4-17-2016 #WritingPrompt – Base Instincts

Writing Prompt of the day… what is you MC’s Base Instinct… people are made up of certain traits that will always win out… like the Huskie… if you treat him as a partner, you will get a loving and loyal dog… try to force him into submission and you’ll have one cantankerous beast…


 it might be helpful to go online and take a personality quiz with your MC in mind… as you can see, each personality has a number of hidden traits you might want to explore… this is just one of many Sites you can go to, to test your MC’s personality…

Traits and reactions can be varying from character to character… just because you have two different Character with the same personality type, that doesn’t mean they will act and say the same thing… I love the picture of yoda and the hulk… both have a type of rage that can come out of no where but I would never say they are they same Character… would you???

Her are some examples for the paranormal set… or hey… sometimes it is just easier to see straight forward reactions to different stressors when you are dealing with an animal… think of your MC as an animal with the same personality type, and see how that changes your take on their thoughts and actions…

is your MC the typical female/male personality type??? starting from type and moving backwards, it might be fun to create an off the wall character from the minority of the sex… play with your characters… how can you make them stand out???

knowing your MC’s personality type can help you move your story along more quickly… sure there are little reactions that will be out of character, but a lot of what your MC says and does is, in a way, pre-destined by their personality type… just like human beings that you deal with on a day to day basis…

okay… enough of that… the main point is that Personality type or not, the MC lives and breaths at our command… muhahahaha… so start with a type and then see where you can take it… and now for the Pinterest writing prompt… happy wordage, tracey…


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