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4-20-2016 #WritingPrompt – Suspense

imagine a quiet, reserved girl with a serious love for football… now put her in the bleachers of her favorite team…  what do you get??? A RAVING LUNATIC …. LOL … even a passive fan can be swept away by the suspense and adrenalin permeating the air… and that is our writing prompt… Suspense… you can find it anywhere… but following the sports example, think of the coach at the game… they have practices and clawed their way to the top, and he can see everything that can go wrong… he see his best running back take off, but right on his heels it the entire opposing team… what if he trips??? will he make it??? that moment can make a person scream their head off, or hold their breath in fear… what does suspense do to your character???

Hitchcock, Alfred / Topaz (1969) | Pers: Alfred Hitchcock | Ref: XHI001BO | Photo Credit: [ The Kobal Collection / Universal ] | Editorial use only related to cinema, television and personalities. Not for cover use, advertising or fictional works without specific prior agreement
throw your character into a moment that causing that feeling of suspense or fear to grown inside… that moment when it makes no logical sense for their palms to sweat, their heart to race, or for chills to race up and down their spine… throw them into what-if? moments…

I love movies that get my heart racing… not necessarily straight up horror flicks, but the ones I consider oxygen depriving… and if I get to look at Brad Pitt as well, all the better… muhahahaha… before you start your suspenseful scene, run out and buy a movie that throws you into that place… it will make it easier to describe how you MC is feeling… you can imagine her actions and reactions…

and of course… read books known for high suspense… this isn’t my chosen genre but these came highly recommended… oh, dang… ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ isn’t a book… *innocent face*… fine… but that part where the wife has an asthma attack and the nanny has screwed with her inhaler…. omg… and then the scene in the green house… the entire movie had me holding my breath… thank heavens for the mentally slow handy man… 😛

okay… here is your Pinterest Writing Prompt… happy wordage everyone, tracey