Break in writing

One would think that I would be able to go at least one day without the literary world in my life. Not that I would ever wish for such a horrible state to occur. But even I do not good around looking for the written word while heading off to the Physician.

I parked my car and made my trek through the building blocking the last parking space to be found (in the neighboring county, okay, not really but the distance felt like miles by the time I managed to reach the Doctor’s office) As I used my slow but effective snails pace, I passed the pharmacy. The entire hallway was filled with books and nick-knacks. It was a hoarder’s dream. But in among the shelf fillers, I located a book of travel destinations for the entire United States. Did I need it? Nope. So I called dubbed the book research material and bought it anyway.

I have also crossed the 30k mark in my quest to write 50k words in June with JuNoWriMo. Get on board the writer’s train everyone. I will be more than pleased if I am able to finish off Book two and/or get a jump start on Book 3. Now if I could only persuade someone else – not me – to write up my query letters, my life would be perfect. Except for the crappy MS and Gallbladder problem, I would do cyber cartwheels. What the heck, I’m doing a whole cyber aerobic dance.

On a personal note, and we are going deep here. I just watched the finale of ‘The 100’ and I am so upset. Scream in rage at the sky from the guard tower, pissed. I see the road that show is traveling and for the most part I am pleased. I see that we will have a rescue attempt and most of our favorite characters will stay with us. They will change and grow and bounce between ‘bad ass’ and ‘whine-one-one’ profiles. But hey, what would we have to complain about if we weren’t disappointed from time to time. So, I understand the need for drama. But where can the plot go with Jaha (I. Washington) trapped in space with no way to the ground. Will Washington find a way out at the 11th hour? Will the man that came up with a plan to get them all to the ground die alone, gasping for breath? Will he suddenly remember an escape pot, like the one that Raven used to get down to earth? So, they have my attention for one more episode. I will watch the opener to season two, but my attention is extremely flakey.

I tried ‘The 100’ because Washington was a member of the cast. I would rather write up my own worlds, so only the best can compete. They will need something phenomenal, if they are replacing Washington. Otherwise, I have voices inside my mind begging to be released. They demand to have their time in the lime-light, and the voices are loud and insistent.

Until next time, Tracey L Clark

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