4-13-2016 #WritingPrompt – Emotion

Showing that your MC has emotion/feelings/passion is one of the most important ingredients for great writing… I know I enjoy a story that has emotion over something flat and informational… think of the children’s story ‘Jack and Jill’… while cute and fun to read as a child, as an adult wouldn’t it be more interesting to know what Jill was thinking, how the hill felt as she tumbled down after Jack, what emotions were evoked by the fall…

for this writing prompt, I suggest you take an emotion that you don’t feel at home with when writing, and play with it… push yourself to learn more about that emotion and then write the a scene with it…


Emotions can be seen and felt… from quiet pain/loss, to overwhelming grief… what type of character are you dealing with…  does your MC hold it all in, or wear their heart on their sleeve???

and while you are learning more about your chosen emotions, remember to look up some visuals… these are just a few I came across on Pinterest…

if everything you write down still doesn’t feel right to you, remember that there are times that what your character shows to the world is only the tip of the iceberg… from stoic on the outside to explosive on the inside, or maybe your character is frozen in helpless tears by on the inside those tears are a release, a freedom…  

okay…. now here is the pinterest writing prompt… lol… I thought it went perfectly with this post…. why??? because sometimes your emotions can lead to behavior that is out of character… at least that is what I thought of when I saw this… what do you see…. happy wordage, tracey…


i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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