Laser Lights


I passed this house and a few others and thought, wow… that is soooo cool… at first I didn’t know what I was looking at… at the darkest hour, driving by in a car, it looks like they managed to blanket their homes in fairy lights…

that night, after gushing to mom about how beautiful they were, I clicked on this message about the danger of laser lights… go HERE if you want to read about it…

it makes sense if you think about it… if the laser misses your house and shots off into the night, you run the risk of distracting any aircraft pilots that happen to pass by… even if you don’t live near an airport, do you have a hospital nearby with medivac copters…

these lights are definitely lovely… I just hope that everyone pays attention while setting them up… if only takes a few incidents for the lights to be banned… and I would hate to see that happen… I would get some for my house, but we have a helicopter that flies a little to close for comfort for me to take the risk… still I enjoy driving past the houses that feel confident enough to use this new lighting system..

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