#LittleThings Contest winners….

I want to thank everyone for helping with the costume ideas… and if you entered to win and missed my comment, everyone of you are winners… just scroll down and click my FB link… Private Message me you email and your choice of e-copy… I have Shocking Finds in ePub, Mobi, & PDF… woo who… wordage

little things

okay guys… it was really hard for me to pick a winner … i loved all the suggestions… so a random draw win is…… hangell531 …. but I am so grateful to all you guys that I want to make everyone a winner… wooo whoo… just head over to my Facebook page and sent me a Private message with your email… that way it wont be sent out to the entire world … muahahahaha… also… if you put up a review of either amazon or goodreads, i will make sure that you get a copy of Southern Discoveries (book two: Finder’s Keepers) … okay… gotta run… here is my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/trace.clar

i would love to hear from you... feel free to comment!!

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