or the insane (or maybe a witch or wizard wanting answers from the demon realm)


large or small, demons can affect your characters life… does your character need to face this demon for answers, or to save the day?? did this demon seek out your character or did you character go looking for trouble… or hey…. maybe your character is the demon… but are they the bad guy??


Your demon could fall in love… or maybe the demon is caged and mistreated because of evil human behavior… humans tend to lash out when they don’t understand something… a very human looking demon can be attacked by humans because of horns or a tail, or maybe they have a power that the humans feel threatened by… reverse the roles of society… the humans can be the evil villain that the demon needs to defeat, or escape from…


or maybe one of your character got replaced by a demon… one that could look exactly like the character they are trying to replace… but you can never replicate another person’s day to day actions and thought patterns… and then there are the changeling demons… that is where a demon replaces a child with one of there own… either to have their child raised by a human/powerful paranormal family, or because they want to get their hands on a human baby… in some instances the changeling isn’t real, just a mystical replica to fool the true parents of the child they stole…


or maybe your character is possessed by a demon… oooo, that is so not good… 馃槢


but my favorite is the idea that you are being attacked by your own thoughts, your own demons… this one can work for the paranormal world and the contemporary world… just because you character looks in control, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t being torn apart by screams and rage, longing and despair… what are their inner demons… can these thoughts/these demons bring your character to their knees… how can they fight something that is in their mind, that was created by their own actions, their own pain….


go forth, trust your inner madness, your demons, and create some thing great

happy wordage, Tracey

Mystery… muhahahaha

No pictures this time.. I am working on some art projects to add to a mystery box… this is fun, and I cant wait to show everyone… I love creating, no matter if the final product is in word, paint, or mystery material… muhahaha… what are you guys doing for October???

Okay… how about some older art pictures… no peaking at the new stuff, but a look back in the past we can do… What do you guys like to create??

IMG_0295photo 1

bob ross rocks
bob ross rocks
for grandma
for grandma

Lots of art in this house… and of course that includes writing… Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) can be yours on Oct 26 in either e-book or paperback…

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Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) will be released Oct 26… let the fun begin

oct 13 writing prompt… PUGNACIOUS

Pugnacious: Adjective…

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight:

“the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians”


lol… Okay… so this word doesn’t really have anything to do with pugs, but I do think of them when I say it… I mean, I guess pugnacious could describe their disdain for rules… if I tell Moe-moe to go outside, he will just lie there staring at me… or my favorite… he will come within a foot of my outstretched arm and then sit down… clearly say ‘nope, this is are far as I go, woman’… grrr… they are rotten by they make me smile… okay, back to our word of the day…

synonyms: combativeaggressiveantagonisticbelligerentbellicose

obviously politicians best fit this definition… but what if you character doesn’t have anything to do with politics… can the word pugnacious still inspire you to come up with a few chapters??? that is the wonderful thing about the English language… most word come with some many different uses and points of view… frankly, when I think of the pugnacious, I think ‘doggedly’… like a dog with a bone, the character just won’t let it聽go… it could be an argument, a hunt for the villain, or a mission to acquire love… Alpha males always have some form of a pugnacious attitude… they fight for what they want…
animals are the picture of warlike/pugnacious… always defining strength with the one that comes out on top during a fight… same goes for humans… whether physical,聽mental, or聽magical, someone has to be the force that everyone looks to for answers聽… what basic instinct shine through in your character… no matter you work with contemporary or paranormal or history or etc… we all need that character with the take charge attitude… a book full of followers would lead no where….
think of your character during a sporting event… anyone that has watched or participated in a sport knows that competitive, warlike, quarrelsome… basically all the synonyms for pugnacious hold true… you zone out, forget the crowd, and focus on getting the ball, making the touchdown, gain home base… sporting events can be very intense…
and lastly, I just loved this pinterest picture… this little girl is ready to take on the world… ready to debate and get her way, make you see that she is right, and fight for her place at the top of the pack… definitely the best pugnacious picture out there… 馃槢 now go forth and write… happy wordage everyone, Tracey

Oct 12 writing prompt… WIRE


Okay… the writing prompt for oct 12 is wire… I chose to think of it as ‘down to the wire’ which is usually meant as ‘last minute’… a last minute decision in a race, or finishing a project last minute… your character could be in a race of some kind, or rushing to do a job before the bad guys kill their loved ones… and just makes it under the wire…


or your character could be doing some circus act, walking a tight rope aka a wire, or doing some other death defying stunt… which brings me to ‘wired’ or on drugs… because the guy in the above picture has to be hopped up on something …


But it doesn’t have to be some hardcore drug in order for your character to be wired… they could be overdoing the caffeine… or, you know, a cat dipping into the catnip…


Or you could be writing some police story where you need a wire tap… aka,聽tapping someone’s phone… who knows what your character may hear…


And lastly… arts and crafts for you character… if they have some left over chicken wire from that fence/chicken coop they needed to put up, they can make a decorative聽frame to string up pictures and other crafts… or use fishing wire to bead together a necklace or bracelet… or just go fishing… or string up some wire to hang photos while they dry when the character is developing his own… some many聽WIRE activities to pic from… have some fun and write some words…

happy wordage, Tracey

Oct 11 prompt… Cat


For Oct 11 the writing prompt is all things catty… muhahaha…. I just love my Dracula kitty shirt… not sure what you could use it to inspire, maybe a story about dracula’s mom and how she depicts the typical ‘cat lady’…


hey… don’t knock it… I may be mostly a pug lady, but even I have a cat…

Gizmo/my baby boy
Gizmo/my baby boy

Who knows… maybe your character goes by Kat… or Kitty… hey… they could be a shapeshifter…. and their animal form could be one of the large cats


Or your character could be stuck in the mountains, face to face with a wild cat… hopefully not a momma trying to protect her kit… unless you are writing a death scene… or packing a gun and don’t mind leaving a kit motherless… hey, bambi turned out okay… muhahahahaha


I even read Yasmine Galenorm’s story where one of her Main Characters started off accidentally turning into a regular house cat when they were upset… that is a cool story line… with a lot of room to grow… but you could also think of Stephen Kings take on the matter of Cats… even a house cat is a carnivore…. and will eat you if they can… muhahahahaha


have fun and happy wordage, Tracey

OOOO … and don’t forget CATscan… medical procedure…

Oct 10 writing prompt… DESIGNS

muhahahaha…. we are a third of the way through October… a little over two weeks and

Shocking Finds will be release…

20151007 Shocking Finds cover

For now lets focus on our writing prompts… Oct10th prompt is DESIGNS


The word Designs means art project to me, but it also can me so much more… To have designs on someone means that you covet them, want to make them your own. Usually you have designs on their virtue.聽This could work for a character, well any character. A vampire could have designs on his next victim, or in the hopeful paranormal, he could have designs on the one woman that is meant for him… the one woman that can repair his damaged soul… the聽one woman that fate has destined to be his mate.

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Contemporary writings can also have characters with designs on a lover… I’m sure there are more ways to have designs on something… a cowboy with designs on a piece of land, a oil tycoon with designs on a prospect… hmmm…


heck… I’m having designs on a few of these lovelies

yummy *borrowed

On the art side of the word designs, you can think up all kinds of things that people can design… oil painting, dinner parties, itineraries… Orrrr… you could go bigger… your character can design houses, hidey holes behind book cases, dream libraries
Your main character could work outdoors with nature designing garden layouts, working on the beauty of trees, bushes, and flowers in the front yard. Or maybe design a time table for vegetable gardens… they need to make sure one plot of land isn’t used too often, and there by going fallow…
I’m sure there are a million other uses for the word design, but I will stop with just one more… Clothing designs… Your character could be a model walking the runway, showing off the latest fashion… or maybe a highly sot after designer, creating the fashions that stars fight over…
I’m not sure which area to focus on this time… I hope you enjoy the pinterest pictures above, and find some inspiration for you next story… happy wordage everyone, Tracey

Tranfer…prompt answer

This is the answer if came up with to wrap up my short story… I used the writing prompt TRANSFER … if you want to check out the writing prompt and all the pictures that go along with the word TRANSFER, click HERE聽*remember, this has not been edited…


here is my ending…

Sam woke up being poked and prodded from in the back of an ambulance. Fingers covered in latex, or some other rubbery protective substance, gloves lightly pressed on her check bones. Sam winced. Why did her head feel like it had a pulse; why couldn鈥檛 she remember what had happened? And why couldn鈥檛 she remember if med-techs used latex gloves?

Sam slapped the annoying hand away from her head and glanced around for a box full of gloves. There had to be a label.

“Detective… do you know where you are?”

The ambulance felt like it was rocking, wanting to spin. Sam shut her eyes but the world kept moving. “In an ambulance?” She cracked her eyes open and glanced out the open back doors. The added sensory input had bile climbing up her throat. When was the last time she ate?

“I鈥檓 Kate, and I鈥檓 here to help. You took quite a hit to the head. We need to get to you the hospital for x-rays.” The paramedic reached for her head again, causing Sam to jerk away. Which didn鈥檛 help the spinning. She needed to lie down for a few days. With no touching.

Kate held her hands up and backed up a little, moving to check vitals or something. Sam didn鈥檛 care, as long as the woman stayed away from her head. After a few seconds, or what felt like days, Kate moved closer. This time she wielded a pen light. “Can you tell me your name? How you were injured?”

