3 Favorite Summer Memories

This post by Jo-Ann Carson, gives you a fun glimpse into the heart of the Canadian wilderness. I enjoyed reading about her three favorite summer memories, and when I finished I immediately start thing of all my camping stories from my own youth. Therefore, her last line, to share you own thoughts, has caused me to dig a little into my own memory trunk.

For now I will leave you with Jo-Ann’s thoughts, while I gather my own. Happy reading, Tracey

Jo-Ann Carson

Summer is a time for making memories big, small and just the right size. I challenged myself to burrow through my stockroom of images and emotions and come out with three faves. Trust me, the cobwebs were thick.

One – Cottages in Ontario

I grew up in Toronto, a flat city of cement and concrete  that would heat up to over a hundred degrees in the summer, The falls at Go Home lakefrizzing my hair and my brains. Some of my best memories are of going to cottages north of the city and playing in the cold clear lakes. My favorite was my nephew’s cottage on Go Home Lake in the Muskoka area. Pure paradise. We canoed, and swam and laughed. We laughed a lot. Great times. There is a special feeling of connection when you spend time with with people you love surrounded by nature.

Two – Campfires in northern B.C.

We were living…

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