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Watch out for Mother Nature!!!

soooo… Deer?聽 Cute or Dangerous? lol… that’s easy … sooo cute…. I mean… we have all seen Bambi…. Disney loves to bring us cute kids, dead parents, and life lessons… Deer are even a little majestic…


But on my street, Deer can also mean Dangerous… lol… like when they decide to jay-walk in the middle of the night… or your are out to get the mail and momma Deer starts barking (yep… barking… it is a horrible sound… like someone with bronchitis)… keep your distance, and they are cuties…

but the other night I drove down to Wendy’s, used a back road, and out of nowhere about nine Deer decided to sprint across the road… the last one to cross almost brushed the front of my car, it was so close… sooooo, yeah…. the Deer around here are soooo not afraid of people… in fact, they will probably start asking us for rent soon…


and then there was the one that freaked mom out… she had gone out to smoke on the porch, and momma Deer didn’t like how close the ‘human’ was to her little one… annnnnddddd, cue the barking… lol… after that, mom started carrying a taser out to smoke… but she still loves to look at them, so staying inside isn’t an option…

and then there are the Turkey population… it is wild flippin kingdom around here, I swear… I should start writing shifter novels, and sale them as true stories… lol… but anywho… turkeys


awwwww…. look, they are such great moms… bah… when you live next to a bird sanctuary, great mom means breeder….

it isn’t that I begrudge them a little bird-lovin…. and they are kind of cute (at least from the neck down)


sadly, they were born with a face that only a mother could love… lol… in fact, I don’t think I should publically explain what that hanging, flopping neck reminds me of… lol… but still… not that Dangerous…

or are they…. (cue the horror movie music)


When you are driving down the road and spot a procession of Turkey, you know they have organized and are prepared to do some damage…

or in my case, you see a line of about 13 Turkeys head for the road, and think “man, I hope I get past them before the suicidal things dash into the road”… lol… okay, so that may be a little over the top thinking-wise, but when the animals decide that it is okay to interact with the human (or at least, they act like you are only living there on their sufferance) … well that is a different matter…

but if swear, if I ever catch the Deer and the Turkeys chatting it up (making war plans), I will sooooo be out of here… lol… so I guess my answer to my own question would be that yep, they are cute, but cute is usually dangerous… 馃槢

happy wordage, Tracey

4-14-2016 #WritingPrompt – Forest

Living in Kentucky, I am well acquainted with the feeling聽of being surrounded by trees/woods… I love the coloring of the leaves in fall, or the smell of honey suckle in spring… I love the fact that聽what most would considered forest animals feel right at home in walking through my聽back yard, even though I live a stones throw away from the聽mall, the railroad tracks, and AK steel… so for this writing prompt I am going with forest… and what would your MC do when surrounded by trees???聽

a forest has the ability to be magical even if you are writing a contemporary themed novel… with out without a hidden waterfall or stream, walking through a forest in fall or spring you are surrounded by beauty… and the sight of the stars through otherwise dead tree limbs is a sight that is hard to describe…

but a forest can also scare the crap out of your MC… some are full of closely packed trees and brush that you have no choice but to go where the forest wants you to go, and the light wouldn’t dare break through the leaves, to noon on a summer day appears like midnight without a star in the sky… add a little fog and you have a place that demands quiet… your quiet, because the forest will be making all kinds of creepy sounds… muhahahaha

don’t forget the animals and bugs that are found in a forest… is you MC afraid of spiders??? well a forest would be a hell of a place for them to end up… and I didn’t add a picture, but a forest is an excellent place to come across a skunk… omg… my dog riled one up while we were camping, one time… we all woke up to the smell… both dog and skunk were under the camper… I ran out to get the dog to come out and leave the a skunk alone before we all suffocated… before mom could finish screaming for me to stay back, both the dog and I were covered in renewed skunk spray… it wasn’t pretty… needless to say, I washed and still mom made me sleep in the car…

as an added piece of character, what would happen if your MC lost their food and water while in the forest… would they know what to eat… if they were hurt, would they know what to use to ease pain… and what if they ate something poisonous??? or heck… your MC could live in the forest, growing their own medicines…

finally, why is your MC in the forest to begin with… are they searching for a cabin deep in the wood, the home of some recluse??? is there some cave or ruin hidden in the trees cover area??? and what types of bridges and trails will they come across on the way… or will they need to create their own… I know there is a cave at Carter Caves that had used the trunk of a tree as a kind of ladder for more than twenty years before it broke… not sure if another was ever brought in, but it was pretty cool… not so much when it broke but otherwise, pretty cool… (and okay, that one pic is actually dark forest cheese cake, but ymmmm)

and for your Pinterest writing prompt… here are some substitutes for ‘look’… if there is a word that you find yourself overusing, see if you can find some substitutes that you enjoy using just as much… happy wordage, tracey


4-2-2016 #WritingPrompt : Animals….

