R & R


okay… I’m one of those people that love to have their finger nails and toenails done, but only after the job is finished… getting me to go in the first place is like pulling teeth… even though I know that the finished product will make me smile…  and OMG the cost…

but let’s forget about price… deep breath… and again…

well I finally went to get my nails fixed.. and there were only about three fingers from each hand left with any polish on them from the last visit… not totally my fault, I swear… I love the gel polish and that stuff just refuses to come off… in fact, I have never had it taken off before… in the past, I just let the stuff grow off, and paint over what’s left if I have to go somewhere (and mom is embarrassed by my nails)… anywho… I finally learned what it takes to get the gel removed…

the lady at the salon filed the remaining polish, basically scrapping the crap out of my nails… then she put something (secret potion) on a piece of cotton ball and laid that on the nail, finally wrapping it all in foil… see easy… HA… it was a lot of work and dang if I didn’t break a nail less than a week after the smelly procedure…. but alls good… it was fixable… and at home… no secret needed, just a finger nail file…


but finger nails are not the best part of the package… that would have to be the pedicure… ahhh…. I swear that my MS causes an extra large build up of callouses on my heels… the pedicure helps, and the massage chair I get to sit in while it all happens is a great bonus… but I already posted about my pedicure love over HERE… just another bout of MS facts from the home front … 😛 …

but now it is back to editing… I am over 50% done with the first round of edits on book two of the Finder’s Keepers series… after the first round, everything should go a lot faster… can’t wait to get Twin Findings (Book 2 Finder’s Keepers) out for you all

Happy wordage everyone, Tracey

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