Sam had opened her mouth to respond. Okay, she was about to take that light and see if Kate could swallow it. The words, Listen Bitch, were on the tip of Sam鈥檚 tongue when Nick the annoying hillbilly cop from Ohio stuck his gorgeous head around the back door. They really needed to close those things. If it was between a trip to the hospital and Nick, she picked the former.

“Hey Sammykins. How鈥檚 the head?”

“That is not my name.” See she knew something about herself.

Kate reached for her head again. “That鈥檚 good. Why don鈥檛 you tell me what your name is?”

Sam grimaced and managed to grab that evil hand before it could start pushing on ever sore spot it could find. What … was this woman a sadist?

“My name is Detective Sam Cass, and I鈥檓 out of here.”

Nick got his healing crystal out of his pouch. Reaching out to pat Sam鈥檚 ankle, the only part of her he could reach, he sent a small amount of healing energy into her body. He was starting to worry that maybe he had hit her a little too hard.

Captain Yu was already on the scene and he was pissed. The man was stomping around barking out orders, busting detectives down to mall cops, and demanding to see Sam. Yu had already confiscated Nick鈥檚 weapon because he and the kids had all reported the same thing. It was an officer involved shooting. You could tell that Yu didn鈥檛 believe a word of it. That just proved that the man wasn鈥檛 stupid.

Nick鈥檚 phone rang. He pulled it out as he heard Yu forcing one of the kids to repeat their story. “He said we were swimming out to a boat. If I didn鈥檛 follow him he would kill my momma. He said so.”

Nick turned his back so he would lose it and start laughing as the kid broke out in crocodile tears. Not bothering to check the caller ID, Nick hit answer and put the phone to his ear.

“What the hell, Nick? I send you to find some lost kids. There were just as many vampire younglings as there were cubs.”

Nick pulled the phone away from his ear and check the ID. It simply read Ohio PD, but that didn鈥檛 help. He knew that voice. “Nubin? What are you doing at the PD? And I thought the Chief demanded my assistance…”

“I am an Elder on the Council. There have been a number of sites cropping up. Kids disappearing all over the place. I chose you to handle this one. So why do I just spend half an hour fighting with the Chief of Police? Anders is a damn shifter, of all things.”

“I don鈥檛 know Sir.” And Nick didn鈥檛. Nubin was so high up in the Supe community that he was rarely seen, and he diffidently didn鈥檛 spend an hour fighting with someone he considered a lower species. He occasionally threw down orders, and others followed.

“I鈥檒l tell you why. Because you screwed up. Anders now has to allow this human, this Samantha Cass, to be transferred to his precinct. Because you exposed Cass to Karma, and now she is demanding that we allow the transfer.”

Nubin did something on his end of the phone that caused a crash to reverberate along the connection, ringing in his ears. Nick jerked the phone away from his head. He could hear Nubin ranting through the phone. But he could also hear Sam. She was no longer bitching about going to the hospital.

Sam was stumbling out of the back of the ambulance, one hand to her head and the other on the ambulance door. “What do you mean transfer? And what the hell do you mean I don鈥檛 have a choice of destination?”

Her body was shaking, which was probably only partly due to her anger. He needed to sent a little more healing into her body.

“Nickolas!” Damn. He had forgotten about Nubin.

“Yes, Sir.” If Nick didn鈥檛 pay more attention, he was going to find himself transferred as well. Transferred to a place a whole lot worse than Ohio. The Lower Reaches made Ohio look like a well ordered metropolitan area, one without crime or politics.

“Oh, nothing. I just informed you that Ms. Cass will be accompanying you back and you will be in charge of keeping an eye on her. A human shouldn鈥檛 be able to figure out or see through our magic. But Karma demanded that we leave her alive, and that we bring her closer so that we can make sure she doesn鈥檛 find out about our world. And when she does, that is when you will erase her mind.”

“Sir?” Nick didn鈥檛 understand. They didn鈥檛 run around killing every human or Norm that managed to see the secrets they tried to hide, but it did happen. Why bring Sam closer, bring her to their national headquarters? But … “Why Ohio? Why stick her with the shifters if you want me to keep an eye on her?” Wouldn鈥檛 it be better to find her a job on the West Virginia side of the tri-state, closer to the vampire headquarters and where he lived.

“Nope.” Nubin gave a deep laugh, a laugh that Nick felt held some kind of threat. “If you want answers, I suggest you as Karma. But for now you will be running a gym a few miles from the precinct and watching your little human.” With one finally laugh, Nubin hung up.

Nick just stood there, his arms dropping to his side. He watched Sam attempting to storm away from her now former Captain, and pinched the bridge of his nose. His very long life had just taken a very dangerous turn.

He ran to catch up with his new charge. He needed to keep a close eye on her from now one. If she saw too much, eventually it would mean one or both of their lives. Grabbing her supple arm to escort her to the car, he sent more healing her way and allowed his thumb to run back and forth alone her smooth skin. A grin crooked his lips. It would be dangerous, but if he could control what she saw, what she remembered, maybe she could help them in their fight against he Danshue. Besides… watching her work, her body moving with grace, wasn鈥檛 exactly a hardship.

“Drop my arm, or lose a nut.”

Nick throw his head back and laughed, but he also dropped her arm. This was going to be dangerous and entertaining. Definitely entertaining.


Happy wordage everyone… hope you are having fun, Tracey

Oct 9 writing Prompt… TRANSFER

The property in the goods is said, to be transferred from the seller to the buyer


For Oct 9 the writing prompt word is TRANSFER. Basically moving something (a good, a service, a person, an occupation, anything really) from one place to another. Food can be transferred to the buyer… all they have to do is fork over some money. But what happens when you want to sell your food/product on the other side of the country/the other side of the world? You pack up your product/food into a truck or a plane, a boat or a train and then TRANSFER your product/food to a different location. There are a lot of people your character could encounter, if they are the ones moving the goods from one place to another. Or maybe your character needs someone to move something for them. Call a U-Haul service to transfer/move their belongings to a new location when they decide to change houses.


Or you could think of the transfer of a fake tattoo onto your skin. Your character could need to disguise him-/herself or go undercover. Tattoo be very helpful.


There are all kinds of art projects that require some form of transfer. You transfer paint to a canvas, rocks to a decorative wall or rock garden, beads onto a string. But my favorite transfer is of pictures onto an object. You can put them on stone, wood, t-shirts. You can make lasting mementos, clothing, furniture… the possibilities are endless.


Or maybe your character is more into music than visual arts. Downloading music … your character can transfer music from the internet to a storage device. Who knows, your character could fall in love with a musician. Or maybe they are the musician, and someone is illegally downloading his/her music.


oooo… or your character could be a super alpha male, with a job in the police or military. Dang… I could really keep adding different transfer situations to this post all day. Cowboys in the old west transferring livestock across the country, a job transfer that forces your hero to move across the country, across the world. Even magical characters have transfers… they have the normal everyday transfers just like humans and Norms, but think of the spells and magical tattoos, or the spell ingredients transferred to a potion mixture. Or a transport or a portal… a way to move physical matter from one place to another. muhahahaha…

47021721d6930c7067d3f94187917e30 d38a9a0cdee7f7a1072e9c61abfc9563

In a more mundane setting, the transfer of psychical matter could be the transfer of a prisoner or a slave. Is your character and undercover agent in prison being moved to a new jail in order to get close to his target, or is he the villain being transfer… he could break out and cause all kinds of havoc. And the idea of slave auctions will always be a part of history and everyday horror storie


Handsome executive working on Laptop.

I think I will use this prompt to do a little bit more on my short story. A kind of wrap up that will move Sam (transfer her) to Ohio so she can have full length novels with Nick. 馃槢 I like it. Now make up your own story and feel free to post a link in the comment section… I would love to see what everyone comes up with. Happy wordage, Tracey

Gaze… Prompt answer

wow… this one took a little longer than the others… but I have reached the end of my short story… I may add a wrap up post/prompt … but here is the end of the short story using the prompt GAZE … if you missed the post containing the writing prompt GAZE and the corresponding pictures just click HERE


“What the hell was that? Since when do women, rather short and hairy cinnamon colored women, live in bushes? And what kind of name is Karma? Is that supposed to mean- Hey… stop pushing.” Sam tried to resist as Nick shoved her into the passenger seat. But the man was tall and built of pure muscle. Even though he appeared lean, his effortless movements as he placed her in the car spoke of bulk and hours in the gym.

Sam found herself seated with the car door slamming into her face. She heard the click of the locks as she reached for the door handle. Nick crossed to the driver鈥檚 side, dangling the key fob. The taunting bastard. As his hand reached for the door, she remembered she could hear Karma as she slammed her staff into Nick鈥檚 shin. Vampire? Human? No one ran around refusing to talk in front of humans.

She lunged for his door lock, but it was too late. Slamming back against her own door, Sam frantically searched for the lock. A lock that refused to move. “Damn, damn, damn.”

“Oh, calm down, Sammykins. I鈥檓 not hungry.”

“That isn鈥檛 funny. You can鈥檛 be a vampire. You can鈥檛.” Sam knew that her voice was rising and her hands were shaking, but some things couldn鈥檛 be helped. Her job lead her around in weird circles already. Did there really have to be vampires too?

Nick could see that Sam was ready to punch him in the face. She had started out frantic, eager to throw herself from the car. Now she wanted to beat him into changing his mind, into admitting that vampires didn鈥檛 exist. Sure. Technically he should have down just that, and then wiped the entire evening from her mind, but that wouldn鈥檛 be nearly as exciting. Nick wanted to see this case through, see what Sam would do with the information. He could always erase her mind later.

