To rant or not To rant… that is the question

Procrastination… how I love thee! Oh, okay… so maybe it’s a love/hate relationship. I made a definite list for today, and what did I do? Anyone? How about you Mr. Procrastination?

I got in my nice comfortable writing chair (see lazy-boy definition for clarification) and opened my trusty laptop, prepared to work. But first I needed to clear my emails. That lead to twitter and facebook updates. One must always be vigilant when it comes to building a platform. Sidetracked, I realized that there were a few emails left. And I couldn’t just leave them. Those evil little things tend to outgrow ones message box, when not closely watched. And that could lead to an overlooked missive. All very important, as was the movie I managed to squeeze in.

Fine… That is all crap. I just really hate query letters and synopsis writing. Not to mention edits. I stare at the page and wonder where in the world do I start. What do I leave out? What is essential and what is vital? Are these things important to me, does the agent want to know every inch of my work? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to the latter, and ‘no one knows’ for everything else?

Sadly, I suffer from a rare disease called loquac-itis. This is a serious disability in which the author tends to run on at the mouth, dream up future plots in the middle of daily activities, and lose control of their sarcastic side effects at the worst possible moment. So once again I find myself facing midnight, but refusing to go to bed until at least one task is completed.

Then again, maybe I’m just hungry. Not to worry, though. I will finally be able to eat real food, Thursday evening. If not, I am demanding a refund on the gallbladder surgery. I really want some chicken fried rice. Maybe some Mexican, mashed potatoes, some…

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to wipe the drool from my chin before having a quick pity party. Did I mention that I was hungry.

2 thoughts on “To rant or not To rant… that is the question”

  1. Have you got a spy camera in my house? I mean, seriously, right down to the lazy-boy recliner. Of course I have 2 dogs and 1 cat I can use as a stall. If one of them is in my lap, certainly I can’t write. Sometimes I have to bribe one with a treat to get them on my lap. Loved it!


    1. Now, if you say that the dogs are pugs and the cat is orangish calico like thing… We have a problem. We are facing a remake of ‘body snatchers’ or ‘single-white femaled’ the stay at home, twilight zone version. Lol. And now I have forced you to procrastinate a little bit but it is only polite to read all your email (twice), check out twitter and Facebook (everyone needs a platform), and then of corse you will need to refill you current libation (no reason to dehydrate). Shew… I’m exhausted, so maybe a nap. ;P Tracey


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