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top picks from fellow readers


The recent poll for our favorite authors turned out to be a lot of fun for me. Like one person commented, it was a great way to find new authors to add to my TBR list. Though one person commented that she preferred to go into a book blind, no outside commentary.

You never know what you are going to get when you open a book. No matter how many reviews you read, your opinion may differ from the likes and dislikes of others. I have found that even the authors that I have loved for years can come up with something that either wows me beyond belief, or makes me check the front cover … just to make sure I really am reading one of their books. Not to worry, my favs … one book that leaves me wanting will not turn me away, because I know that writing is a very personal journey. We put a piece of ourselves into each book, no matter if we are writing about battling Fae, horror fright with clowns, or cowboys that know how to show you a thing or two …
ummmmm … love those cowboys … and where are all my cowboys, I ask. Man am I gonna miss Lorelei James’s main cowboy series.

Right now, I love everything to do with writing and reading fantasy/paranormal romance. From the in your face lovin’ with some vamps and shifters thrown in … Laurell K Hamilton, Lora Leigh, Lynsay Sands, Christine Feehan … to the middle ground sexy fireworks, and even a few behind closed doors for the intimates … Karen Chance, Eileen Wilks, Patricia Briggs.

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to send out this poll and have someone pick my name out of the hat. My first book is soooo close to publication (no matter if I choose the traditional route, or the self pub way of thinking) that I can practically feel it in my hands. And I am scared to death … lol … Take a look at what I’m thinking of using for the back cover, and feel free to comment …

Back Cover-

It was a small bid for independence.

She never asked for Fae assassins, uncontrollable powers, or a confusing protector that was too good looking for his own good.

But for her 21st birthday, Marin will get all that and more.

Will she be able to find a balance between the ups and downs, between the horrendous and the amazing, between the betrayals and the heart thumping romance?

I swear, my heart began to speed up just thinking of sharing that with the world. If only I could write the books, and let someone else do the promo part. Part of me cringes at the prospect of writing promos, queries, synopsis letters, etc … Maybe some those that enjoy the horror genre, and suspense, can tell me how to over come this part … because, really, I would rather face Stephen Kings idea of clowns than write another one of those right now. But until I can find someone willing to pull the weight for me … I guess I will continue to write and rewrite.

Back to the salt mines *sigh* 😛

I did managed to run across on publisher that only asks for the synopsis and the book itself. Sending my work out to Gone Writing Publishing wasn’t as harrowing as some of the agents and publishing houses out there.
http://gonewritingpublishing.blogspot.com/They are just opening their doors, and I can’t wait to see what new books they help get on the market for us to enjoy. Man, I love books. 😛

To wrap up, I will share some of the comments received from the ‘love your author’ poll …
https://lccdena.wordpress.com/I love Lee Preston and Lincoln Child. They write archaeology/history suspense novels.
https://lizajanechronicles.wordpress.com/I’m going to go new school. Mary Catherine Gebhard is an indie author who is so talented I foresee her becoming a bestseller.
Stephen King has to be my favorite author of the moment. My favorite changes as I read new and enticing stories, and Stephen King’s depth of storytelling in It will stay with me for quite some time. It’s a story that you find yourself dwelling on months later.
https://window2mysoul.wordpress.com/I have a big list for “favorite authors”, some are (no orders) Rabindranath Tagore, Bankimchandra Chatterjee, Saratchandra Chatterjee, Maupassant, Maugham, Doyle, Jules Verne, Hugo… Barbara Cartland
https://kasimskorner.wordpress.com/Can I say me or is that not humble enough? :p
Jane Austen she makes me grin foolishly and make me feel book contentment not just from her main novels but her minor works and letters
Great idea! There are really too many for me to list! But I did add a few. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and I’m glad you enjoy my posts. Look forward to seeing you again soon, doors always open at Jean’s Writing.

The poll percents:
answer                                      votes            percent

add your own                            6                      27%        *see bottom for names
Lynsay Sands                             5                     23%
other/not named                    4                     18%
Laurell k Hamilton                 3                     14%
Lora Leigh                                   3                     14%
Shelly Laurenston                  1                        5%
Patricia Briggs                          0                        0% ???

come one people/Patricia Briggs is great…. you so need to try her Mercy Thompson series and her Alpha and Omega series  😛

*names added:
Karen Chance
Donna Grant
Ninnie Hammon, Hugh Howey, Diana Gabaldon
Nora Roberts
Nalini Singh
Jessica Scott

Fun in the sun, or melt in the heat… hmmm


The world is full of insanity, and road blocks descend on the unsuspecting, at every opportunity, but there is also beauty. Every hardship can provide a moment of fun and laughter, once the smoke clears, even though these moments can be hard to see at first. Or maybe, it just me. The mentally insane have a tendency of seeing things a little differently. ;P

Like having your car die, while going 65 mph, down a three lane highway. Fun? Laughter? Oh… did I mention the 92 degree heat? NO? Well, huh. How about the downpour, coming and going, that didn’t allow us to roll down our windows, in desperation of catching one of the rare muggy breezes? What… didn’t mention that either? My mind must be protecting my sanity, by blocking out the horror, only presenting the humor.

The car was rushing towards our reservations at the dinner theater, Medieval Times. I could feel the moment we started to slow, as the steady hum from the engine disappeared. Doing my best not to freak mom out, I simply said that I needed to get over, before I allowed the car to cruse through traffic toward the side of the highway. Needless to say, I failed. Oh, I managed to get the car into the grass beside an off-ramp, (looked safe to me) but mom didn’t agree. But not to worry, because we had managed to stop right in front of a sign that gave the number for road side assistance.