“Look. I am called a vampire sometimes, but prefer the term Shade. My genetics are shades of many different species of supernatural beings. Supes can be just as cruel as any other species.”

Nick feel silent as he started the car. Watching the tree fly by as he made his way out of the small forested area, he waited for Sam to make up her mind.

“Fine. Call yourself anything you want. If you can help me find this kid, we will just overlook your … life status.” Sam sat with her arms crossed, steadfastly looking out the window. Shaking her head, Sam demanded, “Where to know?”

“It needs to be somewhere that a human could contain magical children. They may not have control of their gifts, but that doesn鈥檛 mean that they鈥檙e helpless. Some kids get their gifts sooner than others, and all children are affected by intense emotion. If anything could bring on a power surge, surely being kidnaped would do it.”

“I鈥檓 going to overlook the fact that you are talking about true magic, not just heightened emotions or something small. Where exactly would you hold a lemur if you wanted complete control?”

Nick slammed his hands against the steering wheel. “That is the problem. The children that have been taken have all been out of the Earth Fae or Shifter clans. Both pull energy from the earth. The earth is everywhere.”

“Well… not everywhere.”

Nick glanced at Sam and then turned back to the road, preparing to get on the highway. She had a smirk on her lips. “Spill Sam. What is running through that beautiful mind of yours?”

“We happen to be on the coast. The way I see it, we are at the end of the earth, on the edge of the water.”

Nick slammed on the brakes, skidding to the side of the road. “Oh dear, Lac Mar. It鈥檚 like the Goddess sent me to this area just to find you.”

“Lac Mar?”

Nick pulled out his phone. “She is our Goddess, but that isn鈥檛 important now. You just found the biggest lead of all.”

Sam followed close as Nick snuck along the docks. They were wearing wet suits for craps sake, and creeping through the moonlight. The plan, one she was having more and more reservations about with each step, was to slip off the end of the dock and scuba dive down to the bottom of the shark infested waters. She wasn鈥檛 stupid. People spent the day fishing and throwing unwanted bait over the sides of the dock. Add in the fact that sharks follow the scent of blood, and you had an open buffet with only two idiotic scuba divers still moving.


“Look, Sam, this is the only way. Do you want to save your victim or not?”

“Yes,” Sam hissed.

Nick stopped at the end of the dock, and without another word he put his air regulator in his mouth and slipped over the side, leaving Sam to follow or be left behind. “Bastard.” Popping her regulator in her mouth, she forced herself after the crazy man.

The water felt freeing, lifting all her weight. But the further they went out to sea and the deeper they got, the more pressure she could feel pressing alone her body. She followed Nick, and the light he, that is until the light disappeared. Sam was beginning to freak out when something touched her hand, causing her to scream. Losing her regulator and the air in her lungs. Nick鈥檚 mouth was suddenly on hers, somehow giving her oxygen. It was a good kiss, but so not the time. No more than a second or two had passed when Sam realized that the pressure had disappeared.

They were floating through the water, wrapped around each other, in an impossible air bubble. “Okay. Now this is impressive.”

Nick gave a masculine chuckle, his tone echoing around their small bubble. “There鈥檚 more where that came from.” He pulled her close and kissed her enough to cause her toes to curl. He had his defined body pressed close, impossibly close. When he pulled away, they were both breathing heavily. “Now let鈥檚 go save some kids. Just hold my hand and kick strongly with your legs. We鈥檙e going to follow that light.”

“What light? You鈥檝e already turned it off.” Sam glanced around by all she saw was inky black water.

“Not to worry, Sammykins, my eye sight is a hundred times more enhanced than yours. A little further to the east, and you鈥檒l be able to see the lights.”

Sam held tightly to Nick鈥檚 hand, but her legs began to slow as she spotted the underwater base. What type of kidnapper decided that hiding beneath the sea was the course of action. Nick tugged on her hand, reminding her to swim faster. The closer they got the weirder things go. Down near the bottom of the hideout, Sam spotted an opening; one that stood free of water as if a bubble similar to the one she was encased in had filled the doorway.

Nick took some kind of stone from the pouch at his side. He waved the stone through the water, and used his other hand to propel her through the opening.

Sam landed in a heap, the wind knocked from her lungs. Then Nick landed on her back, keeping her lung from inflating. Slamming her elbow backward, she got Nick鈥檚 attention. Either than or using her as a body pillow wasn鈥檛 comfortable to him any more than it was for her.

He opened his pouch and pulled out one of the print casts.

Sam punched his side, and hissed, “What the hell? That鈥檚 evidence.”

Nick slapped his free hand over her mouth and placed his mouth against her ears. “I need the DNA left in the print. With this stone, we should be able to be able to find the owner of the print. That鈥檚 if we鈥檙e in the right place. You have to be extremely close to use this spell.”

Sam took a step back, her arms crossed, but kept her mouth shut. He was right. They didn鈥檛 know where the bad guys were. If they were in the right place, the bad guys could be around any corner.

She watched as the rock started to glow. Then Nick had her hand in a death grip as he started creeping down the halls of the underwater prison. She had to assume that following the glowing rock meant that they were in the right place. They would either find a few missing kids, or they would die trying.

They crept from hallway to hallway, passing doorways and empty rooms. After about ten minute, Sam was starting to think that the entire place was empty. Large and empty. Then she saw something that had her jerking to a stop. When Nick glanced back, one eyebrow raised; she pointed into the room they were stopped beside. Pulling Nick along, she moved close to the security monitors lining the back wall.

The source of the empty halls was easy to pinpoint. Sam could see dozens of men and woman dressed in guard uniforms hooting and hollering at a big screen TV in a monitor labeled b-12. There were labs and bedrooms, restrooms and food areas… all with their own label. But no kids. That鈥檚 when Nick pointed to two black-screened monitors labeled research.

It was worth a shot, the guards were occupied for now. But… “Where do you think research is?” she hissed. Nick merely held up the rock and print cast combo. They were about to leave when they saw a man coming out of a bathroom stall, doing up his fly, and heading for the door. Sam barely had time to think, Euwww gross, wash your hands, when she found herself in Nick鈥檚 arms and flying out of the room. Her stomach was dropping and her heart was in her throat when they finally stopped moving. She glanced around their hiding area; she could hear the guard from the bathroom whistling as he came closer.

Nick quietly put her on her feet and pulled a packet of blue powder from his pouch. Leaning around the corner, he threw the pouch and an instant latter she heard a body hit the floor. She watched as Nick went and shoved the man into the control room, and quietly shut the door.

Nick stopped in front of two heavily locked doors. Dropping Sam鈥檚 hand he riffled through his pouch, but what he had on him wasn鈥檛 about to open those doors quietly. He glanced back the way they had come, back toward the control room showing armed guards having a good time. Armed being the key word.

A small scrapping noise brought his attention back to the locked doors, to find Sam kneeling with her hands up. Doing a quick three sixty, he checked for any enemies coming their way and found nothing. When he looked back, her hands were down but she was still just kneeling there. “What are you doing?” he hissed.

Without another word, she lifted thin metal rods and then started digging inside the locks with them. Nick knew what she was doing now, but he had never bothered to learn how to pick locks. Why bother when you had magic? Humans really were helpless. He was about to pull his explosion charm from his pouch when he heard the first lock give. Just three more to go on this door, and four on the other.

Sam was amazed at how quiet the children were as they made their way back to the opening at the bottom of the underwater base. They were watchful, quiet, and unhurried. They followed Nick鈥檚 signals and stuck to the wall, waiting in silence as Nick retrieved the unconscious guard from the control room.

The kids were better than a well oiled special ops squad. Sam was impressed; impressed and a little freaked out. Sam was about to ask what was going on when the kids formed a line and linked hands, the last one take hold of Sam鈥檚 hand. Nick laid one of his rocks on the floor, and then moved to the front of the line of kids. As he balanced the guard on one shoulder and leaned over to take the first kid鈥檚 hand, Sam felt the air bubble from earlier wrap around her body. She could see the wavering air bubble flowing over al the children and Nick.

Then she felt a tug and watched as Nick moved forward. She followed the tugs on her hand. They left they same way they had entered. Only this time, no one had fins to help swim. Somehow, Nick pulled them slowly upward and toward the shore. The water was just as black, just as frightening.

As they made it to the sand, Sam fell to her knees. She was thinking about actually kissing the sandy shore when an explosion went off in the water. Sam had just whipped around, searching the water, when a gun shot reverberated through the air.

She was starting to feel dizzy as she jerked back to Nick and the children, she saw the unconscious guard dressed in a wet suit falling to the sand, gun in hand and a gapping hole over his heart. “What did you do?” Unconscious men didn鈥檛 just decide to change clothes and start shot-outs.

Nick slipped his gun back into his pouch, the children followed his nod and calmly sat down on the sand, and Sam could only shake her head.

“Sam… let me explain.”

She glared into his eyes. She opened her mouth to rant, wanting to beat against his chest, demand answers. But she couldn鈥檛 scream, she could move. She could only stare into his eyes as they got closer and closer.

Nick bent close. Lightly smoothing Sam鈥檚 hair behind her ear, and whispered, “Don鈥檛 worry, Sammykins. You won鈥檛 remember a thing.” Focusing his hypnotic gaze, Nick erased everything from the last day and a half. “Sorry Sam.”