Day two…. and the prompt is animals… so lets start out with baby animals in a continued Easter idea…

baby animals are one of the things I always think about when I think of Easter… my grandmother used to get us baby animals from the local hatchery when we were small… lots of bunnies, and goose … how does your MC feel about animals in general… and how do they feel about baby animals… do they love them like most people or do they not see a reason to get excited about the newness of the cute little things… lol…

how about big animals… from a loveable dog, to wild animals… and for the paranormal set… can your MC turn into an animal… what traits carry over into their human form… can they fade into the shadows like a jaguar, or clamp their jaw down in a killing bite like a shark or an alligator… or is your MC running from a wild animal in a deserted area they are unfamiliar with…

Is your MC a zookeeper? Do the animals get loose, or聽is聽your MC聽in the artic facing off with polars….or maybe your MC tames wild beasts, and walks freely among them where others run for their lives… or do they deal with large animals like horse, cows, and goats… farm animals… maybe as a vet…. learn about the animal and see where you can add some humor to your story… or maybe a little suspense… muhahahaha

and here is our rap up pin from pinterest… Happy wordage everyone… Tracey


indoor tornado


OMG… so I live downstairs and mom lives upstairs… and I love my basement apartment… or I would, if it didn’t leak… now, the leaks used to be a lot worse, but mom had drains and pipes and rocks and… well all kinds of stuff… down to the outside of our home and it seemed as if the leaks were fixed… so we tore up all the ruin carpet and had hardwood laid down in its place…

Thennnnn…. I mom and I were straightening up the clutter… something that I had put off forever (we are talking a few years) I had straightened up the front areas enough for my own comfort… MS had me looking at the tasks and cringing… but eventually mom said she wanted to come down and visit and she couldn’t with all the mess and clutter… (it really was bad)… so, as we walked back and forth across floorboards at the back of the apartment when suspicious water seemed to ooze up between the boards…

I started paying closer attention, and noticed warped boards, and eventually I located some mold… this just wouldn’t do… so now my lovely floorboards are being pulled up and my animals and I are staying upstairs with mom… not really a problem, but she seems to have a cat allergy… lol…not good… but I love my cat… so to keep them both happy, I purchased a five dollar cat bed and placed it in front of one of the living room windows…


Now everyone is happy. and my home will be fixed up good as new… in a year or two… 馃槢 first we have to find the evil water points of entry, and get someone to do the heavy lifting for us… 馃槢 Hopefully I am overestimating the timeline… if not, I am afraid that mom will choke on the animal hair… man do my two pugs and one cat shed enough to fill a pillow case a day…

Happy wordage everyone, Tracey

Mystery… muhahahaha

No pictures this time.. I am working on some art projects to add to a mystery box… this is fun, and I cant wait to show everyone… I love creating, no matter if the final product is in word, paint, or mystery material… muhahaha… what are you guys doing for October???

Okay… how about some older art pictures… no peaking at the new stuff, but a look back in the past we can do… What do you guys like to create??

IMG_0295photo 1

bob ross rocks
bob ross rocks
for grandma
for grandma

Lots of art in this house… and of course that includes writing… Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) can be yours on Oct 26 in either e-book or paperback…

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Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) will be released Oct 26… let the fun begin

oct 13 writing prompt… PUGNACIOUS

Pugnacious: Adjective…

eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight:

