4-6-2016 #WritingPrompt – Food

It is easy to forget to feed your characters but unless you are writing a short story your MC will need to eat and sleep… or you will need to comment on the fact that they haven’t had time to do either… some of the stories I read always make me hungry… lol… there is this one series that I don’t even start on an empty stomach… it is like going to the grocery store… never do it hungry…

But what type of food does your character like, or hate… do they eat out, order delivery, or cook it themselves…and are they good at cooking, or horrible… there really is no middle ground… lol…

maybe your character is a chief or a food critic … or they have the best/worst mean while out and meet their true love when the host walks around asking if everything is alright…

and lastly,  food can be extremely messy… from a baby spitting half of it out, to the disaster in the kitchen if you don’t clean as you go…

now enjoy the pinterest writing prompt… happy wordage, tracey


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