RWA Meeting

Monthly RWA meeting today. I was glad to report that I had written over 30,000 words over the previous two weeks. That is a very nice total, if I do say so myself. 20k more and I will be able to say that I completed JuNoWriMo, 50k in a month.

I was also lucky enough to find a critique partner in the PRO community on the RWA site. She was able to give me some advice that helped me to redo the beginning of my novel, Finder’s Keeper’s. There was just something off about those first words. The flow of Finder’s Keeper’s beginning is so much better now.

I also me/connected with a lovely woman from JuNoWriMo, on twitter. Sadly, my new cyber pen pal introduced me to ‘Sherlock’. Now I am addicted. I have traded novels with Krisztina (pen pal) for a more relax type of critique.

Also reported my participation in IGO contest, through RWA. I hope to get feed by on my writing style from my first contest. There are many Authors out there giving their praise for the feedback received from the various contests. I regret that the beginning of my novel was rewritten after I joined the contest. I also found a website that finally cleared up the synopsis process. The idea of giving a play by play is a bit daunting. Add in the fact that this information was obtained after contest entry and first place is asking a bit much. Oh, well. Lesson learned. Still, the comments should be extremely helpful.

Other than rewrites and edits, today was dedicated to stock piling necessities. The 17th will be her soon and I will part with my evil gallbladder. Hopefully, I will wake up from surgery ready to eat. Man, am I hungry. Over a month of pretzels. If I never see a pretzel again, that will be just find with me.

Perhaps, tomorrow I will rant over one of my many ideals. For now, it is nap time for this writer. 3am is the perfect time for a small pause in writing activities.

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