indoor tornado


OMG… so I live downstairs and mom lives upstairs… and I love my basement apartment… or I would, if it didn’t leak… now, the leaks used to be a lot worse, but mom had drains and pipes and rocks and… well all kinds of stuff… down to the outside of our home and it seemed as if the leaks were fixed… so we tore up all the ruin carpet and had hardwood laid down in its place…

Thennnnn…. I mom and I were straightening up the clutter… something that I had put off forever (we are talking a few years) I had straightened up the front areas enough for my own comfort… MS had me looking at the tasks and cringing… but eventually mom said she wanted to come down and visit and she couldn’t with all the mess and clutter… (it really was bad)… so, as we walked back and forth across floorboards at the back of the apartment when suspicious water seemed to ooze up between the boards…

I started paying closer attention, and noticed warped boards, and eventually I located some mold… this just wouldn’t do… so now my lovely floorboards are being pulled up and my animals and I are staying upstairs with mom… not really a problem, but she seems to have a cat allergy… lol…not good… but I love my cat… so to keep them both happy, I purchased a five dollar cat bed and placed it in front of one of the living room windows…


Now everyone is happy. and my home will be fixed up good as new… in a year or two… šŸ˜› first we have to find the evil water points of entry, and get someone to do the heavy lifting for us… šŸ˜› Hopefully I am overestimating the timeline… if not, I am afraid that mom will choke on the animal hair… man do my two pugs and one cat shed enough to fill a pillow case a day…

Happy wordage everyone, Tracey

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