4-19-2016 #WritingPrompt – Odd Couples

for today’s writing prompt let’s consider ‘Odd Couples’… the seven foot character with a soft side and the under average sized guys with made fighting skills… the adult always having to go to the kid for computer answers… the six foot woman in love with a four foot man (yes, some will see that as odd) but the point is, how can you use their differences to add a little levity to your story???


 finding pictures of humans with blaring differences was harder than I thought it would be, but the animal world had so many examples that I ran out of room… lol… I love these pics… so my suggestion is to take the ‘basic instincts’ writing prompt post to match up animals and then transfer those traits to a few of your characters… (paranormal or not, this could work)… and come on… these pics are great…

I did managed to find a few well know, and newbie pics for humans before I got tired of looking… but here they are… think of the Fonz and his loyalty to a band of nerds… yes it hurts, but they were a bit nerdy… and Green Acres??? the greatest mixed pairing of all time… lol… 😛 think of it this way… every comedian needs a straight man…

for mixed coupling, I love looking at the Avengers… this is a group of varying personalities, some blaringly different, and yet it still works… tortured soul, wiseass, and the boy next door… just to name a few… if you dig enough, you can find your own examples, and then apply that to your writing…

Alrighty… I think that is enough for now… here is today’s pinterest writing prompt… maybe you can have a pair of villains with differing personalities… 😛 happy wordage, tracey


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