viewing entertainment

This weeks viewing entertainment includes this years version of ‘Planet of the Apes’ and the always present home comedy. So … Planet of the Apes … Not the best of the bunch but I enjoyed it all the same. Sitting in the theater was a bit painful, my evil MS headache complaining about the situation, from time to time. At least the seating was adequate, since their recent improvements. The movie itself was a basic replay of history, if you allowed you mind to sink into the underlying theme. A theme that human beings have repeated over and over again over the centuries. Why should Apes vs Humans be any different?

The graphics on the other hand, were a let down. Especially in this day and age of tech savvy. The movie flipped form ‘wow, so life-like’ to ‘you have go to be kidding me’, depending on the scene. Though I could fall away into the emotional ups and downs, the graphic mishaps ruined any hope that I will be watching this movie again. Which, for me, is a horrendous insult, being that I am a serial re-watcher. Sorry, Planet of the Apes, but I refuse to give you two thumbs up. At best, I will suggest that the movie is worth watching after it leaves theaters with the pocket emptying prices for popcorn, admission, and drinks. It is almost necessary to consider a home loan, if you plan to include candy or nachos. Buy anywho-

At least the theater was nice and cool. The car, with mom’s purse, was not. And this is were the free entertainment comes in to play. The lovely, overly expensive purse, and all it’s interior contents were being held hostage by a packet of Big Red cinnamon gum. A wonderful smell of sticky horror. The gum was melted over everything, including mom’s house key. I, of course, started freaking out. How were we supposed to get into the house? Even if the key worked the first time, the gum would adhere to all the hidden cracks, inside the lock. I was moments of ‘Who’s on First’ as mom and I moaned about the same key, with clearly different concerns. She didn’t understand why I was so worried.

Which made sense once I realized that her key was a spare. The main key was hanging form the ignition key, as I started the car. All that worry over nothing. We still had a key that was wonderfully free of gum residue. But as we got to the house, Mom beat me to the door, and what key did she use? Do I really need to answer this? I think not, since the clean key was still in my hand. Hopefully we will not have a repeat, when we go to watch ‘Lucy’. Yes, glutton for punishment, we will try this adventure again.

On the writing front, I have managed 22k words for the month so far. I was sidetracked by a short story, that will hopefully remain short, not bursting into loquacious-idis, which is a growing disease among writers. Personally, I find the limiting wordage within a short story … well … limiting. Otherwise, I added to the next Finders book, while editing book one, Finder’s Keeper’s. Along with my fellow #campnanowrimo cabinmates, I am pushing forward to reach this months goal of 50k words. Man, my fingers are tired, but happy.

Happy writing, Tracey

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