4-3-2016 #WritingPrompt – Beauty

What do you find beautiful??? my mind always goes to nature first… from the sky to the land… I see beauty all over the place… especially in spring and fall… I really love when the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground… use the landscape, something that stands out to you to comment on your MC’s surroundings… personally, I get bored if there is too much info on rooms or landscapes but something is needed to make your story come to life…

Maybe your MC is lusting after a car or a boat… or maybe a horse with fine lines… what is your MC into??? what will they look at when they think of beauty… does your MC favor the newest, shiniest toy… or are they more into antiques… and don’t forget the energy saver cars that usually look like something your five year old would rive…  

 And lastly, there is human beauty… I write romance, and there is always something about the person your MC lusts after that they find beautiful… and it doesn’t have to be physical… it can be a talent, or maybe the way they speak or laugh… maybe they create art that calls to the MC, or their caring/personality shines for all to see… what exactly draws your MC to this person???

okay… that’s it for today… here’s your pinterest writing prompt…. happy wordage, tracey


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