dont do it, it just looks cool


Okay… so this is some stranger on pinterest, but it reminded me of a memorable vacation trip… mom, me, my aunt and cuz… beach time for all…

playing in the sun and surf sounds fun to most, but it is actually quite dangerous… sand attacking every crevice, sharks and jelly fish always on the hunt, and silly little girls with a love of gymnastics and dance…

sooo… we were all watching my little cuz romp around, when she suddenly threw her hands into the air, in a divers pose… the water was about up to her knees (almost… I stress, almost) when she hiked into the air… and we all screamed ‘NO!!’ as we watched the scene unfold in slow motion (okay, I all went rather fast)

she was coming back down toward the water, the water that rapidly went out to join the rest of the ocean… someone caught it on video camera, not sure where that is, and it is cringe worthy… until she popped back up to her feet, embarrassed, we all thought that she had broken her neck… soooo yeah… double check your stunts… lol… the look cool less than half the time… 😛 but who am I to lecture… dangerous tricks was my middle name as a young’un…

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