who’s in the birdcage??


Remember how Snow White had this gift with animals, to the point where she could sing a bird down from the sky to alight on her finger??? Yeah… that sooo didn’t happen here…

I came home from  a diet coke run (omg, I am addicted to diet coke out of a soda fountain) and I walked in to find Tweety’s younger cousin had moved in… how??? who the heck knows… but the cat didn’t care, and refused to help, merely lying back to watch as I ran around in circles…

did I mention that my house  is in a figure eight design… man… and I thought catching the dogs when they were in trouble was a pain… at least the dogs don’t have wings… and since when is an animal with a head smaller than a quarter intelligent… how is that fair?? lol….I opened all the windows and doors… I blocked off rooms… and I ran in circles… every time Tweety 2.0 got near an escape route (to the colder land of the outdoors) he would make a U-turn…


he flew  to the top of the curtains, into the Christmas tree (cause, yes, I am that person that takes things down around the time I need to be putting them back up) and the dang thing even hopped under the bed… at one point, he stopped to rest on mom’s head while she did her best to get in a nap, and ignore all the insanity… lol… I know he was taunting me… I’m not sure why, but eventually, he flew out one of the open doors… Maybe he was full…

Tweety 2.o had managed to get what I thought was a dead (and decayed) stinkbug carcass from somewhere… he then flew under mom’s bed to eat in peace… no big deal… right?? well not until mom groaned, “I smell a stink bug”… evil bird… he was trying to run us out of our own home… sooo yeah… I have no idea why he decided to leave… but clearly it was by choice, and not because of my expert bird skills…


Next time I’m calling this guy… he was in the middle of all the pinterest pics I found about birds, and cages… but clearly, he has a gift… I just hope it works on the smaller ones…

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