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Another big day #RRBC

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it is almost time for us to sit down with my character Marin, and check out what she thinks about her new life as Princess de Platadreki… what she thinks of all the people coming into her life… alright… fine… we really want to know the dirt behind her recent Find to help out Makayla… cause, two peas in a pod those women are not… 😛

for now, enjoy today’s links and posts… remember, just comment on them and you will be entered to win prizes… wooo who…

Mind, Pen and Spirit/Karen Ingalls


(1)  Prize package which will include:  signed copy of DAVIDA:  MODEL & MISTRESS + a package full of goodies;

 Ronesa Aveela/Rebecca Carter


  • (2) Audio books of “THE CHRISTMAS THIEF,”
  • (1) Ebook of “LIGHT, LOVE RITUALS
  • & (1) Ebook of “MYSTICAL EMONA”;

 Jazz:  America’s Gift/Richie Gerber


(3) Ebooks of “JAZZ:  AMERICA’S GIFT”;

Pre-Release… Get your copy for FREE

Southern Discoveries_ebook (1)

After two nights in a row, staying up to the wee hours of the morning, and growling at my computer as I fought to figure out how to format Southern Discoveries into an ebook, the pain, sweet, and swearing finally paid off…. muhahaahahahahaha…. I did it… take that MS….

Okay, so thanks to Pronoun.com it was pretty easy… the difficult part had more to do with my uncooperative brain than my formatting task…

Sooooooo….. about three in the morning last night, I looked at my screen and realized I was ready to hit the publish button… the ebook version was ready to go… now I only had to wait for the woman that created my book covers to finish with the spine and back cover so that I could set up the paperback format on createspace.com … and this left me with an opportunity that I hadn’t thought of before…


For the next week, I am offering FREE ecopies to anyone willing to leave a review… (Reviews really are the devil to get, but oh so important) … just drop me a line and I will make sure that you get your copy … even if it means I have to swear at my computer some more… 😛 … I already have the Mobi & Epub versions, and will have the PDF version later today…

And truthfully, it would be an enormous help if y’all could stop in at amazon, goodreads, or one of the other retailers, blogs, etc and drop a line or two one what you thought of Southern Discoveries… as the pre-order links go up, I will post them so that you know where to find the book in order to give a review, or you can wait until after it is out, and easy to find…

Most books are set up for pre-order months before the release date, but Southern Discoveries grew a mind of its own and took longer than I expected to finish… (and I might be a bit impatient) But its all good… because you guys get it now, and not months from now…. wooo whooo…


and lastly, I decided to set up a newsletter… you can get Finder’s Keepers & Skymann (coming soon) series info delivered to your email… this email list will hopefully allow me to offer more pre-releases, monthly updates, and other book related goodies… just head HERE and leave your info…

I didn’t think I would need an email list, not when I could just use Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc. to send out updates… but I’ve found that there are certain sites that ask you to use something along the lines of MailChimp …. sooo take a moment and sign up to get your Newsletter

happy wordage everyone, Tracey

Ups and Downs/MS Blues


For the most part, I deal with my illness (Multiple Sclerosis) and limitations with a positive spin. It isn’t easy but I look for the high points I can still have. Butttt… the ups and downs are still there. Looking for and sharing the UP moments helps me and those around me to deal with this scary reality.


Why am I sharing this with you guys? Because it is human nature to fear and avoid what we don’t understand. I have found that being upfront and completely (the embarrassing, funny, scary, ludicrous, and at the painful) honest helps to bridge the awkward moments when I lose my words, break into tears, or look at a simple phrase with a million mile stare.

But dude… I grew up dealing with dyslexia, a little word soup is nothing new. I learned to laugh at my Duh moments. I learned to enjoy the fact that reading upside-down or backwards was a breeze.

Learning to deal and laugh about my brain and body having incorrect responses took a little longer but for the most part I have learned to roll with the punches and enjoy the things I still have in my life. I got my vision back, I relearned how to create my arts and craft hobbies, once in a while I have the energy to cook again, and best of all… I learned to create stories for others to enjoy. The edits are still a pain and at times near impossible, but I have others willing to help me out by stopping my missed words.

I’m thinking of making some MS themed swag for next year when I take my book baby, Shocking Finds, and hopefully his little sister to the Rebels and Readers book signing… over three hundred authors asked to sign up for the event, but only about 75 of us were able to make it in. I can’t wait to sit among my fellow writers and experience the event from their perspective. Okay… I am a little freaked out but excited… 😛 I plan to locate a chair that will allow me to sit through the hours without as much pain… most seating is a killer…. even if I have to pad the thing with pillows, I will be there…

That will be a definite UP moment… something to balance out the DOWN moments. Like Scorpion… I love that show, but omg … I cried my eyes out as I watched Walter’s sister die. I had held up hope that the geniuses of the show would find a way to help her at the last moment, but instead I sat there watching my worst fears. It took a few days and my mother’s support to bounce back to my positive outlook.


I swear, I couldn’t stop crying… and not silent tears.. NOOOOO… there was mucus, hiccupping sobs that interfered with my breathing, and swollen eyes. It wasn’t pretty. When I went upstairs and saw Mom, I warned her not to watch if she didn’t want to cry. She told me I shouldn’t be watching Scorpion. At which point, I burst back into tears and almost shouted, “It’s not like they can kill her twice.” lol… just one of those over the top emotional moments for this MS gal… And it’s true… it was horrible but it isn’t a moment that the TV show can repeat, at least not to that degree. Now… if they kill off Ralph, the cute genius kid, I will have to call it quits… I love his character… brainiac kids are sooo adorable…

Besides… it is the awareness brought to the disease by Scorpion, Shemar Moore’s Baby Girl clothing, and other celebrity involvement/exposure that will spread the word and help the world to understand and want to help out with the further the cure cause.

And now that Thanksgiving is over and my down moment has passed, I am headed back to edits. I still have a couple of days left of NaNoWriMo to add to my word count. I already hit the 50k goal line… wooo who… in fact, Book Two is now at 72k words. It is looking like Book Two will be in the 80k range, shorter than Book One – Shocking Finds. But then Book One in the Finder’s Keepers Series took on the heavier burden of opening up the world of Marin and Kyland. I can’t wait to wrap up the edit rounds, and start looking for Beta Readers.


Every day is all about admitting what I want, and then understanding what I can take on today and what has to wait for another day. Understand that those you know with MS may be hiding a multitude of pain, they may have uncontrollable emotions and freak out when the sun beats down, or move slow with their actions and reactions… but everyday is different… all they need is your understanding and support… I hope to see you all at Rebels and Readers Nov 2016 and even if you might tear up, you should definitely check out Scorpion… Happy wordage, Tracey