Missing the Southbound Train

Bird confusion!!

okay…. I doubt any of these guys are my culprit, but some-bird-body in my neighborhood has lost their birdy brain. I have a Vet-friend in my writers group that tells me it is not normal for a bird to choose to make a next inside someone’s home. But—

yep… that is a bird nest inside my home by the air-conditioned. Sadly, this isn’t the first time. Over the years, I have found two nests inside. Both in the same area, back in the laundry room (the room with the window air-conditioner).

Both mom and I are disabled, making removing the air-conditioner from the window difficult. And, yes, we make sure to block the gaps to keep out the cold air in the weather. But the birds around my home have turned into B&E experts. I expect it is a smallish bird. Mom saw the first bird, but I missed both culprits.


Mom sacred off the first bird (there was a lot of scared screaming… lol). But a few months later, the sadness came. I was looking through some crap (yes, I called our stuff crap) in the storage area of the laundry room. What I found was a nest with dead baby birds inside.

This second time, I the nest was closer to the window (right on in actually) with only a broken bird egg inside. Looks like Mommy and babes went to play outside, after getting months of free room and board. And left the mess for us to keep.

And they appear to have left a hole in our defences. Sigh.

Well, this may not be normal bird behavior for the rest of the world. For me… I know what to do.

Always check the room for nests if a bird is found in the house. Oh… and pay someone to take the air-conditioner out of the window. lol.

Happy wordage, Tracey

Enjoy the Pinterest pics… the nest pics are mine!




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