Magical Eyes

oooo…. this is another month with five Fridays … and this seemed like the perfect writing prompt to share… I know I already did one on eyes… but fifth Fridays are all about beauty and I found a few more eye pinterest pics… I wanted to put them human/animal side by side… it is easy to see that a human can have ‘animal eyes’ and an animal can hold human intelligence in there gaze… 😛

I love visual aids for descriptions… no matter if I am sketching out something for myself, or stealing some cool pics on pinterest… like these… eyes and people/animals come in so many shapes and colors… it doesn’t matter if you are writing something otherworldly, or creating something from the more contemporary genres… eyes are still magnificently varying, no matter what you write…

sooo have fun with it… anyone can write about blue or brown eyes… give me eyes so dark they resemble chunks of coal… or eyes the bluest of blues, like a clear summer day…. because even when you change it up with ice blue, it is great to have a picture to look at so that you can continue past those two little words… an icy blue so pale the whites seem to merge and mix with the shocking color… and animals… give your human shapeshifter the eyes that their animal would have… not a must, but it could be fun and shocking for your characters…

whatever you do, have fun with it and happy wordage, tracey

i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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