Three Forks Saddlery

Three Forks Saddlery.

The first stop for the montana rwa conference. Just the picture of the horse has this Kentucky girl saddened that my travel funds are so sparse. I love everything about horses, but especially the wonder they inspire as they run. Either free or carrying a burden, these animals have a grace and majesty like no other.

To be fortunate enough to sit astride, to feel the difference between a trot and a full out run … there are few words that can capture the flight and freedom felt as the horse begins to run full out.

Kentucky may be littered with horses, but I have only have the pleasure of the experience a few times, so far. But once is enough. I can still fell my nerves. When the horse starts out trotting, your body bouncing with jolting step, its only natural to stop and think, “What in the heck am I do? Running will throw me faster than an mere mortal can possibly hope to deal with.”

Then the fun really starts. (Especially if you grow up trying to prove you can do anything. Anything that your aunt and uncle can do, that is. ;P ) I couldn’t believe how smooth the ride became. Once a horse starts to move, its feels as if their hooves leave the ground. Suddenly, you and the horse are air born, you’re heart racing along in excitement. Really, everyone in the world should experience such freedom at least once.

Be leery if you must, but leave the fear at home, and enjoy learning to fly. Tracey

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