Continuing Finder’s Keeper’s

This month is dedicated to JuNoWriMo. One month to produce 50,000 words. At first I thought that maybe I was insane for even considering such a feet, but I am only eleven days in and already I have 28,000 words. The sprints actually push me to continue when I want to close my laptop and call it a day. It doesn’t matter if my word count is higher than the rest of the participants. It’s all about getting my thoughts done.

The voices in my mind thoroughly enjoy this tactic. The story flows and grows. Edits are for tomorrow. Today is all about building a world for the character living within my mind.

Book one, Finder’s Keeper’s, is finished and the editing process has made at least two passes at fine tuning the novel. Already, book two (untitled) has grown into it’s own adventure. This month will be about deciding if the words pouring forth should be there own story, or will they be apart of the conclusion to book two. Only the edits know. Once the voice decide, I will let everyone know.

Sadly, I will also be facing the scalpel, or more likely ‘the probe’, as my hateful gallbladder is sucked from my body. Not a moment to soon, if you ask me. I have been living on combos and pretzels for the last month. I could kill for some chicken fried rice. Not really that much to ask, but my gallbladder has been keeping me on the diet from hell.

And speaking of warm places… I dread the query process. But Query Hell is calling my name. The lovely ladies in my critique group inform me that I am not allowed to complain until I have receive at least 200 rejections. So this month I hope to built my rejection count, while hoping to find that one agent looking for a Fantasy Romance.

Now, I will say goodnight, and keep dreaming no matter where you are in life.

Tracey Clark

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