Wonder in Color


Long exposure photo of a lightning bolt hitting a tree. Photo & artwork by Darren Pearson. — with Mandi Perkins.

Okay… this is by far the coolest thing I have ever seen… I want Marin to accidentally bring lightning down that sparks this kind of Aurora Borealis effect… Or maybe one of her new Fae friends can do this… there are a lot of Brownie kids running around… ooo ooo ooo…. Perhaps a bad guy with a power similar to Marin’s but he/she has control of the gift… yeah… I’m liking this… I can see the person know… sorry but I can’t give out names yet, that would be telling… I can even see how this person managed to get a gift that no Fae has had in centuries… muhahahaha

On other insane fronts…. I spent the day yesterday taking pics, checking out the local fair, and trying not to sweat too much… needless to say, I didn’t last long at the fair (less than an hour), but mom and I did manage to get some nice pics for Author photos… She absolutely rocks…Andddd, we snagged some of the greasy goodness that my diet and diabetic issues didn’t think were good ideas, but who goes to a fair and does eat corndogs and funnel cake… I mean really… it just isn’t done…

101_0319 101_0318

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