He needed a reason for Sam to have lost her memory. He didn鈥檛 have the magic to do this to do this the easy way. There was only one way to give Sam a concussion. He slammed his fist into her jaw, moving quickly to catch her before she could fall to the ground. Lying her crumpled on the sand, a clear sign that she had been attacked, Nick moved to sit in front of the children. They needed a plan, a story. They had to keep the humans and the Norms of the world in the dark. Keeping their secret was the number one Law. Queens Law. One way or another, Nick vowed to protect Sam and keep their secret at the same time.

Oct 8… writing prompt GAZE

Okay… this is day eight and our writing Prompt is GAZE…


Star gaze… dream of other worlds, wonder what else is in the universe, wish on a shooting star, be inspired to go out into the world and find something bigger than the one you live… this isn’t the one I will be using, but I thought it perfectly described writers the world over… we are dreamers, no matter if the world we build take us beyond the stars or down into the distant past…. we can envision shape-shifters, heroic cowboys, villains that the reader loves to hate, or just your run of the mill Fae Princess … we all star gaze in our own way!


Then there is the all important lover’s gaze… or you could gaze around the room, or give you gaze some other emotion… a hardened gave, a softened gaze, a narrowed gaze… how exactly is your character looking at the world and the people around him/her…


What exactly are their eyes doing??


They can gaze out of a window… daydreaming, searching for a sign, waiting to see a lover’s approach?? Orrr…. for you horror fans… they can be gazing up out of the open grave they woke up in… muhahahaha


Your character could also be gazing into a crystal ball or a haunted mirror… they can gaze at the horizon, or into the depths of a lake… how exactly to you want your story to unfold… each word, each thought, each prompt holds a multitude of possibility…


For me, I will use gazing deep into someone’s soul… a hypnotic gaze… I’m not sure if the little girl is trying to hypnotize the horse or vice versa… 馃槢 thankfully, I will be using Sam and Nick, and as far as I know neither one is a horse… lol… I’m sure they will tell me if I’m wrong… happy wordage, and enjoy today’s prompt… and check back later for my wrap up to the current聽 short story… tracey


sooo… I thought this would bring my short story to a close but the MC informed me that she needs one more section to wrap things up… we will see if she lets me stop at that… the voice may end up turning this into a novelette… 馃槢 if you missed the writing prompt for the word SHACK click HERE聽… and now enjoy the next part of my short story…


Sam didn鈥檛 really know how she ended up being driven out to the local wild preserve, a silent Nick at the wheel. It usually took her more than a day to alienate her co-workers. But what did the Captain want her to do? She was know for following her gut, and her gut told her that those lemur tracks were important to the case.

“Shake it off, Sammykins.”

Sam had difficulty unclenching her jaw. Who the hell was this guy? “There is no shaking it off. I don鈥檛 ask for the weird and unexplained to follow me to work, but it always leads somewhere. I don鈥檛 care it you believe me. Those tracks-”

“Whoa there, slow it down. I never said I that I doubted you hunch. I just want to ask someone with a little more knowledge on animal tracks than a cop with a furry foot fetish.”

Sam stared at Nick, his concentration on the road. The man looked completely serious. “Are you saying I have an animal … I don鈥檛 even know what to call it. Besides, I grew up running through the forest a lot. Never went to the beach if I could help it.”

“Get forced to go on beach vacations a lot? Most people call that good fortune.”

“What鈥檚 good about itchy, scratchy sand particles finding their way into your mouth, your hair, and managing to slip beneath skin tight bathing suits. I mean… who wants a crotch full of sand? And an hour in the sun and you have this sticky film covering your skin.”

“Then why go?”

Sam didn鈥檛 want to talk about her youth, she wanted answers of her own. “It was mandatory. Now tell me why you offered to Mastins鈥檚 place when he started bitching to the Captain? I don鈥檛 need charity. I know I鈥檓 right. And if you-”

“Again, slow down with the accusations. I wanted to stick with the only person coming up with leads. Weird or not, any lead is better than none.”

“Okay. And where exactly is this expert of yours?” The car began to slow as Nick went around a sharp curve. Pulling to a complete stop, Nick got out without answering. But really, why bother. They had apparently arrived. Sam jumped out of the car and ran after him. “What the hell is that?”

Nick walked up to the two foot shack barely visible in the side of one of the trees, and knocked loudly. “This is our experts home. So be nice.”

Sam could feel her face beginning to burn in anger. Nick was just like the rest of them. Games and tricks… let鈥檚 make fun of the weirdo with whacked out theories. What a crock? Sam had turned back to the car, fully prepared to hot wire the car and leave his ass. Hopefully an accommodating alligator would come along and eat the bastard.

Sam had started to walk away when she was jerked to a halt by a quiet musical voice. Whipping around she watched a small woman poke her head out of the two foot door. The smell of fresh backed cookies came wafting out of the cracked door. The woman seemed to be bending over to look outside, as if she was taller than her door. What the hell was going on here?

Nick knew he should have left Sam behind at the station; allowing humans to gain secrets about the supernatural world never worked out well for his kind. Humans were a blood thirsty lot, always ready to start the next cleansing. Witch trials killed innocent humans and weaker Supes, but just because they were weaker didn鈥檛 mean that the beings killed by the hate and fear of humans were any less needed for the survival of both species. By all rights, Nick should wipe Sam鈥檚 mind now and send her on her way.

Before he could finish that thought, the Brownie Elder popped in front of him moving to face to see how it happened. He could feel the magic, but didn鈥檛 know exactly how it worked. Karma was one of the first Brownies to be given the post as ambassador to the Fates.

Karma spoke fast, her agitation clear as she materialized a staff and repeatedly slammed it into his shins as she ranted. “What you do? What you do? No human, vampire. It is law. Queen鈥檚 Law. You be staked to the land for the vultures, you be thrown to the Lower Realms, you be-”


“I tell the Fates. They have your house thrown into-”


“What you say for your self?”

Nick glanced over at a silent Sam. She stood there, her arms hanging limp and her jaw dropped. Turning back to Karma, he whispered, “She can see you.”

Karma jerked back as if burned. Then cocking her head, she slowly approached Sam and began looking her over. Sam closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes as she watched the Brownie, always keeping her in sight, as Karma circled.

Karma reached out and poked Sam鈥檚 side, then continued moving on to examine a different area. Sam had obviously had had enough. When Karma moved to poke her other side, Sam slapped her hand away. “What the hell? Stop all the poking and explain what just happened.”

Instead of answering, Karma threw her head back and started to cackle. This wasn鈥檛 just some belly laugh, it was a full fledged cackle. Karma was enjoying something a little too much.

Sobering, Karma wiped a tear from her eye and allowed her staff to disappear. “This be good. Yes. I will enjoy.”

Nick cringed. He had a feeling that he had just started something that couldn鈥檛 be stopped. Something that he wasn鈥檛 going to like. Definitely something that Sam wasn鈥檛 going to appreciate. If the Fates didn鈥檛 decide to tear into his ass and turn his world upside down, Sam would probably kill him if she figured out the that Fate would add her future to their to-be-tinkered-with list. And all because he wanted to see if she could spot a Brownie. She may look and feel human, but something wasn鈥檛 making sense. First a human kidnapper and now Sam. The world of humans and the world of the Supes seemed to mixing, and nothing good could come of that.

Oct 7 writing prompt… shack!!

woo who… one week in on our writing prompts… and today’s word is SHACK!! What do you think of when you hear the word shack? I can thing of a few, and of course… they can all be used in either the reality based writing or the more mystical.

032901b909144dd7ec0292dd4be3d284聽my fav

A shack in the woods… what does it hold? Could it be a run down hunting retreat or maybe the home of a witch? An evil witch of course. Who knows, but I think my shack will hold the answer to the end of my short story. muhahahaha… But what else can we get from the word shack?


Where I grew up we had a building out back we called the shed, though sometimes it go downgraded to shack when the board were looking especially warped. I loved that building. It was small and used for storage, housing things like winter sleds, yard equipment, and forgotten mason jars of who knows what. But to a little kid it was a place of wonder, a place to explore (though that was expressly forbidden) and an excellent place to hide when playing hide and seek with your cousin.

But some shed look more like barn mansions instead of shacks… frankly I prefer the cute little one… heck, who am I kidding … I would want them both…


Besides… these fancy one/ no matter the size/ probably come with locks to hard for my younger self to get past… 馃槢 shhhh don’t tell mom… but these shacks could be barns or small homes… maybe the lawn guy/ gardener lives on the property and falls in love with the rich recluse he聽works for… hmmm … or a woman聽running from her abusive boyfriend hides in some rich guys barn… that story just screams romance novel 馃槢


And there is the all important guard shack… from life guards to the guard at some drug den… the guys with the walkie talkie or the guns (think evil drug lords) to the guy with the tiny red shorts and the great body from running on the beach, they all need a place to keep a look out from… no entry and don’t you dare drown…

But there is one more version of the word shack that I would聽like to add… and it has more to do with actions and emotions than something built out of wood or metal…


It happens in every romance… Shacking Up… l’amore … playing footsie … hoochie coooo … call it what you will Shacking Up should definitely be on the list… 馃槢

don’t forget to add a link to your own creation in the comment sections… I want to see what you guys come up with… and check back later for the wrap up to my short story…. hopefully… hey, don’t shoot聽the messenger… I merely do what the voices in my head tell me to do..聽happy wordage, Tracey

Oct 6 writing prompt… hedge!!