At this point, life wasn’t looking so humorous. And that was before the rain decided to switch from a sprinkle to the bucket syndrome. I was missing an air-conditioned event of horses, pina coladas, and man candy. As we waited for help and mom called to reschedule our dinner theater, things were looking pretty bleak, but an hour later every thing changed. We had new theater tickets and help had arrived in the form of roadside assistance. Otherwise known as a very polite elderly man that was more than willing to wait with us until a tow truck arrived. He was very sorry, but he didn’t have jumper cables, didn’t know anything about cars, and didn’t have the ability to tow our car. Huh… Roadside assistance??? Provided by the state??? Luckily for this poor man, we found the entire thing hilarious. It was more like roadside babysitting. ;P

Eventually, we managed to get a tow from a company that also worked on Mercedes vehicles. It was quite late at this point, we were starving (hello, we missed theater and dinner), and exhausted. Everyone was extremely kind, they offered to call a cab that had better rates for their customers, and as we were leaving, they even offered us tickets for free admission to the local gentleman’s club (they even promised that there would be male dancers as well). See? Very kind. 🙂 Dollar bills anyone???

Sadly, we declined and headed for our hotel. Mom made sure that the man driving the cab had change for a $50.00 and I raided the car garage’s vending machine, before we left. It was a short trip, no more than $16.00. Made all the more enjoyable by the rice crispy treats and chips, from my junk dispensing friend. When we arrived at our hotel, mom said to keep the change and rushed out of the car. Practically swallowing my tongue, I followed quickly, but not quickly enough. As the car ‘quickly’ left, I managed to reach mom and squeak out, “Wasn’t that a 50?” I crossed my fingers that she had managed to find a $20, but no such luck.

Most of our beach vacation was spent on separate endeavors. Mom did her best to obtain the tan of her dreams, while I sought out cooler holes to relax in. Which mostly meant that I haunted Barns and Noble, as well as BAM, Books A Million. I managed to acquire more than a dozen books while mom fought to pull down as many deadly rays as she could, finally realizing that her tanning lotion contained 15 spf. lol. (Okay, she wasn’t laughing)

Our evenings were all about visiting local family, while hitting every restaurant that we knew (correction, that we swore) we were going to miss, once we returned home and started eating healthy. Booo. Just because I will fell better about myself, both physically and mentally, doesn’t mean that I have to like it. *pouting* Man, the food was good. Especially the food at Medieval Times, not to mention fun. It isn’t every day that grown adults are asked to eat with their hands. 😉


Medieval Time was a blast. We had excellent food, drinks, and entertainment. The horses were beautiful and so talented, doing tricks that I could barely believe. (The actors were talented as well ;P) But when it was over… mom was hurting pretty bad, so while we waited for our taxi that would take us back to our hotel, I found her a place to sit, while I went in to get souvenirs. So mom is sitting there, cig raised out of the way, while she is bent over hunting for something in her purse. This soft spoken, Asian woman comes up, politely taps mom’s shoulder, and says something that mom cant understand. Soooo, not paying any real attention to the woman, she says, “I can’t understand you,” barely moving her gaze, as she continues to look through her purse. (I never did ask what she was looking for) Anywho… the woman’s husband (at least I assume that this man was her husband), through much laughter, manages to get out, “Hair on Fire”… Feel free to laugh. Mom said that the couple, as well as the rest of their small group (I started out telling people that there were a dozen histerically laughing Asians. Now the story is up to about twenty), was nearly in pain from their laughter as they passed her.

This wasn’t mom’s only brush with fire tricks. Living in a world of non-smoking is troublesome for traveling tobacco lovers. We are attempting to quick, but in the mean time, there are balconies and bars. But safety first, everyone. If a lighter has been left out in the sun, for the protection of all involved, do not try to light your cigarette. Mom was lucky that the fire went out so quickly, merely causing her hand to become tender, and that the rest of her hair remained untouched. One impromptu hair cut, per vacation, is all that anyone can afford. She now swears that it was like holding a ball of flames, like her own superpower. 😉

It wasn’t all insanity and horror. We are both insane, finding laughter in the most dire of situations, but we also ate excellent food (for the most part), found shopping bargains, and relaxed. I even managed to accomplish some editing. All in all the beach part of our adventure went rather quickly. Soon we were ready to trade in the sand for dragons.


The night before we left for Atlanta, and DragonCon, there was a dragonfly on our balcony (eight floors up) and the little guy followed us into our hotel room. It was almost impossible, but I finally managed to get him back outside. When we arrived at the Con, we stopped to watch as a man was helped into his dragon costume. It looked amazing, but man, I bet he was hot. Even the rooms were hot.

I had a blast watching the interesting costumes, sitting in on panels of my favorite authors, and going to writing seminars. Hello… I managed to see both Laurell K Hamilton and Jim Butcher, twice. They were hilarious and my day was made. I did have a few embarrassing MS moments, like the time I was sitting in the front row of a panel containing Laurell K Hamilton, and the heat and the lack of sleep caused my eyes to become heavy. Yep. I was fighting sleep, in front of my favorite author. I just know that I looked drugged or rude, or both. Who sits in the front row, if they plan on napping? I would have gotten up, but that would have called even more attention to myself. What was I to do? Sit through the embarrassment, then go to another panel with her on it, but for heaven’s sake… take coffee and sit anywhere but the first row.


This post is becoming a bit lengthy, sooooo… I will leave off the rest of our DragonCon adventure for the next post (that way the rest of you will be able to stay awake), saying only that next time, I am either going to a smaller convention or bringing my Taser. There were over 65,000 people – and those were the ones with tickets, not the ones sneaking in – at DragonCon, and while most were fun loving and polite, there were a few jerks. But that rant is for next time.

Happy writing everyone. ;P