“the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians”


lol… Okay… so this word doesn’t really have anything to do with pugs, but I do think of them when I say it… I mean, I guess pugnacious could describe their disdain for rules… if I tell Moe-moe to go outside, he will just lie there staring at me… or my favorite… he will come within a foot of my outstretched arm and then sit down… clearly say ‘nope, this is are far as I go, woman’… grrr… they are rotten by they make me smile… okay, back to our word of the day…

synonyms: combativeaggressiveantagonisticbelligerentbellicose

obviously politicians best fit this definition… but what if you character doesn’t have anything to do with politics… can the word pugnacious still inspire you to come up with a few chapters??? that is the wonderful thing about the English language… most word come with some many different uses and points of view… frankly, when I think of the pugnacious, I think ‘doggedly’… like a dog with a bone, the character just won’t let it聽go… it could be an argument, a hunt for the villain, or a mission to acquire love… Alpha males always have some form of a pugnacious attitude… they fight for what they want…
animals are the picture of warlike/pugnacious… always defining strength with the one that comes out on top during a fight… same goes for humans… whether physical,聽mental, or聽magical, someone has to be the force that everyone looks to for answers聽… what basic instinct shine through in your character… no matter you work with contemporary or paranormal or history or etc… we all need that character with the take charge attitude… a book full of followers would lead no where….
think of your character during a sporting event… anyone that has watched or participated in a sport knows that competitive, warlike, quarrelsome… basically all the synonyms for pugnacious hold true… you zone out, forget the crowd, and focus on getting the ball, making the touchdown, gain home base… sporting events can be very intense…
and lastly, I just loved this pinterest picture… this little girl is ready to take on the world… ready to debate and get her way, make you see that she is right, and fight for her place at the top of the pack… definitely the best pugnacious picture out there… 馃槢 now go forth and write… happy wordage everyone, Tracey

Oct 11 prompt… Cat


For Oct 11 the writing prompt is all things catty… muhahaha…. I just love my Dracula kitty shirt… not sure what you could use it to inspire, maybe a story about dracula’s mom and how she depicts the typical ‘cat lady’…


hey… don’t knock it… I may be mostly a pug lady, but even I have a cat…

Gizmo/my baby boy
Gizmo/my baby boy

Who knows… maybe your character goes by Kat… or Kitty… hey… they could be a shapeshifter…. and their animal form could be one of the large cats


Or your character could be stuck in the mountains, face to face with a wild cat… hopefully not a momma trying to protect her kit… unless you are writing a death scene… or packing a gun and don’t mind leaving a kit motherless… hey, bambi turned out okay… muhahahahaha


I even read Yasmine Galenorm’s story where one of her Main Characters started off accidentally turning into a regular house cat when they were upset… that is a cool story line… with a lot of room to grow… but you could also think of Stephen Kings take on the matter of Cats… even a house cat is a carnivore…. and will eat you if they can… muhahahahaha


have fun and happy wordage, Tracey

OOOO … and don’t forget CATscan… medical procedure…

Oct 8… writing prompt GAZE

Okay… this is day eight and our writing Prompt is GAZE…


Star gaze… dream of other worlds, wonder what else is in the universe, wish on a shooting star, be inspired to go out into the world and find something bigger than the one you live… this isn’t the one I will be using, but I thought it perfectly described writers the world over… we are dreamers, no matter if the world we build take us beyond the stars or down into the distant past…. we can envision shape-shifters, heroic cowboys, villains that the reader loves to hate, or just your run of the mill Fae Princess … we all star gaze in our own way!


Then there is the all important lover’s gaze… or you could gaze around the room, or give you gaze some other emotion… a hardened gave, a softened gaze, a narrowed gaze… how exactly is your character looking at the world and the people around him/her…


What exactly are their eyes doing??


They can gaze out of a window… daydreaming, searching for a sign, waiting to see a lover’s approach?? Orrr…. for you horror fans… they can be gazing up out of the open grave they woke up in… muhahahaha


Your character could also be gazing into a crystal ball or a haunted mirror… they can gaze at the horizon, or into the depths of a lake… how exactly to you want your story to unfold… each word, each thought, each prompt holds a multitude of possibility…


For me, I will use gazing deep into someone’s soul… a hypnotic gaze… I’m not sure if the little girl is trying to hypnotize the horse or vice versa… 馃槢 thankfully, I will be using Sam and Nick, and as far as I know neither one is a horse… lol… I’m sure they will tell me if I’m wrong… happy wordage, and enjoy today’s prompt… and check back later for my wrap up to the current聽 short story… tracey


sooo… I thought this would bring my short story to a close but the MC informed me that she needs one more section to wrap things up… we will see if she lets me stop at that… the voice may end up turning this into a novelette… 馃槢 if you missed the writing prompt for the word SHACK click HERE聽… and now enjoy the next part of my short story…


Sam didn鈥檛 really know how she ended up being driven out to the local wild preserve, a silent Nick at the wheel. It usually took her more than a day to alienate her co-workers. But what did the Captain want her to do? She was know for following her gut, and her gut told her that those lemur tracks were important to the case.