Ooooo… the word hedge can work for both the paranormal/fantasy lovers and the contemporary/history buffs… which are you…

94052122929d9491894d7749c3e8b82a 85efde1cc97aff8cb6b8ced42c7929e1


Magical hedges that grow hundreds of feet tall and reach out to grab the unsuspecting, mystical hedges full of color, or hedges made with love and hard work… needless to say, I will be going with the magical hedges… I love the idea of the Brownies in my Finder’s Keepers series living in trees and other plant life… like hedges…


Not sure if I’m going to go with the type of hedge that swallows you whole, that can move and breathe… or the classic version that my Brownies inhabit…. hmmm… how about you guys… need more choices???


You could have a sexy garner that can shape a garden hedge into a lifelike zoo animal. You could see a vision of a mystical woman聽in the hedges, or close off an intimate garden area with tall wall like hedges. And a maze made out of hedges is always a winner, no matter if the hedges are normal or alive…

But to me, the word hedge makes me think of hedgehogs … cute and dangerous …


Or maybe hedging your bets, holding back, or even hedging when you answer a questions, when you are hinting at something you want… a person spreading out the risk… that’s what hedging my bets means…. and hedging an answer makes me thing of either holding back, or throwing out hints… like the sexy woman in red picture… she is sooo throwing out hints… lol…


And I’m just throwing this one out there because it is soooo cute… and sooo weird… green puppies born in Spain… I say there was too many hot peppers in the dog food, and I want one… and they kind of fit into the hedge theme… I mean, we have green hedges, hedgehogs, and hedges shaped into to wildlife… why can’t one of the hedges come to life and make a green puppy… 馃槢


Aliens came down and mated with the wrong mammals… muhahaha

no go forth and write.. happy wordage…


Getting so excited. Twenty days and counting until Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) is released.


Fae assassins, betrayal, electric power surges and lust that won’t be denied. Find it all on Oct 26. For now, enjoy the next part of my growing short story. Get a little taste of Sam (Detective Samantha Cass)… I need to find a way for Sam and Marin to one day meet. Please remember that this piece is unedited and will only be looked through once all the prompts have been given for the month… annnndddd READ!!!


— continuation of short story, using prompt tracks… click HERE聽to get the prompt (words and pictures) for yourself —

Sam followed leafy trail, occasionally looking around for an oak tree. She wasn鈥檛 a hundred percent sure, but the leaves looked like oak leaves to her. But where in the hell had they come from. The Pier was surround by restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. Other than that? Nothing.

Coming to the end of the trail, Sam glanced back and spotted Mastins shaking his head. She was nearly four blocks from the crime scene but surely the leaves counted as evidence. She had already screwed up by ignoring the oddly placed pumpkin patch; no ways was she dismissing the vegetation this time.

As Mastins threw his hands up in the air and turned away, Sam allowed her hands to fist and fought the very childish need to stomp her foot. Turning back to the task at hand, she slammed into one of the hottest men she had ever seen. But dammit, how had he managed to sneak up on her?

Stumbling away from the man would have been cowardly. Sam stood her ground but had to grit her teeth at the loss of presonal space. “Can I help you?”

“Actually, I鈥檓 here to help you.”

“Sir, this is a crime scene. Unless you have information on the kidnaping, I have to ask you to get behind the tape.” The words had barely left her month, as Sam realized that no one had seen fit to cordon off the area.

Someone had decided to put up yellow tape to block access to the Pier stairs but that was about it. How was she supposed to learn how to follow procedure when everyone seemed to be flying in their own direction. Gritting her teeth, Sam managed to get out, “At least stand back, and try not to mess up my scene.”

His kissable lips curved into a grin. Which was totally not fair. “Sorry Dectective. But as I was saying, I鈥檓 here to help. Names Nickolas Savien, but you can call me Nick.”

“Alright Nicky Boy. How do you plan to make my life better?”

This time Nick laughed out loud; his head thrown back, the muscles in chest clearly defined as his dress shirt stretched taunt over every delicious line. Sobering, Nick started examining the leaves as he said, “I鈥檓 from the hill area close to Ironton, Ohio. The chief thought your kidnaping looked similar to a few unsolved cases from last month. We lost three kids, no trace, but sure did have a lot of plant life to clean up.”

Sam crossed her arms over her chest and fought the need to scream. Not only was this man telling her about similar cases that had happened in another state, he was implying that Myrtle Beach more than one case of its own that could be linked to his kidnapings. Why was she receiving this information from an out of state cop, while her Mastins and the others neglected to share.

“Why don鈥檛 you go over what your department has?” Tight smile firmly in place, Sam shook out her arms and started looking for anything out of place besides the fall leaves leading away from the Pier.

Nick became her shadow as she walked up and down each side of the trail. “Not much. We had strawberries growing through concrete. Forget the fact that the fruits were out of season, they were coming up through some poor bastard鈥檚 front porch, through at least three feet of seemingly solid concrete. I鈥檝e never seen anything like it before. Also, the second scene was this little old cabin in the woods. Found a lot of oak leaves on the ground, which made sense when you looked at the dead trees surrounding the home. But what killed the trees? What made all those leaves fall off the branches? I鈥檝e lived in the area for a long time now, and it鈥檚 common for parts of a tree to die off, but the leaves tend to hang on even after they begin to shrivel up. There are always trees, no matter the season, standing out in the middle of green healthy trees or even winter bare ones. And they always have clumps of dead leaves that refuse to fall.”

“You鈥檙e not suggesting that the leaves from your crime scene and this trail are related? Who in the hell would drive nine, maybe ten, hours carting around crime scene evidence? Besides… look at the number of leaves. It would take an extremely large u-haul to move these. Why would-”

“I鈥檓 not suggesting that there the same leaves. But I am suggesting that we have the two samples compared.”

The smile came a little easier as Sam pulled out her phone. Who was she to deny the techs the chance to inspect the entire scene. Besides, it was Captain鈥檚 orders. Or close enough.

Sam ignored the crime techs. No one actually thought that they would find worthwhile information by picking up each and ever one of the multi-colored leaves. Everyone but Sam. With each pile removed, small indentations started to show up. “Watch you step. I want to examine the ground underneath the leaves when you鈥檙e done.”

“Oh, come one, Detective. What did we ever do to you?”

Sam looked up at the whiner, but couldn鈥檛 place his name. “This is about throwing extra work your way; I really need to see what鈥檚 under there. And I can鈥檛 do that if you guys trample all the evidence.” If the glares being thrown her way were anything to go on, they didn鈥檛 appreciate her need for a clean undamaged scene.

Mastins and the others had left hours ago, leaving Sam alone with their out of town co-worker to continue working the scene. A scene that was starting to prove interesting. Getting down on her knees, she looked at every angle. She crab walked down the side of the trail, marking the small prints with a handful of flag markers. Looking up at the whiny tech, Sam opened her mouth but the man cut her off.

“Not my first day Detective. I鈥檓 well aware that you need the marked off areas photographed and mold poured into the depressions.”

Sam would swear that the man had wanted to put a different word in there, instead of Detective, but whatever. She knew what she saw. Now she needed someone from the area to tell her if it meant anything.

Nick wondered over and held out his hand to pull her to her feet. “What鈥檚 up, Sammy Kins?”

Sam cringed. What type of person walked around handing out sappy nicknames to prefect strangers? And how did he make her want to punch him in the gut and kiss him at the same time? Straightening her spin, Sam went back to work, back to the only clue they had managed to find all day. Glancing at Nick she asked, “I don鈥檛 suppose you know if there are lemurs around here?”

“No. Why?”

She could feel that she was on the right track. Her eyes following the small marks pressed into the ground, Sam pointed out, “There are lemur track underneath our trail of leaves. And I want to know why. I also want to look for more of them, see where they went.”

Nick moved to examine the tracks a little closer. “How the hell do you know what lemur tracks look like? And why do we care? What do lemurs have to do with a missing child?”

Sam shook her head. It looked like this job assignment would include just as much weirdness as her San Francisco cases. Placing her hands on her hips, she looked to the sky. “Don鈥檛 know. I really don鈥檛 know.” Glancing at Nick she continued, “But the weird and out of place seems to follow me. And when I follow it, I get answers.”

—- Now it’s your turn… read the prompt and share your creation… muhahahaha… happy wordage, everyone… tracey

Guest posts and interviews… :P


Other than daily writing prompts, this month is all about book promotion for my upcoming novel Shocking Finds… I will be doing a number of guest posts, author interviews, and character interviews… I have mentioned a few of them in previous post, but somehow managed to miss my guest post for Angel Ray… Title???

Add a little sex, humor, and fighting to your novel!

