let the busy days commence


soooo… PT went OKAAAYYY…. kind of… I was on my stomach when I tried to lift my let up backwards…. that so wasn’t happening today… I ended up with a sharp pain shooting through my lower back…

So, PT guy says ok, and starts some stretches… I assume to untangle whatever was happening in my lower back… so he has my legs in this twisted position that would make a pretzel proud, and asks if I can feel the stretching…

My answer??? “yep … it is stretching across my lower back and pulling on my right leg…

His response??? “huh… that’s not supposed to happen…” lol

according to him I am making his job harder… hey, it’s not my fault… my body is confused … 😛 I blame the MS

Anywho… this is the third Friday… which is Arts and Crafts day… just head HERE if you want to read about today’s craft…

1st knitting attempt for babies… very hard

Now… I have a cousin in visiting, lots of edits to complete for book two, I am thinking of using my Pronoun.com early admissions pass for a book of shorts… and I still need to squeeze in some present wrapping time… I am very excited to have two publications out there… Shocking Finds and a short story (Giving Chase) in the anthology Stories in Green Ink…

it is like a drug… I want to finish more of my rough drafts … muhahahaha….

i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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