“Shake it off, Sammykins.”

Sam had difficulty unclenching her jaw. Who the hell was this guy? “There is no shaking it off. I don鈥檛 ask for the weird and unexplained to follow me to work, but it always leads somewhere. I don鈥檛 care it you believe me. Those tracks-”

“Whoa there, slow it down. I never said I that I doubted you hunch. I just want to ask someone with a little more knowledge on animal tracks than a cop with a furry foot fetish.”

Sam stared at Nick, his concentration on the road. The man looked completely serious. “Are you saying I have an animal … I don鈥檛 even know what to call it. Besides, I grew up running through the forest a lot. Never went to the beach if I could help it.”

“Get forced to go on beach vacations a lot? Most people call that good fortune.”

“What鈥檚 good about itchy, scratchy sand particles finding their way into your mouth, your hair, and managing to slip beneath skin tight bathing suits. I mean… who wants a crotch full of sand? And an hour in the sun and you have this sticky film covering your skin.”

“Then why go?”

Sam didn鈥檛 want to talk about her youth, she wanted answers of her own. “It was mandatory. Now tell me why you offered to Mastins鈥檚 place when he started bitching to the Captain? I don鈥檛 need charity. I know I鈥檓 right. And if you-”

“Again, slow down with the accusations. I wanted to stick with the only person coming up with leads. Weird or not, any lead is better than none.”

“Okay. And where exactly is this expert of yours?” The car began to slow as Nick went around a sharp curve. Pulling to a complete stop, Nick got out without answering. But really, why bother. They had apparently arrived. Sam jumped out of the car and ran after him. “What the hell is that?”

Nick walked up to the two foot shack barely visible in the side of one of the trees, and knocked loudly. “This is our experts home. So be nice.”

Sam could feel her face beginning to burn in anger. Nick was just like the rest of them. Games and tricks… let鈥檚 make fun of the weirdo with whacked out theories. What a crock? Sam had turned back to the car, fully prepared to hot wire the car and leave his ass. Hopefully an accommodating alligator would come along and eat the bastard.

Sam had started to walk away when she was jerked to a halt by a quiet musical voice. Whipping around she watched a small woman poke her head out of the two foot door. The smell of fresh backed cookies came wafting out of the cracked door. The woman seemed to be bending over to look outside, as if she was taller than her door. What the hell was going on here?

Nick knew he should have left Sam behind at the station; allowing humans to gain secrets about the supernatural world never worked out well for his kind. Humans were a blood thirsty lot, always ready to start the next cleansing. Witch trials killed innocent humans and weaker Supes, but just because they were weaker didn鈥檛 mean that the beings killed by the hate and fear of humans were any less needed for the survival of both species. By all rights, Nick should wipe Sam鈥檚 mind now and send her on her way.

Before he could finish that thought, the Brownie Elder popped in front of him moving to face to see how it happened. He could feel the magic, but didn鈥檛 know exactly how it worked. Karma was one of the first Brownies to be given the post as ambassador to the Fates.

Karma spoke fast, her agitation clear as she materialized a staff and repeatedly slammed it into his shins as she ranted. “What you do? What you do? No human, vampire. It is law. Queen鈥檚 Law. You be staked to the land for the vultures, you be thrown to the Lower Realms, you be-”


“I tell the Fates. They have your house thrown into-”


“What you say for your self?”

Nick glanced over at a silent Sam. She stood there, her arms hanging limp and her jaw dropped. Turning back to Karma, he whispered, “She can see you.”

Karma jerked back as if burned. Then cocking her head, she slowly approached Sam and began looking her over. Sam closed her mouth and narrowed her eyes as she watched the Brownie, always keeping her in sight, as Karma circled.

Karma reached out and poked Sam鈥檚 side, then continued moving on to examine a different area. Sam had obviously had had enough. When Karma moved to poke her other side, Sam slapped her hand away. “What the hell? Stop all the poking and explain what just happened.”

Instead of answering, Karma threw her head back and started to cackle. This wasn鈥檛 just some belly laugh, it was a full fledged cackle. Karma was enjoying something a little too much.

Sobering, Karma wiped a tear from her eye and allowed her staff to disappear. “This be good. Yes. I will enjoy.”