This post was a lot of fun, and definitely something that I try to adhere to no matter if I am writing or reading… My favorite novels always find a way to include all three… it ups the excitement and emotional content… go check it out HERE

In other news, I am doing a Wednesday Special Spotlight with CD Hersh on 10/7 … to check it out just click HERE聽… but wait til oct 7 to click this one… I will be sure to repost a reminder after it goes live…

Alright guys, that’s it for now, but check back later for my response to today writing prompt… and don’t forget to add your own … and happy wordage, tracey

Oct 5 prompt…. Tracks

muhahahaha…. this is a fun one… I didn’t even know how fun, until I turned on pinterest to find my corresponding pictures…. lets start with my fave, and the ones I will be using for my daily addition to the Sam short story…. Animal tracks…

39ac5afc4dcdf4ecc94dcaac12fa5931 ea367ce01a6b2c48c1617152f598236c5029eb8dbd1fdc72b45fc8e1b9cc42b2

I’m going with following tracks… but in paranormal, that could mean anything… a real animal, a shapeshifter, or even magical tracks… the world is my footprint… muahahahaha… but the thought of tracking leads me to keeping track… something that doesn’t have to be about marks on the ground.. or in the air (magical remember… :P) but keeping track of change…

92a7566b23d4216f3da103c0685a490b ea214935f6a69b7be0d95269127d608c

You can track the changes in your child, like their height or attitude… or even track them before they are born as you watch your pregnant belly expand… or go with nature… you can track the changes in the seasons, or the cycle of the moon… or how about the changes in the tide… there are a lot of things in life that you can track and each time something changes, there are a million other changes that will happen as a direct result… like the changes in the moon will affect the tide, or the changes in the weather will affect clothing choices… you can even track train schedules…


But that is twofold… trains are something you can track, but they are also on tracks… tracks or rails… and writing a story about riding the rails is always a possibility…


The last type of track I could think of was also something you run on… but instead of a train running the rails, you get the fastest of the fast running against each other in track and field… but sometimes competitions can turn into moments of support, moments to inspire others… I really like the last picture of the two opposing track members, one helping the other finish the race…


Welll that is it for Oct 5 prompts, now go forth and write… and don’t forget to link your posts up here so everyone can read your work… no I am off to continue my short story about Sam, as she follows a set of weird animal tracks… happy wordage everyone, tracey

Leaves… Prompt

Okay… her is the next part of my short story.. and the answer to the oct 4 Prompt聽… woo who.. happy wordage everyone


“Cass! In my office, now!”

Sam cringed and headed for the Captain鈥檚 office. She was new, not stupid. Every cop knew that tone of voice. It was the universal sign that the shit had hit the fan.

Entering the office, Sam had barely managed to shut the door before Captain Yu started his rant. “I have half a mind to ship you back to San Francisco, out of my hair before you can completely fuck up my life. Not even on the job a day and already you鈥檙e going off halfcocked, ignoring procedure. Every report I received on you has been the same鈥 Samantha Cass doesn鈥檛 play well with others. Did I listen? Did I tell them to send you to Antarctica or something? No! I figured, what the hell? Her arrest rate is high, who cares if her attitude rubs others the wrong way? What could go wrong? Well… What did you think you were doing?”

“Sir?” Sam looked around the office, searching for some sign. Something that could point her in the right direction. How was this her fault? “I鈥檓 unclear on what we鈥檙e talking about, Sir.”

She wanted to take a step away from Captain Yu as his face closed down, his fists clenching. “The pile up on 501. Ring any bell?”

Sam felt her mouth drop open. He had to be kidding. “It was hardly a pileup, Sir. There were dozens of pumpkins growing up through the asphalt, and I did bring back samples.”

“You are a detective for this city, not a crime scene tech. I expect more out of my officers. Do I make myself clear?”

She wanted to defend herself but really鈥 what could she say? She only brought back a sample because some guy from the lab had called. Five minutes later and she would have been back in her car and on her way to the office, empty handed.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Yu took a deep breath. “Get in the bullpen. Your partner, Mastins, will bring you up to speed on case assignments. Now get out of my office.”

Sam didn鈥檛 need to be told twice. So far, her first day needed a redo.

Sam couldn鈥檛 see over the pile of case folders Joe Mastins continued to pile in her hands. When she thought her legs would buckle from the weight, he tossed one more to the pile and said, “And finally, this is our most pressing case. A group of kids went missing this morning. The entire precinct has been looking into the different angles, but we have the lead. Well, Karn and Billings are sharing the lead but that鈥檚 mostly because you decided to turn up late this morning.”

Twisting at the waist, she slammed her load down on her new desk, before picking up the aforementioned file. She ignored the jibe about her punctuality and began to read. “So, is this the Pier closest to the precinct?”

“That鈥檚 what the file says, don鈥檛 it?”

Gritting her teeth, Sam calmly finished reading the file, as she attempted not to punch her new partner in the throat.

Mastins moved for the exit. “Well, come on. Karn and Billings are already at the scene. We should have been there already.”

Quickening her pace, Sam felt her weapon to make sure the safety was still one and that the gun was still firmly snapped into its holster. Her day wouldn鈥檛 get any better if she accidently shot her partner. No matter how tempting.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Sam ignored Elizabeth Karn, and uptight woman that appeared to hate everyone but her partner. Instead, she continued focusing on the trail of leaves littering the ground. Looking at Mathew Billings, instead of Karn or her own partner, she asked, “Where did all the leaves come from?” She was squatting beside a trail of oak leaves littering the ground in all the varying shades of fall. Oranges, reds, browns, yellows鈥 but oak leaves? “I haven鈥檛 seen that many trees around here, and shouldn鈥檛 oak trees be too far away to do this? I don鈥檛 see any trees for that matter.”

Billings looked around the area shrugging his shoulders. “The crime techs are looking into the trail of leaves. Captain said to let them handle it.”

Sam didn鈥檛 know what to say. A trail of oak leaves leading away from the crime scene seemed like a clue to her. A weird one, but a clue none the less. Shaking her head, she ignored everyone and stood to follow the trail of leaves. It wouldn鈥檛 hurt for her to give the techs a hand figuring this out. Who knew where the trail led.

Oct 4 prompt… Leaves


Okay… when I think of the word leaves while sitting in the middle of this October cold snap, I think of all the wonderful colors about to come my way here in Ky. I love falling leaves, the sound of walking through dried out plant life, and colors of changing life. Even in death there is beauty as the reds, yellows, browns, and inbetween come out to play. There is a feel and a smell to the air that makes me feel young and alive. This time of year rejuvenates my fantastical side, makes me smile, and strikes a match to my artistic loves…

4a47300f08c33ead8a21e0c1acd03035聽聽 76ccc82ef09acfa1d2ba3e1902cdc1cf

And since I love these colorful creations, I will place them were they can lead my characters further along their journey. Yep… sounds good to me… I think I will continue my short story from the 2nd with a trail of fall leaves that shouldn’t be falling in Myrtle Beach. muhahahahaha…. Yep… Lots of leaves… But there are a lot of things you can do with the word Leaves… You can focus on the way they fall, change color, blow through the wind like tiny tornados… Or you can think about the hassle of raking them into piles or maybe the joy of jumping into those piles when you’re young…. Or just walking down a carpet of leaves, enjoying the view or wondering what could be hiding beneath them for warmth…


Or forget plant-life all together… think of the word as an actions… as in everything/everyone leaves eventually… except in the paranormal where forever can be a heck of a long time, things in life always change… you could focus on that aspect of the word, have someone leave so that they can eventually come home, or write a sad scene of something more permanent…
Me? I think I will stick with a trail of leaves leading to something mystical…
Hope you enjoyed the post and the pinterest pics… have fun with this prompt and happy wordage, tracey

Goodbye Roanoke

woo who… I made it… with twenty minutes to spare… this is my contribution for oct 3rd’s Prompt… a story featuring Jodina… so who is Jodina?? Finder’s Keepers will eventually have two spin offs… one featuring Jodina and the other featuring Sam… both are badass females dealing with the supernatural community… Sam will deal mostly with Shifters, though her partner – Nick – is a vampire, and Jodina will deal with a lot a vampires… however, all three women – Sam, Jodina, and Marin – will have contact will all there is to find in the supernatural world… and now, here is my short story


Goodbye Roanoke

“Let me out of this bloody hole, you rat bastards. I鈥檒l burn this place to the ground. Now, open this door!” Jodina鈥檚 voice came out flat, barely bouncing off the dirt walls of her cell. If you could call a hole in the ground a cell. It was more like a mausoleum in the side of a hill, with metal bars blocking the only exit.

“This is not right. What if she is clean?” A young boy, of perhaps fifteen years, turned to the incompetent oaf by his side, and pleaded.

Jodina watched, as the lad hunched his shoulders, crossing his arms protectively around his chest. His words had pulled her gaze down to her filthy state of undress. “At least, supply me with some form of clothing. Or perhaps you enjoy watching women freeze to death.”

The oaf pushed the younger man out of his way, so that he could have a clear shot at her chest, his sword sharp as he thrust forward with experienced precision. A precision that would have impaled her heart. But Jodina moved with a quickness that saved her life, drawing a gasp of shock from both of her jailers.

With a cocky grin spreading across his face, the oaf replaced his weapon. “See, lad? She is as unclean as her fellow prisoners. Be glad that she is as weak as the woman she pretends to be.” Placing his thumbs in his belt and thrusting his amazing girth outward like a working girl showing off her assets, the oaf hissed, “Perhaps you can save the sun a little work. Your fire trick can keep you warm, and hopefully keep you safe.”

Jodina could feel her spine stiffening, but the oaf wasn鈥檛 making sense. She knew for a fact that she had her little pit all to herself and what did the sun or her fire have to do with keeping her safe.

Jodina wished that she could control her inner dragon and release some fire in the bastard鈥檚 direction. An empty dirt cell, a few scrapes of food once a day, and the occasional passing guard … that was it. “Don鈥檛 bother with lies, oaf. I鈥檝e been in this hole for three nights. Alone.”

