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4-15-2016 #WritingPrompt – Character

I thought we could focus this writing prompt on character… and not just your MC… to me, adding character to something, or someone, means ‘to make stand out’… something with character is something that will be memorable… it is okay to go a little over the top with your MC’s actions and emotions sometimes… I mean, which would your rather have happen??? your reader closes the book and forgets half of what they read, or they end up replaying one of the scenes in their head while they anxiously await the next book???

try to picture your favorite actors… what  movies or tv shows did you rewatch time and again just to see the perfect moment … that scene that had you wiping your eye, or laughing out loud… oh, hey… looks like my mind is on eye candy… 😛

but from pretty boys to astounding acting, bringing their looks from normal to amazing for that scene, actors/actress can give us a visual aid to improve our book characters… we need our reader to be picturing Matthew McConaughey when they read that scene about our MC saving the day…(sorry guys, but there are some alpha males in my latest book, and I keep thinking of him in Sahara) … but what about Sean Connery … omg, the man is older than dirt and still he has character that pulls me in…

but you need to make sure that your entire book has Character… the good guys, the saviors, the kid that sounds the alarm, even the jewelry/setting/housing/food that makes your MC stop and go huh… but remember to flesh out the bad guys … it is soooo easy for me to merely say, Mr. X is trying to kill them… now lets focus on the hero… but the hero doesn’t have a true purpose unless we understand and grow to hate Mr. X… so be sure to make ever scene count… add a little definition to your people and places… just don’t over do it, guys… there is nothing worse than your reader becoming bored with page after page of room layouts… (hey, I actually read a series that every book was description, descriptions, descriptions… and book two would repeat *at length* what was said in book one… give me the cliff notes, please… I ended up skipping ahead to get to new info… )

Check out Bryn Donovan’s Master List of Physical Descriptions to help add a little more character to your characters… and here is your pinterest writing prompt… we all need more women of power… even if it is evil power… muahahahaha … happy wordage, tracey