Nick cringed. He had a feeling that he had just started something that couldn鈥檛 be stopped. Something that he wasn鈥檛 going to like. Definitely something that Sam wasn鈥檛 going to appreciate. If the Fates didn鈥檛 decide to tear into his ass and turn his world upside down, Sam would probably kill him if she figured out the that Fate would add her future to their to-be-tinkered-with list. And all because he wanted to see if she could spot a Brownie. She may look and feel human, but something wasn鈥檛 making sense. First a human kidnapper and now Sam. The world of humans and the world of the Supes seemed to mixing, and nothing good could come of that.

Oct 6 writing prompt… hedge!!

Ooooo… the word hedge can work for both the paranormal/fantasy lovers and the contemporary/history buffs… which are you…

94052122929d9491894d7749c3e8b82a 85efde1cc97aff8cb6b8ced42c7929e1


Magical hedges that grow hundreds of feet tall and reach out to grab the unsuspecting, mystical hedges full of color, or hedges made with love and hard work… needless to say, I will be going with the magical hedges… I love the idea of the Brownies in my Finder’s Keepers series living in trees and other plant life… like hedges…


Not sure if I’m going to go with the type of hedge that swallows you whole, that can move and breathe… or the classic version that my Brownies inhabit…. hmmm… how about you guys… need more choices???


You could have a sexy garner that can shape a garden hedge into a lifelike zoo animal. You could see a vision of a mystical woman聽in the hedges, or close off an intimate garden area with tall wall like hedges. And a maze made out of hedges is always a winner, no matter if the hedges are normal or alive…

But to me, the word hedge makes me think of hedgehogs … cute and dangerous …


Or maybe hedging your bets, holding back, or even hedging when you answer a questions, when you are hinting at something you want… a person spreading out the risk… that’s what hedging my bets means…. and hedging an answer makes me thing of either holding back, or throwing out hints… like the sexy woman in red picture… she is sooo throwing out hints… lol…


And I’m just throwing this one out there because it is soooo cute… and sooo weird… green puppies born in Spain… I say there was too many hot peppers in the dog food, and I want one… and they kind of fit into the hedge theme… I mean, we have green hedges, hedgehogs, and hedges shaped into to wildlife… why can’t one of the hedges come to life and make a green puppy… 馃槢


Aliens came down and mated with the wrong mammals… muhahaha

no go forth and write.. happy wordage…


Getting so excited. Twenty days and counting until Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel) is released.


Fae assassins, betrayal, electric power surges and lust that won’t be denied. Find it all on Oct 26. For now, enjoy the next part of my growing short story. Get a little taste of Sam (Detective Samantha Cass)… I need to find a way for Sam and Marin to one day meet. Please remember that this piece is unedited and will only be looked through once all the prompts have been given for the month… annnndddd READ!!!


— continuation of short story, using prompt tracks… click HERE聽to get the prompt (words and pictures) for yourself —

Sam followed leafy trail, occasionally looking around for an oak tree. She wasn鈥檛 a hundred percent sure, but the leaves looked like oak leaves to her. But where in the hell had they come from. The Pier was surround by restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. Other than that? Nothing.

Coming to the end of the trail, Sam glanced back and spotted Mastins shaking his head. She was nearly four blocks from the crime scene but surely the leaves counted as evidence. She had already screwed up by ignoring the oddly placed pumpkin patch; no ways was she dismissing the vegetation this time.

As Mastins threw his hands up in the air and turned away, Sam allowed her hands to fist and fought the very childish need to stomp her foot. Turning back to the task at hand, she slammed into one of the hottest men she had ever seen. But dammit, how had he managed to sneak up on her?

Stumbling away from the man would have been cowardly. Sam stood her ground but had to grit her teeth at the loss of presonal space. “Can I help you?”

“Actually, I鈥檓 here to help you.”

“Sir, this is a crime scene. Unless you have information on the kidnaping, I have to ask you to get behind the tape.” The words had barely left her month, as Sam realized that no one had seen fit to cordon off the area.

Someone had decided to put up yellow tape to block access to the Pier stairs but that was about it. How was she supposed to learn how to follow procedure when everyone seemed to be flying in their own direction. Gritting her teeth, Sam managed to get out, “At least stand back, and try not to mess up my scene.”

His kissable lips curved into a grin. Which was totally not fair. “Sorry Dectective. But as I was saying, I鈥檓 here to help. Names Nickolas Savien, but you can call me Nick.”

“Alright Nicky Boy. How do you plan to make my life better?”

