Oct 14 writing prompt… DEMONS


Muhahahaha… Demons… what can we get from this writing prompt??? Our character are only human, no matter if they come from a land of spirits, live in the countryside, or inhabit the body of a dragon… they are only human because we are oh so human and we have brought them to life… even if they are demon, they are only human… (hey, humans have demon like behaviors, it doesn’t just come from the supernatural, just as Charles Manson)

But back to the writing prompt side of the word demons… the first look into this word is very physical…


think of very physical beings… ones that come from a place of evil, entering our world to do harm… they could slip through a portal, or be summoned by the naïve, or the insane (or maybe a witch or wizard wanting answers from the demon realm)


large or small, demons can affect your characters life… does your character need to face this demon for answers, or to save the day?? did this demon seek out your character or did you character go looking for trouble… or hey…. maybe your character is the demon… but are they the bad guy??


Your demon could fall in love… or maybe the demon is caged and mistreated because of evil human behavior… humans tend to lash out when they don’t understand something… a very human looking demon can be attacked by humans because of horns or a tail, or maybe they have a power that the humans feel threatened by… reverse the roles of society… the humans can be the evil villain that the demon needs to defeat, or escape from…


or maybe one of your character got replaced by a demon… one that could look exactly like the character they are trying to replace… but you can never replicate another person’s day to day actions and thought patterns… and then there are the changeling demons… that is where a demon replaces a child with one of there own… either to have their child raised by a human/powerful paranormal family, or because they want to get their hands on a human baby… in some instances the changeling isn’t real, just a mystical replica to fool the true parents of the child they stole…


or maybe your character is possessed by a demon… oooo, that is so not good… 😛


but my favorite is the idea that you are being attacked by your own thoughts, your own demons… this one can work for the paranormal world and the contemporary world… just because you character looks in control, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t being torn apart by screams and rage, longing and despair… what are their inner demons… can these thoughts/these demons bring your character to their knees… how can they fight something that is in their mind, that was created by their own actions, their own pain….


go forth, trust your inner madness, your demons, and create some thing great

happy wordage, Tracey

5 thoughts on “Oct 14 writing prompt… DEMONS”

    1. I agree… I hope that anyone needing an idea or two feels free to borrow… my ideas are free for the world… I feel that no two writer will come out with the same story, no matter how many of the details are the same… as long as we don’t copy someone’s story word for word, it is our own imaginations that puts in all the little connections that makes a read come back for more… enjoy NaNoWriMo next month… happy wordage


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