Sharon Buchbinder

I want to thank Sharon Buchbinder for the guest post… I feel like I’ve told the world all there is to know about me, from the bad to the insane, to the deliriously happy… lol… I also mention facts about my life, even my daily trials with MS (multiple sclerosis)… One person suggested that I keep my health a secret, or at least keep it in the shadows… never pulling it into the light, expressing my issues… I say “That’s crap, people” … only by talking about things can we demystify them… society has a tendency to fear, or avoid, the unexplained…

Anywhoooo… lol… I seem to be babbling … or would that be over-explaining??? lack of sleep has given me twitchy fingers… they have a mind of their own… lets talk about Sharon’s site instead…

Sharon’s Blog has a guest post about me and how the world of Shocking Finds came to be…

if you’re looking for something to read and would like some book information first, her blog has it all… every genre you could imagine… at least that’s what it looked like to me… 😛 happy wordage, Tracey

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