4-16-2016 #WritingPrompt – Improvement

Writing Prompt word of the day…. drum roll, please… okay, okay… but what kind of Improvement… heck, peeps.. we writers know this word inside and out… we improve with each book we read, with each story we tell, with each workshop we participate in… even beta reading for another author helps us to improve … we may see things in others that we didn’t realize that we also needed to work on… like weak word usage… or overuse… this is where the find and replace buttons come in handy… muhahahaha


from the MC point of view there is always something to work on, especial if you write a recurring character, or a series… working on showing vs telling is important… but that’s more of a writer improvement… but then, our characters depend on us to be at the top of our game… lol… (HA… that is what edits are for) … but working on realistic emotions, thoughts, and dialogue improve both our writing, and the Character on the page…

the next couple of lists, well if you want to use them to improve your own life have at it… but from a MC pov these are excellent ways to affect change… I really like the one for getting out of your comfort zone… if you combine this prompt with the one about fear, you have a way to help your character grow, and to possibly take your story in a new direction… or heck… maybe you just want to mess with your literary peeps… either way it can work to make a better story… woo who…

there are people out there (or so I have been led to believe) that enjoy exercise… and it is usually on a lot of new years resolutions … but what about your MC… if there is action in your story at all, your character needs to be in shape… do they enjoy the task, or would they rather run the other way when the bar bells are brought out??? are they leading the exercises or the are they the on being forced (ummm… to enjoy???) the activity?? lol

and finally, home improvement…I think I will have one of my MCs build a shed (an ugly shed that they are insanely proud of) and then when the action starts, bye bye shed… my love interest/hero with be secretly happy to see it go… du du duduuuu…. yep… MC is so gonna make an ugly shed…

what can your MC do for home/yard improvements… and are they any good at the task…

finally… here is your pinterest writing prompt… I loved this, and just had to include it… happy wordage, tracey


i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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