Self pubbing???

Southern Discoveries…

well … it looks like Finder’s Keepers Book Two : Southern Discoveries will have to be a self pub novel… the first book got some positive attention but not enough for my indie publisher to spend more on book two, even though she read it and enjoyed what she saw… thankfully, she also read my contemporary romance and loved it… so while she helps me to publish my first Skymann novel, I will be learning about self-publishing…

it is my goal to become a hybrid author… getting my books out there through indie publishing, self-publishing, and eventually traditional publishing… one would think that this would be a perfect time to query publishing house to try the traditional route, but I don’t want my readers to have to wait for me to find an agent/publishing house… especially when I fear they will want the rights to the character/series… I would rather try them with a book that doesn’t touch either the Finder’s Keepers novels, or the Skymann novels…

so for now, Southern Discoveries will be in my unknowledgeable hands… wish me luck… I already know how the Ebook format works, but I will have to look into the paper back version… especially since I would like to get both Shocking Finds and Southern Discoveries ordered in paper back for my coming book signings…

okay… I need to go because I have been blogging all night on my Multiple Sclerosis site… and I am exhausted… later guys…

happy wordage, tracey

2 thoughts on “Self pubbing???”

  1. Hi, Tracey! I wish you the best of luck in taking the hybrid journey! I am going to start a blog series about self-publishing in June, and while I have just started, I want you to know that you are not alone, and I hope I can share some insight with you! It will be a rewarding journey for you, and I think you are so talented to write in multiple genres. Take care! 🙂

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    1. thank you so much… I welcome any insight and will be sure to stop by… I love writing, but the promo aspects are hard for me to get down… lol… one step at a time 😛 happy wordage


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