woo who… backflips

I am happy to report… I reached my 50,000 word count goal yesterday… oh, yeah…


I told mom, my version of a first draft is fast-and-dirty… lol… even if I plot out my story with a story board first, I am always surprised to see where it goes… because, if my first draft is fast-and-dirty, my rough drafts are nothing more than drive by quickies… lol…

when I start typing things up, I get little surprises that tackle me out of nowhere… and I go “omg… that will so work… I can see the ending now…” yep… I have no idea how it will end… in a broad sense I do, but it is really those little things that matter… I mean… they bad guys loses??? but how and where and what lead to that point… and my MCs get a Happily Ever After??? but why do they decided to take the chance, choose each other, what quirks lead from lust to love….

okay… I’m getting sidetracked…lol… my point was, I won camp NaNoWriMo last night.. buttttt…. because my first draft is fast and dirty, I only had 40k words when I reached that end of my story… now, when I go into edits I know that sucker will grow… I figure it will end up being 50-55k words… but instead of doing my first round of edits now, I opened up a new document so that I could start on the next novel… so my 50k is comprised of the first book and 10k words from the second…. that makes three books in the Skymann series… and now you see why I am doing cyber backflips…

Mary has book one of the Skymann Series, book two is in first draft stages, and book three??? I will continue writing and adding to my word count even though I have already reached my goal… my new goal is to get as much of book three typed up in first draft stages before the end of the month… sooooo yes, you can think it…. I am insane 😛

happy wordage, tracey

2 thoughts on “woo who… backflips”

  1. My wall is pinned with poster board and these huge folders from my sister that u cut in half. I never tell my self “okay I need 45k words. I just keep going with the story. I already know I have plenty of words. My thing is where should I leave off and continue. One book is actually the middle of my spider web!


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