Roanoke… where did they go??


Okay… it is 2am here but I just knew what I wanted Oct 3rd’s Prompt to be … The Lost Colony of Roanoke … There is so much to glen from this mystery. So many threads to pull in order to build your story… so many sparks… you history buffs will be able to do this prompt more justice than I ever could… for my input I am working on a story I started that includes all things Roanoke… okay, it is paranormal so I may have changed a few things… lol… but its all good, because this means I have a short story to share with you… it won’t be professionally edited… If I finally decide to add this piece to my Finder’s spin off, it will get those edits.. I would love to add this to a freebie page for my Jodina stories… Jodina is a spin off of Marin and her Finder’s Keepers world, she just doesn’t know it yet… anywho… I will share my Roanoke inspired story and try to work up something else to go with this prompt… alright… enjoy the Pinterest pics of good old Roanoke and here are some tidbits I have picked up… use this anyway you want… take the spirit of the Roanoke story and build something for current times, or delve into the past… pick apart the facts of Roanoke and decide outcomes and fates in a manner begetting October love…


Who was the first American??? Virginia Dare… Granddaughter of John White (Governor of the settlement/desperate to clean up relations with the Indians). She and the rest of the colony disappeared, but where did they go and why? What kind of world did these early American’s live in?? All that was left behind was when White returned to the settlement was a skeleton and some carvings… you can find more Roanoke info HERE


Looks like CROATOAN & KRO me….

What did these marking indicate? Were the settlers taken in by the nearest tribe? Did the tribes decide to finally get rid of the settlers?? Did you know that it is said that Sir Richard Grenville, the leader of the first group of settlers that tried to land at Roanoke, got in a dispute with the Aquascogoc tribe after trying to establish relations with them… the Aquascogoc were uninterested, so Grenville went back to his ship… Once away from the tribe it was noticed that a silver cup was missing…

Of course this caused ‘righteous anger’ …. HA did I mention that Grenville is my most detested man from history??? anyway, Grenville eventually torched the tribe’s village, and it is said that he burned (I believe) the chief alive… this caused the settlement that Grenville set up and then left in others hands fifteen hardened warrior (men supposed to hold the encampment)…


White was sent back with a group of settlers, but only found bones of the fifteen men meant to hold the encampment.. he contacted Chief Manteo, an indian known to the English, and was told that the fifteen were killed for retribution over the Aquascogoc deaths… Hostile Aquascogoc, Secotan, and Dasamongueponke knew the land better than the intruder English and were able to ambush the men… yep… I am cheering the Indians…

Okay… there is your prompt… muhahaha… now I need to refresh and edit my Roanoke paranormal so that I have something to show for Oct 3rd’s prompt… what can you guys come up with??? Happy wordage, tracey

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