“Not for long. We have a large number of unclean little devils coming in, caught just this night. First, we will move the beast from the last batch, into your cell. But not to worry … Vampyrs are already dead. He will not be interested in your delicious goods,” his parting leer enough to send flames sparking to life from her fingertips, quickly dying in the cold earth around her feet.

It was just like humans to react like this. Start one little cabin fire and they run for the pitch forks, start forming mobs. After two hundred years of life, Jodina had fooled herself into believing that the sixteenth century would be more open to the supernatural. But the fear and hatred of the unknown was still as rampant as before, possibly worse. Apparently, the Americas believed in freedom from persecution, as long as your beliefs and abilities, your religion and mannerisms, coincided with their own.


Jodina did her best to ignore the sound of approaching riders, at least a dozen of them. The beat of the horses, as they carried their cargo, was accompanied by the sound of wagon wheels in desperate need of oil. Jodina knew that sound. It was the sound of her new roommate being transported to her side. This would have been the perfect time to rush the guards and escape, but Jodina could already feel the sting of a blow dart taking effect.

This wasn鈥檛 her first experience with the poison currently flooding her system. It was obvious that the blood thirsty hypocrites thought nothing of adopting the practices of supposed barbarians.

Jodina didn鈥檛 know about the tribes surrounding Roanoke, Va, but the last time she felt this particular poison, she was navigating her way through the Amazon rain forests, facing pissed off natives.

As the poison began to affect her ability to move, Jodina鈥檚 body fell backward, angling her peripheral vision so that she witnessed the large grain sack as it was tossed roughly into her bare accommodations. She could also see a man from one of the neighboring tribes, lowering a blowpipe to his side. Apparently, everyone knew how to sweat a frog for its poison these days.

A man with long black, tangled hair ripped his way out of the grain sack, and growled, “Argh 鈥 you will pay for this.”

As he whipped around to face their jailers, the man froze. Hands clenching at his sides, knees shaking slightly, the man stared directly at the blowpipe, then up into it鈥檚 wielder鈥檚 eyes. “You. The Weroance will punish you for this, Baldev.”

Jodina fought not to close her eyes and listened. She knew that a Weroance was a leader.

“There will be no one around to inform Powhatan. He may be the Weroance but he does not know all, and he never will. Especially after you and the rest of the unclean have been 鈥 cleansed. Enjoy your last few days, Ishan.” Baldev threw his head back, a bark of laughter shaking his shoulders before turning to the oaf with the leering countenance. “You may need the darts, if you wish to interrogate the prisoners,” he said, passing over his blowgun.

Jodina was attempting to pull herself into a sitting position, as a second dart impaled the skin near her upper arm. Head spinning, ears ringing, Jodina fell back and watched as the oaf doubled over in laughter, his girth jiggling with each movement. Darkness began closing in around Jodina鈥檚 vision. She enjoyed watching her cell-mate鈥檚 anger, as Ishan threw his body forward, slamming up against the bars repeatedly.

Ishan鈥檚 rage reverberated through her mind, with a sweet promise of death, as Jodina felt the extra dose of poison begin shutting down most of her body.

“Cowards!” Ishan accused.

It was nice to have another person enraged on her behalf. Jodina just hoped that she didn鈥檛 accidentally repay that kindness by setting the man on fire, as her body battled the side affects of the dart. But then her dragon half could be slightly bitchy when saving her life. Jodina fought unconsciousness for as long as possible but finally accepted that Ishan was on his own. Her inner demons were about to explode to life.


Jodina felt a soft caress along her sides. The barest touch over her hips, and an exhilarating warmth, as something was smoothed along the top of her thighs. Parting her eyelids, she found Ishan, his hands moving slowly back up the line of her body, to push the dirt riddled blond hair behind of her ears. Grabbing his strong calloused hands, Jodina croaked, “What are you doing?”

“What are you? You can not be a-”

Jodina would鈥檝e been insulted, but after two hundred years this type of conversation was a part of her routine. Others in the Supe community could feel that she was different, abnormal. But that was usually the end of what they could feel. Ishan obviously felt something more. Still, it had been centuries since a supernatural of her kind had been seen. And even then, the Drekenix – half vampire/ half dragon hybreds – were rare.

Jodina looked into his eyes and confirmed his thoughts. “I am exactly what you think I am,” Jodina whispered, and pushed up from the floor.

Ishan sat back on his heels. The sight of his bare chest drew her attention to her new wardrobe. The shirt had definitely looked better on him, though she was thoroughly enjoying the warmth from his body heat, still caught in the material.

“The Drekenix are considered abominations. They were all killed on sight. The dragons have been killing their mixed offspring for millennia. You would need to be hundreds of thousands of years old, and that simply is not true. I may be young in the eyes of my fellow clan mates, but my vampire senses tell me that you are no more than a few hundred years old in age.”

Jodina met Ishan鈥檚 glare with one of her own. “It does not matter what you believe. We need to focus on escape, not genetics.” Jodina pushed herself up from the floor, attempting to shake off the lingering effects from her dragon side burning the poison from her veins. Glancing at Ishan, her brow bunched, Jodina inquired, “Why are you not incinerated?”

Being part vampire and part dragon, or Drekenix, Jodina had a tendency to pass out and start fires. Her dragon side overreacted when faced with danger. So the question was … why was Ishan not a pile of dust?

Cocking his head to the side, one eyebrow climbing up his forehead, Ishan said, “Your entire body rose into the air, engulfed in flame. When you settled to the ground, your feet braced apart, you simply stood there staring at me. After a few minutes of examination, you hissed. The fire disappeared as if it had never been, and you fell to the ground, unconscious.”

“Fine, but why take the chance with your life? Why get close enough to my flesh to wrap me in your shirt?” Jodina looked down at her borrowed clothing, for once in her life glad that she was only 5鈥2鈥欌 in height. The man鈥檚 shirt fell more like a mini-dress but everything was covered. “Just because my inner dragon malfunctioned, you decided you were safe enough around me to touch my bare skin?”

“Perhaps I got lucky, or perhaps you inner dragon just likes me. Or maybe you find me attractive.” Ishan smiled, showing two deep dimples, and a mouth full of strong white teeth. His lips were positively lick-able. His mohawk was cropped close enough not to be disshevled, and a tangled black braid fell to his impressive thighs.

Jodina shook her head, turning her back on the temptation. “I am never in control when the dragon takes over, and I never remember her actions. I simply wake up to the slaughter and ash. We need to think of a way out of here before my dragon wakes up without the drugs in my system.”

Feeling the warmth of Ishan鈥檚 hand on her shoulder, Jodina slowly turned to meet his near black gaze, in his reddish bronzed skin. The smile on his face melted away, a tight grimace growing in its place. “There will be no escape. We will spend the next few weeks being drugged and tortured, and then we will be cleansed by fire in front of the entire town. I am sorry.”

Jodina shook off his hand, and stepped away from. “You may be ready to give up, but I am not. So keep thinking.”

“I hope you have a plan. Once we are moved to the holding cells near the torture racks, we will become weaker with each beating, until we are so weak that drugs are no longer necessary to subdue our anger. I was allowed to witness a few of the deaths before I was moved in here with you.”


Jodina fell face first, as she was tossed into their new cell. After days of torture, it was obvious that this colony was old hat at torturing and containing supernatural beings. For the first time in her long life, Jodina could feel the impotent rage of her inner dragon, as the drugs kept the beast too weak to fight back against their attackers.

“Sweet, merciful crap!” Jodina could barely hear her own voice. She could feel her vocal cords crying out in pain from the days of raging at her assailants. The pain she could handle, the forced submission not so much.

A low, base-worthy growl came from the corner of the roomy, twenty foot by twenty foot, rock inclosure. Jodina pushed her aching body onto all fours, her arms shaking from the strain, and readied herself to face yet another torture. Quartering the room, Jodina was shocked to see Ishan in a similar position. He was braced, slowly crawling, his limbs shaking, but his rage was wholly directed at her.

Jodina slowly backed away, her eyes focused on Ishan鈥檚 stalking approach. “Ishan 鈥 is there a problem?” Jodina really didn鈥檛 want to kill her only allie. If she even could with her dragon currently out of commission.

She could feel the blood oozing from a million cuts, her muscles begging to concede this fight and hope that Ishan decided to simply cuff her on the chin, so that she could pass out in peace.

Ishan continued his approach, backing Jodina into the wall. The jarring stop pulled her concentrated gaze over her shoulder, causing Ishan to release another of those bone chilling growls. The grating bass noise sent a chill down her spine. Jodina whipped her focus back to Ishan. His head lowered slightly, his eyes were unfocused.

Moving in close, Ishan began sniffing along Jodina鈥檚 neck. His breath heating her clammy skin with each huff. Ishan licked the area just above her collarbone, growling slightly before he purred, “The moon feels good.”

Jerking away from Ishan鈥檚 wayward tongue, Jodina hissed, “What the hell does that have to do with your current mood? Why are you cleaning my wounds?” Jodina was just guessing but she would guess feeding. She could feel the fresh line of blood running from a reopened wound.

And it wasn鈥檛 that Ishan was wrong about the moon. It always felt warmer than the sun, near the end of the month. But that was no excuse to start behaving like a cat in heat.

“The dragon moon,” Ishan grunted. He continued to push forward, nuzzling the side of her face, occasionally licking.

