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day two, oct prompts… Pumpkin Explosion


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Sooo yesterday I posted a free story about Marin instead of using a prompt of some kind… or I guess Marin herself was my prompt… but that was hardly fair to the rest of you… no one knows Marin the way I do, and it would be hard for everyone else to use her as a starting point…


So today I am sharing ‘PUMPKIN EXPLOSION’ as a prompt… I have also added a few pinterest pics to get everyone started… once I finished my pumpkin feast short, I will link it to todays prompt… feel free to do the same… I would love to see what everyone else comes up with… sooo peruse these lovely pics, and write about your own pumpkin explosion…


My story feels like it will be of the paranormal persuasion but there are so many different ways to take this prompt… we could see a kids story, as they fight the squirrels for pumpkins, a bakers need to track down the perfect one for his pies and whatnot, or a farmer that discovers that his pumpkins are hatching into something else… muhahahaha…. what will your pumpkin explosion turn into…

I would love to thank Amanda McCormick for sparking my mind to do this… happy October everyone… and happy wordage… tracey

A Thought for October


Check out … Source: A Thought for October and lets create some fire side tales….

A gory buildup for the holiday horror-fest… a prompt a day for October… you guys should check out this link, join in, and see what happens… hopefully I can work a few shorts in during October… maybe I can get you guys a look into Fae history… How did Kyland become a Battle Fae worthy of the Queen’s mission? What lead Anton to open Finder’s Keepers? for that matter… Why does Anton live Earth-side? Will these shorts become guest posts, or will they end up in a freebie column for all to enjoy?? Only time will tell!! This is the best way to celebrate my 35th birthday…



So many choices… the short story (The Hunt) about Marin’s journey to becoming a Finder looks to be coming out as a freebie (for a short time) I love giving gifts, so the best birthday gift I could think of was to offer this chance for you to see into Marin’s life… I don’t know how this will work, but I hope to have it all situated before the Oct 26th release of Shocking Finds…

CD Hersh, Nov 6th. I will be reminding everyone about this particular post closer to November.


CD will be posting buy links for Shocaking Finds, the blurb, and an edited excerpt – on Oct 7th – CD Hersh – but that is just a taste… Nov 6th she will collect all your comments, and one lucky contributor will WIN an Ebook copy of Shocking Finds (A Finder’s Keepers Novel)… Ebook versions are available at multiple site… see Finder’s Keepers Series for a list of buy links…

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A free short (The Hunt) for a limited time, and a chance to WIN Shocking Finds … a paranormal reader feast just in time for All Hallows Eve… muhahahaha

Now for my last Pinterest Findthese coasters just scream haunted theme park.. The month of spooks and goblins is almost here… happy wordage everyone, Tracey