To tired to type friends… lol… once again I have missed my beloved sleep… instead of a writing prompt to make up for yesterday, I decided to share what my insane prompts have done… child abuse… yep.. you hard me… okay, is it abuse if the little guy looks like this???

45816db5a428a8f1f51190f17ba32500Cause that is what my friends kid looked like when she got stuffed into a pumpkin… now I don’t have any proof that it’s my fault, but still…. lol… I’m beginning to think that if babies enjoy it so much, I need to go out and find me an extra-large pumpkin and get to work… 😛

now I’m not gonna share pics of my friend’s little tike… but she look even cuter than this pinterest baby does… maybe if I can find my adult sized pumpkin, I’ll share my insanity with a pic then… hmmm… but does anyone know if the baby is stuffed in before or after the removal of seeds and pumpkin guts… this is important information for maximum pumpkin happiness…

one quick question before I run… how many of y’all have done this, or know someone that has… do all babies enjoy dressing in organic Halloween costumes??? lol

happy wordage everyone

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