4-30-2016 #Writing Prompt – Wrap ups

woowho…. so, this is the last day of CampNaNoWriMo … if you didn’t participate this time, not to worry… camp happens in april and july … and NaNoWriMo comes every November … the best part about camp is get to choose your writing goal… so those of you that don’t feel you can read the 50k goal (a must in nov) can still win all the goodies available …

but back to the writing prompt… Wrap Ups… since this is that last day, I decided to give you all a quick prompt, and then a guide to improve and play with your novel once the first draft is finished… sooo the prompt??

take one of your secondary characters and work on dialogue and actions… you can use them to more the story along, add humor, lighten the mood after a serious moment, spark a fight or cause the MC to need to save them… again… 😛

lol… I love sarcasm… now for the warp up – prompt… use the following pinterest pics to work on showing vs telling … body language and word usage… I also suggest The Emotional Thesaurus and other similar books…  I also like the ones on positive and negative traits…

now… instead of grouping photos like I have been, I am putting each one up by itself… I’m not sure if this will make things easier, but hopefully, you will able to save them and then print them out if you want…





Body description…



some of these are good for non-fantasy characters… if you know your characters job you will be able to picture what they look like, what type of gestures they may use more than others…


don’t make your  characters perfect… good or bad guys, add a flaw or two… muhahahahaha



work on word usage in your wiritng…






what does your MC’s pain feel like…



there are all kinds of ways to take your novel to the next level… these are just a few of them… I hope they helped… just remember to enjoy your edits… I have found that playing with showing vs telling and using examples like these help make the editing process fun… and I seriously hate edits.. lol 😛

that’s it for this month of nano writing prompts… here is your pinterest prompt to wrap things up… happy wordage, tracey


i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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