4-4-2016 #WritingPrompt – Drink

Day four of Camp NaNoWriMo… and today’s Prompt is Drink… immediately I think of mixed drinks… something yummy, and maybe a little strong… maybe your MC is a light weight, and embarrasses themselves… or a strong constitution and can drink anyone and everyone under the table… or maybe your MC is a hot bartender that can flip the bottles and mix up anything you want…

Drink could also mean that your MC is drinking someone in… totally drawn to someone… or they have a thirst that for adventure… or they are dang dehydrated from working or from being lost in the middle of nowhere without anything to drink…

a refreshing drink like iced tea, or lemonade is very important here in Kentucky… but you could also focus on an addiction to coffee or liquor…

this is a short one… here is your Pinterest writing Prompt… happy wordage… tracey


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