4-8-2016 #WritingPrompt – Gradening

alrighty… this may sound like a boring Prompt, but the simplest thing can add definition to your character…. I have a favorite series that I read… (Eileen Wilks) and the MC can be found pulling weeds when life is overwhelming… she wont say a word, just go into her grandmother’s back yard and start pulling…


so think of it this way… what does your MC do to relieve stress??? how do they keep from exploding…

but also, their is the beauty and feeling of accomplishment that can come from gardening… is your MC a landscaper… do they add flowers, hedges, and definition to a boring yard, creating something magical??? or do they work the land to get food for their family, or to sell at the local market…. or maybe they have a large operation that contributes to grocery stores??? I’m not a yard working gal, but I think we all appreciate the end results that come from both landscapers and farmers… the hardship of working outdoors can add definition to your MC… so don’t be afraid to add some hardships…

alright… that is it for now… here is a Pinterest writing prompt for the fantasy/paranormal set… happy wordage, tracey


i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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