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R&R The Martian


This is definitely more of a Rave than a Rant for me… I thoroughly enjoyed the science behind this movie… Matt Damon did an excellent job with his monologue acting… which is something I usually hate…

*think of the movie Phone Booth, with Colin Ferrell … I wanted to shoot Ferrell and myself for watching that movie… I wanted to cry over the two hours of my life that I would never get back… *

thankfully, The Martian didn’t cause regret… I could see how kids could watch this movie and get excited about science, how finding a way to live on another planet might some day be possible… I could see the world branching out and growing bigger…

On just the movie and the acting, there were moments of laughter and sadness… Matt Damon made his plight believable … buuutttt

the one thing that had me shaking my head was the energy and strength left in a person (Damon and the other actors) after such an extended time in space, but especially Damon… with restricted food intake, lack of exercise equipment, and differing gravity, I didn’t think that his character should have had the strength to complete some of the tasks he preformed by the end of the movie… they did make him look beat up and skinny, but still he had energy… surely his character would have showed more strain…

That aside, I would sooo watch this movie again… and it would be a great movie to show in junior HS and High School… get the kids fired up by duplicating some of the experiments in the movie… in a safer way… lol… lets not blow up the kids…

Day 11 GWP Contest

The question for day 11 is another hard one for me… what is my favorite movie??? dang… I love movies, and depending on my mood, my favorite changes… This is like pulling teeth… lol… I re-watch my favorite movies as often as I reread my favorite books…

Rat Race would have to be my all time favorite comedy.. and close second is Uptown Girls


Best historical??? Pride and Prejudice, of course…


best actions movie….. Man on Fire


when I am in the mood for a psychological thriller??? Hide and Seek!! *anyone noticing the Dakota Fanning theme… that kid rocks the acting*


So Dakota Fanning is obviously my favorite actress… and since I can’t pick just one movie… I will pick my favorite actress and my favorite genre… Annndddd the GENRE goes to??? Paranormal/fantasy!!!

We have Taken, Push, the Twilight Series, each of the Underworld movies, both Hellboy movies (and when the heck will they make more underworld and hellboy… huh, huh… I need to know) and of course the Harry Potter series, but especially the last five… based on books four through seven… and yes, Dakota made the Paranormal cut… lol… that girl is everywhere…

about the only genre I don’t go for in movies is romance, and straight up horror… 😛 Happy Wordage… now run on and sign up for the Gone Writing Publishing Newsletter and you will be entered to win the Santa Box… a box filled with books from the GWP writers… you will get a copy of Shocking Finds (my lovely book baby) and other greats from my fellow authors… just go HERE and sign up!!


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day 6 Contest

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now for my pick of Favorite Book to Movie???? That would have to be Pride and Prejudice … the most recent version… I love Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet…. I have watched that movie a hundred times… and read the book a few dozen… 😛


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