This time Nick laughed out loud; his head thrown back, the muscles in chest clearly defined as his dress shirt stretched taunt over every delicious line. Sobering, Nick started examining the leaves as he said, “I鈥檓 from the hill area close to Ironton, Ohio. The chief thought your kidnaping looked similar to a few unsolved cases from last month. We lost three kids, no trace, but sure did have a lot of plant life to clean up.”

Sam crossed her arms over her chest and fought the need to scream. Not only was this man telling her about similar cases that had happened in another state, he was implying that Myrtle Beach more than one case of its own that could be linked to his kidnapings. Why was she receiving this information from an out of state cop, while her Mastins and the others neglected to share.

“Why don鈥檛 you go over what your department has?” Tight smile firmly in place, Sam shook out her arms and started looking for anything out of place besides the fall leaves leading away from the Pier.

Nick became her shadow as she walked up and down each side of the trail. “Not much. We had strawberries growing through concrete. Forget the fact that the fruits were out of season, they were coming up through some poor bastard鈥檚 front porch, through at least three feet of seemingly solid concrete. I鈥檝e never seen anything like it before. Also, the second scene was this little old cabin in the woods. Found a lot of oak leaves on the ground, which made sense when you looked at the dead trees surrounding the home. But what killed the trees? What made all those leaves fall off the branches? I鈥檝e lived in the area for a long time now, and it鈥檚 common for parts of a tree to die off, but the leaves tend to hang on even after they begin to shrivel up. There are always trees, no matter the season, standing out in the middle of green healthy trees or even winter bare ones. And they always have clumps of dead leaves that refuse to fall.”

“You鈥檙e not suggesting that the leaves from your crime scene and this trail are related? Who in the hell would drive nine, maybe ten, hours carting around crime scene evidence? Besides… look at the number of leaves. It would take an extremely large u-haul to move these. Why would-”

“I鈥檓 not suggesting that there the same leaves. But I am suggesting that we have the two samples compared.”

The smile came a little easier as Sam pulled out her phone. Who was she to deny the techs the chance to inspect the entire scene. Besides, it was Captain鈥檚 orders. Or close enough.

Sam ignored the crime techs. No one actually thought that they would find worthwhile information by picking up each and ever one of the multi-colored leaves. Everyone but Sam. With each pile removed, small indentations started to show up. “Watch you step. I want to examine the ground underneath the leaves when you鈥檙e done.”

“Oh, come one, Detective. What did we ever do to you?”

Sam looked up at the whiner, but couldn鈥檛 place his name. “This is about throwing extra work your way; I really need to see what鈥檚 under there. And I can鈥檛 do that if you guys trample all the evidence.” If the glares being thrown her way were anything to go on, they didn鈥檛 appreciate her need for a clean undamaged scene.

Mastins and the others had left hours ago, leaving Sam alone with their out of town co-worker to continue working the scene. A scene that was starting to prove interesting. Getting down on her knees, she looked at every angle. She crab walked down the side of the trail, marking the small prints with a handful of flag markers. Looking up at the whiny tech, Sam opened her mouth but the man cut her off.

“Not my first day Detective. I鈥檓 well aware that you need the marked off areas photographed and mold poured into the depressions.”

Sam would swear that the man had wanted to put a different word in there, instead of Detective, but whatever. She knew what she saw. Now she needed someone from the area to tell her if it meant anything.

Nick wondered over and held out his hand to pull her to her feet. “What鈥檚 up, Sammy Kins?”

Sam cringed. What type of person walked around handing out sappy nicknames to prefect strangers? And how did he make her want to punch him in the gut and kiss him at the same time? Straightening her spin, Sam went back to work, back to the only clue they had managed to find all day. Glancing at Nick she asked, “I don鈥檛 suppose you know if there are lemurs around here?”

“No. Why?”

She could feel that she was on the right track. Her eyes following the small marks pressed into the ground, Sam pointed out, “There are lemur track underneath our trail of leaves. And I want to know why. I also want to look for more of them, see where they went.”

Nick moved to examine the tracks a little closer. “How the hell do you know what lemur tracks look like? And why do we care? What do lemurs have to do with a missing child?”

Sam shook her head. It looked like this job assignment would include just as much weirdness as her San Francisco cases. Placing her hands on her hips, she looked to the sky. “Don鈥檛 know. I really don鈥檛 know.” Glancing at Nick she continued, “But the weird and out of place seems to follow me. And when I follow it, I get answers.”

—- Now it’s your turn… read the prompt and share your creation… muhahahaha… happy wordage, everyone… tracey