Opinionated Man stops by

The guy running the site Opinionated Man seems to always be on the go… I don’t know how he gets it done, but the man is gifted at sharing his blogging love…. Opinionated and Truthful, and some fun reads… If you want to check out the spot he gave to me, my blog, and other goodies, go to HIS SITE HERE

Anddd…. on October 6, I will be dropping by to spread some book love and Christmas (or your chosen holiday) fun HERE on Facebook… drop by now to play to win Santa Boxes filled with all kinds of goodies, esp the all important free books…


This Christmas, your favorite romance authors are taking over! Come visit us for games, giveaways, gifts, and more on December 6, 2015, from 8am-10pm Eastern Standard Time. But don’t wait to join the party … join now and make sure your notifications are on so you won’t miss any Secret Santa Surprises!


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