Jodina did her best to avoid the cat bath, which always seemed cuter in animals. Twisting violently, and raising her hand to keep that too friendly tongue at bay, Jodina found herself suddenly flipped onto her back. Ishan had dipped his head and pushed, knocking her body the rest of the way over. Throwing both hands up, she was able to stop his lowering head, as his lower body settled into the V provided by her legs.

Looking into Ishan鈥檚 unfocused gaze, Jodina spoke slowly, “Listen, I like you and all, but we are both to hurt for any form of extracurricular activities.” Jodina was as open to the occasional one night stand as the next supernatural girl. It was the one thing she had in common with the rest of the Supe community, and it had been a long time. But a clear headed partner was always best. That way they didn鈥檛 try to kill her in the morning for being what she was. A dragon hybrid. “Perhaps we should wait a few hours, let the weeping wounds heal.”

Ishan鈥檚 head cocked to the side, his brow bunched. Finally he growled, “Blood and sex are fun.”

And okay, that was just freaky.


“I hate to interrupt.” The jeering voice drew a full on roar form Ishan, his head whipping toward the direction of the cell door. Jodina felt her stomach tighten, as Baldev ran his eyes over their position, his hand moving lewdly over his groin. That was one man that she would rather roast than bed.

As Baldev鈥檚 tongue poked out and ran along his lower lip, Jodina had to force herself to swallow convulsively. She refused to throw up the bile climbing from her empty stomach in front of the bastard.

She wanted to scratch his eyes out as Baldev proclaimed, “As entertaining as watching you slip into moon madness would be, I have my orders. Before he left, Sir Grenville asked me to add a few of the other unclean to your happy accommodations. He thought that watching their torture- I mean, watching their cleansing – would help you to make the right decision. Grenville wants the identity of all other unclean abominations, no matter what.”

It wasn鈥檛 like Jodina had any information to give. The other Supes either avoided her or out right attacked her. Even if she did have information, she wasn鈥檛 about to tell anyone, and didn鈥檛 understand how adding the torture of some stranger would loosen her tongue.

As Baldev turned sideways, holding the bars of their prison wide, she understood. A group of children were forced roughly into the cell, the youngest one a mere babe held tightly in an older boys arms.

Slamming the cell door shut, Baldev stepped back, the stocks made for humiliation and punishment visible in the open field behind him. The sight of the blood covered neck and wrist restraints were too large for these smaller victims. Jodina could feel the terror coming from each child, and wondered what kind of device Baldev would use on the wee ones.

Jodina looked back at the children just as Ishan collapsed on top of her smaller frame, shoving the air from her lungs. Feeling the prick of one of those damn darts, Jodina moved her hands as quickly as possible along Ishan鈥檚 back, her body beginning to weaken. Finding the dart in Ishan鈥檚 side, Jodina took a firm grip and allowed her arms to collapse to her side.

Baldev鈥檚 voice echoed, as he instructed, “Take the trouble maker and the woman. Have yourselves some fun, so that the truth of their situation is abundantly clear.”

Ishan was pushed from the top of her nearly unconscious body. As the oaf with the alarmingly expanded girth lifted her slight frame into his arms, Jodina wondered if her inner dragon was the trouble maker. And if so, where in the hell was the unruly bitch now. Waking up in the stocks was going to seriously suck.


Jodina鈥檚 eyes snapped open, the pain around her neck, at the base of her skull, and especially under her chin, forcing a cry mixed with rage and agony from her lips. Her sleepy inner dragon started to stir to life, but not enough.

Jodina screamed her rage, “Argh!” She was staring directly at the young boy from earlier, the one she had seen carrying the infant. He was strapped face down on a rack, or what looked like a rack. The strain in his underdeveloped muscles showing that his current torture had lasted just as long as hers.

Baldev walked into view, his hands flowing over the young boy. Looking back at Jodina, he crowed, “Isn鈥檛 he just perfect for this lesson,” as he patted the boy鈥檚 naked back. Squatting down in front of Jodina, a frown on his face but his eyes bright, he crooned, “Now if you will just tell us what you know, Mauik here can go back to the cells while you take his place.”

“I know nothing of the other Supes.” Jodina couldn鈥檛 take her eyes off of Mauik鈥檚 shivering back. She saw the whip rush forward, just as the flesh on her own back screamed out in agony. But her focus was all for the boy being punished because of her lack of knowledge. “I swear! I know nothing!” Jodina shook her restraining bonds, attempting to force her wrists free, or wake up her dragon through pain.

The sound of the whips broke through her screams, causing Jodina to attempt to arch her body, as another welt formed on Mauik鈥檚 back.

Baldev chuckled, his head thrown back. “That is two lies. Shall you continue young Mauik鈥檚 torment?”

The blows continued to fall, no matter the answer. Jodina began making up information. Like their main home was in the Casscades, the ones able to fly could send curses from anywhere in the world, that she herself was one of the high elders of the dragon tribes- With each answer, Baldev would cock his head, squint his eyes, and scream out, “Lies!” The bastard.

Finally, the snow beneath her knees, beneath Mauik鈥檚 rack, began to melt into a blood soaked mud. Baldev called a halt to the lesson. As they were thrown back into their cell, Jodina cursed the drugs keeping her dragon side passive. Both sides of her nature cried out for Baldev鈥檚 death.


Weeks passed, each day a new lesson in torture. Each child face down on the rack – their arms and legs shackled, their bodies stretched taunt – while either she or Ishan were accused of lying. Today Ishan was locked in the stocks – his neck and wrists raw and bloody from the wood locking him in place – while little Virginia Dare hung from tiny infant wrists. The entire town had shown up for today鈥檚 lesson. Even Mr. Dare, the child鈥檚 father, though he was being restrained by the oaf and his cronies.

Baldev moved up to Virginia, his focus on her father, as he pronounced, “You will not save the child of your unfaithful wife. Not even her barbarian lover will be able to save her.” Caressing the child, he moved away as the whip fell. Even without a supposed lie to punish, the child was struck, her infant screams causing Jodina鈥檚 inner dragon to stir minutely. So close, but so diminished.

She didn鈥檛 know that much about the child, or her parents, but Virginia was too small for such treatment. How could the colonist do this? Virginia was the first child to be born to the Roanoke settlers, and this was her reward.

“Dammit. Come on Miss Fire-breather, take the reigns.” Jodina examined every inch of the door, as Mr. Dare broke free. He was nearly to his child when he was stopped by a sword thrown at his back.

Mauik latched onto Jodina鈥檚 wrist, tears mixing with blood and dirt. “We can give your dragon power. Just help her escape.”

“But how-”

“We can feel her, just out of sight.”

Jodina backed away from the bars, and the surrounding children. “I do not have control. I refuse to kill all of you for one babe. There has to be another way.”

Mauik鈥檚 little fists were perched on his slender hips, his face set in stone as he chided, “There is no other way. If you wait, we all die. The crowd wants Virginia鈥檚 death, and they will come back demanding more sport tomorrow. It is the way of humans. Besides, we believe that our combined gifts will help you to be present, as your dragon kills.”

“What do you mean, you believe?”

Shaking his head, Mauik moved in close and whispered, “It is better to die helping to destroy our enemies, than to die for their entertainment.”

“But-” Jodina鈥檚 words were cut off as his small hand landed on her chest, followed by other small hands placed on her tingling skin.

Jodina bit her lip, attempting to remain quiet, as power, hot as lava, was forced into the center of her body. She watched through blurry eyes as the children fell away from her burning skin, flames pulsated through the air. Without a second thought, Jodina moved for the blocked cell opening, grasped the bars and watched as the metal melted into a puddle at her feet.

Pushing her way outside, she ran for the crowd, raging in fury. “Argh!” Everything seemed to slow down, as Jodina was forced from the driver鈥檚 seat. She watched as fire consumed the crowd, and then her body was moving for the guards.

Flames shot from the tips of her fingers, melting the locking mechanisms to Ishan鈥檚 restraints. She watched him burst free and rush for Virginia.

Somehow, when Jodina wasn鈥檛 paying attention to her inner dragon鈥檚 rampage, she鈥檇 missed the death of every guard, leaving only Baldev alive.

Baldev threw some kind of flame from his hand. But her dragon merely absorbed the added heat, laughing hysterically. Jodina watched the fear grow in Baldev鈥檚 eyes as he started to back away. Before he could finish taking that first step, she saw her fist slam through his chest.

Her body growing weak, Jodina fell to her knees. Her world beginning to spin, she heard a warning call being sounded from the nearby Roanoke.

Looking at Ishan, little Virginia cradled in his arms, she listened to her dragon hiss, “Take the wee ones and run. I will finish this madness.”

Ishan moved forward, one hand outstretched, a mewling Virginia falling into a fitful sleep on his shoulder. “But-”

Jodina鈥檚 inner dragon cut him off. “If I sleep, this body will need to rest. We will slow you down, as the village mobs give chase. We need to finish this. We will save you all.”

Jodina watched as Ishan gave a decisive nod, and croaked, “I will see you again one day. You owe me some moon madness.”

As he moved further away, Jodina prepared to send the entire colony into the spirit worlds, never to plague the Supe community again. Afterwards, Ishan and the children would be safe, and she would once again be alone.

The last child to leave, whispered, “One day you will have love, a home, and family,” before running to catch up with the others. Jodina felt the child鈥檚 power and found herself smiling. For some reason her inner dragon looked forward to their unknown future.

Shaking the tension from her arms, Jodina prepared to allow her dragon to take the reins. Time for the colony of Roanoke to disappear.